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I Hate You I Love You (Gou Mingrui x Reader)


When the first time (y/n) see Mingrui,she have a biggest crush on him although Mingrui is a playboy.But then,when Mingrui knew that (y/n) have a crush on him.So he decided to play her heart by to make her believe that he likes her back.But when (y/n) knew that Mingrui is just playing her.She started to hate Mingrui.Mingrui hates (y/n) too because she hates him.

Edleen Nazaire
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Chapter 1

(Y/n)'s POV

So, I just move here in Beijing, China in my aunt's house. My mom want me to move here. I don't know why she wants me to move here. And also I am going to study here. Today is Friday and my aunt already enrolled me and she said I just have to go at the Principal's office and ask.


It was Monday today and I get ready for school. Damn I am not excited for school and I'm very nervous. What if no one wants to be friends with me? I was thinking of what could happen to me in the school when my aunt called me.

"(Y/n) come on down you're gonna be late on school!"-aunt


I walk down and got hop on her car and we go to the school.


It's my first time writing in this app. So here's my first story. This story was already published in Wattpad. Hope you like my first story. Thanky😊


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