The Girl Who Dreamed Of Stars


Sequel to "The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense." There's only one way to end the Silence, but the Doctor also knows that means saying goodbye to the one he loves. Can he stop the Silence AND save Amy Pond?

Romance / Adventure
Malia Porter
Age Rating:

At Your Service

Hello, everyone! This is a sequel to my 11/Amy fanfic: The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense. If you haven't read it, you might want to! Otherwise, things might get confusing. If you have... Then thanks for sticking with me!(:
Alright, I own nothing in this story besides the characters that you have not heard about on the TV show. I totes take credit for all the non-canon stuff you'll read, but all else belongs to Steven Moffat and the BBC. Okay, guys... That's it! Enjoy! And please review!

It was fear. Definitely fear. That's what was making Amy Pond push her legs forward faster and faster, what plagued her mind as she ran through street after street, trying to make her way back to the TARDIS. It was fear that the Doctor could hear so clearly from the other side of the phone that she clutched to her ear. It was supposed to be a harmless trip to Cardiff, the Doctor suggesting some fish and chips. And his companion had gladly agreed, thinking it'd be nice to have a break from all the aliens and running. Now she wanted to slap herself upside the head for even thinking her and the Doctor could go anywhere without there being trouble.

Amy ran down a street, hearing the heavy footsteps of her attacker behind her. Onlookers didn't help. They just stared after the woman with fiery hair whipped back in the English winds, a dark, mysterious figure following after her at a speedy pace, but not breaking out into a sprint like their prey. At least the citizens didn't really know who it was. Even after the Sycorax invasion at Christmas almost seven years before, humans still panicked and went into outright chaos at the sight of an extraterrestrial or otherworldly being.

Amy sped down street after street, making sharp turns in hope that the Doctor would be just around the corner. But there was still no sight of him or the TARDIS. And Amy was running out of breath. She was moving so fast, she didn't even process where she was going. Which is how she ended up in the alleyway.

The redhead ran all the way up to the wall, looking at it and hoping that the TARDIS would appear out of nowhere. Still, the screech of engines was not heard. Just Amy's own gasps for air and the sound of footsteps closing in on her. "Amelia Pond," the voice snarled. The male figure continued forward, watching with satisfaction as she backed herself up against the wall. He was muscular, someone who could definitely take Amy down in a fight. He was of a dark complexion and bald, though Amy hadn't first noticed that when he was dressed in a disguise as a common pedestrian on the sidewalk. His eyes were what drew her attention, though, and it wasn't the cold steel gray of his irises. It was the black eye patch.

Fifteen Minutes Earlier…

"You know," Amy said, after swallowing her fried chips with a swig of soda, "I've been to Planet One and America in 1969. I even been to a tiny outer bubble universe outside of this one, but I have never even been to Paris."

"Are you trying to strike up casual conversation or are you requesting the next stop?" the Doctor smiled, leaning back in the chair, "Because as I recall, you're the one that picked the last two."

Amy glared, but was too busy shoving hot food down her throat to reply. When she swallowed, she spoke. "What? You suggested that we go somewhere to eat!"

"Yeah, but this is sort of like a pit stop," the Doctor argued, "Does it really count?"

"Yes." Actually, Amy was really liking this stop. There was no running or anything. It was just her and the Doctor, eating chips in a little store on Earth. It was the only bit of normalcy she'd had in the past two months, since she'd seen Rory and they'd gone to look at their former selves. Even though Amy had told the Doctor that she was fine with living out her days on the TARDIS, she still missed Earth sometimes. She still missed the family that she had two separate pieces of memory of."Oi, you! Back off!"

"I'd just like to remind you that you were the one asking for chips."

"Oh, like you were really fighting for something else," Amy retorted. Nothing else had seemed good at the time and the only suggestion coming out of the Doctor's mouth was fish fingers and custard. Just imagining the blending of those flavors made the redhead's stomach churn with disgust and nausea. After a few more minutes of flirty teasing and arguing, Amy excused herself to go to the restroom, leaving the Time Lord with full access to her food. She knew they'd be gone by the time she got back. Little did she know he would be, too.

When Amy had come back, there was no one at the table and he sure wasn't standing in line for another basket. She sat back down at the booth, thinking he was probably in the men's room. But that was when she saw the napkin with a familiarly sloppy handwriting in red pen.


Left for a second. Thought I saw something. Stay there. I'll be back before you can say "Where's he gone to now?" Well, not that fast. But you get the expression!

