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rehab - k.th


You’ve been running from your past, drinking to hide your feelings but it has come to an end. Rehab helped you through it will love help or send you right back.

Romance / Humor
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1 - prologue

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The following chapters might contain

-mature scenes

If any of the mentioned above is triggering for you, don’t continue, or skip the mature chapters.

The rain was pouring, the drops echoing when it hit the rooftop. Cold sweat rolled down his neck and he shivered at the feeling. His friends had already left the cafè and he stood on the balls of his feet, rocking back and forth to keep himself warm.

“Hey?” A voice rung through the sound of water dripping from the broken rain gutter. “You’re drenched in water.” A female voice spoke and it only grew louder by the second. The male looked up as a raindrop fell down onto his forehead. Running to the tip of his nose with a tingly sensation following the drop of water.

He felt a hand grab his sleeve. “Sir, I only want to help.” Blinking rapidly he turned to the brunette petite figure standing with one arm in the pocket of her jeans and the other wrapped around his as she tried to convince him to tag along.
“Thank you.” The tall boy let himself get dragged by the younger female. Her hair sticking to her forehead.

“Stay.” Her eyes darkened as she met his own. He frowned watching her run towards a cabin a few meters from him. The boy waited, impatient and wiped his forehead free from the water falling from his dark brown hair.

“Sorry it took so long.” A few minutes had passed before she returned with a towel in her hands. He tried to reach for it but she shook her head with a laugh. “Can you kneel a bit.” His eyebrows furrowed but never the less he obeyed. The brunette younger smiled ruffling his hair with the towel. The strands of hair pointing every way possible. It felt like time had frozen still in that moment, the rain had stopped only the sun slowly peeking through the fluffly clouds made him see her brown glowing eyes.

Her lips tucked between her teeth as she focused on drying his hair. Her own was still soaked in water, dripping down her clothes. The boy was leant forward for her to reach the top of his head but he could still see her tugging her pink lips into an innocent smile. The dimples on her cheeks and even the oufit ahe wore.

A black skirt with a chain around her waist, he bit his lip subconsciously and his eyes travelled higher meeting her white hoodie. It was covered in water just like himself. Slowly she removed the towel from his messy hair and smiled. The younger dried her own hair and ran her hand through his hair. It was still damp but she tried.

The sensation of her hand travelling through his scalp sent a warmth creeping up his neck and it felt like his hair was itching for more care but her hand dropped to her side, examinating the boy in front of her.

“Come.” She spoke stretching her hand out for him to take, he hesitated looking at her face searching for any mischief but her face was filled with mystery. His hand interlocked with hers and the dark haired boy was sent flying through the woods they were in.

The footsteps sounded through the forrest as they stepped on each and every branch on their way. It smelt like wet grass and the boy scrunched his nose up not liking the smell, but the girl felt free. Like flying through the air like a butterfly when summer has come. It didn’t feel like summer, the rain had left the air thick and heavy. The bird’s chirp had disappeared as they neared the same cafè as the boy had stood in the rain.

His grip tightened around her small hand as she started running towards a ladder behind the building. She sent him a sheepish smile and launched up the steps her hand still in his. “Come on.” It wasn’t far up but the boy looked at his surroundings and let go of her hand and ran up the steps to meet her at the rooftop.

The petite female walked to the edge of the roof and spread her arms out. The wind growled hitting her wet her, it had dried a bit making her hair lift slightly from her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she listened to the cars roar when they passed by. The brunette girl turned around to the male. He was still standing by the ladders, his eyes big doe as he watched her stand so carelessly by the edge of the roof.

She waved him to come closer and he walked with small steps towards the girl. The girl sat down swiftly on the edge making the boy flinch at the actions. “Puppy sit.” Her smile was teasing and he grinned making his way to her side sitting down carefully. “Isn’t it beautiful...” Her voice was soft when she sooke looking at the city’s busy road.

The hard concrete cold against their backside sat on the wet roof. He huffed out warm sending it in clouds from his mouth. “It is.” The whole atmosphere was comfortable and nice. It felt like they knew each other yet, there was so much more to it than actions. She swung her legs back and forth watching the sun from above finally clear of grey clouds. Even though the sun was shining it was still cold enough for her to shiver.

The girl stood up from the border of the building’s roof and glanced down at the guy. “It was nice meeting you but time is running out.” The confidence in her voice previously was gone only left with an unsteady hoarse voice shaking from the cold. She turned around heading for the ladder but a hand places on her shoulder stopped her.

“I never got your name, I’m Taehyung.”

“Some things remain a mystery.” Her eyes sparkled making a leap down the steps. “See you around?” Taehyung shouted at her, it sounded like a question but truth is he wished to see her again.

“Only time will tell.” With a wink she ran off.
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