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"Hello..." She muttered.

"Oh hello, nice.to meet you!' I said awakawrdly.

"So, now that you are good friends, she said we can live in a house." Taehyung said.

"A-Already? What about our dorm." I said.

"Don't worry its okay." Both Tzuyu and Taehyung said.


We had to sell our dorm because we.were moving out to a new house we were goofy and silly at that time, now lets go back to the new house time.

Me, Tzuyu and Taehyung, were in a car going to our nearby new house. We got out of the car.

Spring flowers and beatiful spring sky was heading and blowing the wind in the air.

We both blush at Tzuyu, looking beatiful always.

"Here is the new house!" Tzuyu said smiling.

We said nothing and just went in the new house.

The house was big as a manison and a red carpet floor with stairs the floor was shiny, clean and good. We went upstairs happliy smiling and rooms were with beds that are brushed and made perfectly, The bathroom was also clean and shiny. We both look at Tzuyu if she paid the house.

"I didn't pay the house, my members paid the house." Tzuyu saying it very innocent.

"Thanks Tzuyu." We both smile to Tzuyu and say the same thing.

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