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Ascension through time.


A world called Arunia is going through hard times after a colossal war against a race of perfect warriors, a race that tried to take control of everything himself, but our protagonist managed to stop their feet. After these events, the problems only began, what seemed the end of the story was the beginning of a new adventure for Aida and her friends, who will face something more dangerous than any villain.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 part 1

"A new life begins when another ends" are the words that echoed echoing in my mind, observing the apparent limit with the ocean.

The day was sunny and the sky was cyan blue, the sun warmed my skin without burning me, it was a pleasant sensation. Soon we would be crossing the border from Valond to Idlis, that country with such a magnetic and magical atmosphere.

I turned my head looking at the deck of the boat, at the helm was handled by my best friend, but for me it was like a sister, Skylar.

Even though I named it "Sky"

The reason for this was because she was a cyclone of feelings, one day she could be calm, submissive, fragile, sensitive and sweet. Others were just the opposite, so I ended up associating heaven as a perfect example of her versatile personality. .

She was tall with dark skin without being mulatto, long brown hair with beautiful waves that cascaded down, bright and ragged blue eyes that reminded me of the clear sky of a sunny morning; she had a long nose and fairly centered and straight septum, unlike its bridge the tip of its nose was smaller but rounded, creating one of the most beautiful noses I had ever seen.

Her thick and full lips together with flattering features of an oval face. Her eyebrows were barely asymmetrical as the shape of her hair was that of a square eyebrow body somewhat long at the ends of her temples, although without a doubt her right eyebrow. it was somewhat longer than the left at its end.

Her body was just as graceful as her face, she had narrow shoulders and breasts quite proportioned for a slender waist and flat abdomen that ended in wide hips and with a plump firm butt and quite voluptuous.

She used to wear a light blue long t-shirt and fitted with a heart-shaped neckline where her chest would stand out if not for the fact that she carried a white scarf around her thin neck, at the bottom she wore white leggings and adjusted to his body with a belt with a portfolio in a cream white color, his boots were low reaching only to his ankles, it was comfortable shoes.

I turned my gaze upward toward the ship's sails, and there I found a boy who handled, arranged, and controlled the ship's sails with great skill.

Jace was somewhat dark-skinned not as much as skylar, with blond hair and turquoise blue eyes, large and seductive, his nose was not wide but with a slightly twisted and septum body, but his lips, despite being thin, were full and detached mostly the smile of a pearl teeth.

He was a boy who took care of his physique and had a good body, he was slim and with worked muscles, they were easily marked but not excessively, he hardly had war scars and that meant that he had not convatted very little, or simply did not let himself win so easily in a battle.

He wore a white tank top and black pants, a thick brown belt with gold accents, and rather simple gray boots. He wore nothing but his sword hanging behind his back with a belt and a brown leather sheath.

Rotate on my axis to return my gaze to the Ocean in its reflection of the sky it had a more pink color, we were very close I sensed it and I was not mistaken, in the distance I could see a large land of an aura full of magic and extensive colors intense and bright in which his sky staked which was peculiarly purple and dense clouds, sweet and soft breeze, which rocked the ship as if it were the cradle of a child.

Walk overboard, there was very little left to get there and I could not think about what awaited me after leaving this boat with him that we sailed for a week and a half.

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