She rolled her eyes. He was so silly sometimes, despite his 908 years of age. Amy leaned her elbow on the table, sighing and looking at the window. At least the Doctor hadn't eaten all her chips. Amy munched with a bored expression on her face, surveying the busy street outside. There was a red flag outside the shop claiming to have the best fish and chips in the whole country, people chattering away on their cell phones and children screaming for things as they passed by shops. Despite the nostalgia she had been feeling, Amy couldn't deny that there was still that feeling that she didn't belong here. She had never believed she did, but traveling with the Doctor made it even clearer. And now she was starting to feel like a fish out of water in her own time on her own planet.

While Amy pondered on whether or not her status as a citizen of Earth was slowly diminishing, something caught her eye, a familiar face. A familiar, haunting face that had given Amy nightmares, had assisted in causing in so much pain in her life. It was Colonel Manton. And he was staring right back at her, one eye covered with the black patch. She knew the Silence had already identified her and now knew of their location. Amy flipped the napkin over, trying to hide the evidence of the Doctor's presence and began to walk out of the store, ready to sprint towards the TARDIS that was two blocks away. Oh well. Like she hadn't run further for much less.

Manton caught onto her escape all too early, though, and was walked brusquely behind her. He knew what a scene it would cause, people thinking he was some attacker. But that was exactly what he was. The people of Cardiff just wouldn't know how much bigger it was. Before Amy had left, she'd scribbled on the other side of the napkin with her black marker that she always kept in handy in case the Silence was around.

The Silence are here. Get your bloody backside to the TARDIS. Now!

And then out came Amy Pond from the fish fry place, heart pumping with fear and adrenaline. She turned to see that he was still in sight. His mouth was moving and Amy could only assume that he was talking to someone on the other end of his eye drive. As she ran, she began to wonder if that was why the Doctor had left. Maybe he had seen something. No. Amy quickly dismissed that idea. If it were something like the Silence, she knew the Doctor would come bursting into the ladies' room and tell her that they had to leave that instant. They had both taken the "flight" option when it came to the Silence, deciding this early on, but this was the first time they had seen a member of the religious order since the Doctor had saved Amy.

People turned heads, eyes drawn to the flash of red hair as she whizzed past in her mini skirt and boots, her own brown eyes staying focused on the blue box that was getting closer and closer. He was getting closer. She could feel him. How were people not questioning that eye patch? Who wore an eye patch these days? Then, Amy reminded herself that no one ever questioned the Doctor and he always had that ridiculous bow tie on.

As she reached the TARDIS, Amy tugged the blue door open, but it wouldn't budge. It was locked. And the Doctor had never gotten around to giving her a key. Amy's heart began to constrict with panic, her breathing coming out harder and harder. He was getting closer and she had nowhere else to go. There was only one solution. She had to keep running. So she did. And while she did that, she fished her cell phone out of her pocket, calling the Doctor, who didn't pick up until the third ring.

"Amy!" he groaned, obviously not knowing her own predicament, "I was trying to keep a low profile! I think I might have lost him…"

The woman didn't have time to ask who. She didn't even think she had enough breath to say what she needed to say. "Doctor," she cried, fear evident in her voice and she knew they could both hear it.

Instantly, the Doctor was alert. "Amy? What's wrong? What's going on?" he asked, firing question after question and not giving her a second to reply to a single one, "Are you still at the shop? Where are you?"

"I don't know where I am!" Amy answered, taking a sharp turn to the left, "I saw… I saw Manton! He's here. Doctor, he's after me and the TARDIS is locked and I don't know where you are! Where the hell did you go?"

"Go back to the TARDIS, alright? Run a big circle, but make sure you get back. I'll be there."

"I've never been to Cardiff before!" Amy reminded him, voicing her own worries. She didn't know these streets. She had never really been out of Leadworth until the Doctor came by and this was their first visit there. "I don't know where I'm going, Doctor!"

"You can do it, Amy. Just use your directional skills. You navigated through a forest full of Weeping Angels with your eyes closed!" She could tell he was on the move. She could hear wind as he picked up speed, making his way to the TARDIS.

"Doctor, I tripped and fell and River had to come save me!" She made another turn, taking a quick glance at her pursuer, who was already breaking out into a run now that she had taken them away from the main roads. Still, people looked. But they did nothing. "He's catching up! I can't do it!"

"Run, Amy! