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naughty cinderella


This book is a retelling of the very well known story of Cinderella however the story is not what you may think with twists and turns in the short compact book, I hope you enjoy and review :)

Erotica / Fantasy
Suzanne Barlow
3.8 4 reviews
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl came of age in the simple idyllic farm and manor. Her name was Cinderella, and she did not have a care in her innocent world. The eighteen year old shared the farm in a tiny kingdom with her mother and stepfather and two stepbrothers.

But things were about to change at the farm. Her mother was called away to care for her uncle in another realm.

Cinderella was to remain at the idyllic farm with her stepfather and help take care of him and his sons. ‘Obey your Stepfather, my lovely Cinderella,’ her mother said. ‘Always do what he and your brothers tell you to do and things will go smoothly.’

‘But, mama!’ Cinderella whined, ‘Why can’t I go with you?’

Her Mother kept packing as her daughter pouted. ‘My dear, Cinderella, my Uncle has forbade me to bring any of my children with me.’

‘But, mama!’ Cinderella whined, ‘I’m eighteen years old, now!’

‘That is exactly why you need to stay here with your Daddy & brothers,’ Cinderella’s mama looked past Cinderella’s shoulder to the doorway where her handsome husband stood watching the situation carefully. ‘I need you to take care of them and the farm.’ Her mama stared at her husband when saying that with a shrewd smile on her face.

‘But, mama,’ Cinderella didn’t notice her Stepfather behind her. ‘Stepfather doesn’t need me!’

‘Now Cinderella,’ the deep voice behind the girl said loudly - enough to startle poor Cinderella, she practically jumped out of her skin. ‘What have I told you to call me?’

Cinderella swallowed and weakly said, ‘Daddy.’

‘And when are you to use that?’ he chided.

‘Always, Daddy.’ Cinderella whispered. He was so big and tall and commanding. Her Stepfather made her feel weak and small. She automatically assumed the submissive position he prefers her to stand in, her hands behind her back and her head tilted to the ground.

‘Don’t you want to stay here with your Daddy and the boys?’ Her Stepfather said standing behind her as he put a hand possessively on her neck, petting her slender neck with his thumb as he towered over her. The ‘boys’ he spoke of were his sons. Both were over 6 feet tall and as big and strong as their father. Malcolm was 21 years old and Rhile was 20.

Her stepbrothers always overwhelmed her. They seemed to leer at her all the time, making her feel self-conscience. Cinderella mumbled, ‘I’d rather be with my mama.’

Her mama encouraged her to stay. ‘Daddy and the boys need you here to look after them and take care of them.’ Again she said that looking at her husband rather than Cinderella.

What Cinderella didn’t know is that her mama was going to her Stepfather’s uncle to pay off her Stepfather’s debt. A debt that her submissive mama didn’t want Cinderella to know about. A debt Cinderella’s mother was commanded to pay by the dominant man standing behind her beautiful young daughter.

Her mother walked over to where her husband stood over Cinderella and touched her daughter’s cheek. ‘Obey your Daddy, my lovely Cinderella,’ her mother said. ‘Always do what he and your brothers tell you to do and things will go smoothly.’

‘Yes, mama,’ the eighteen year-old beauty promised.


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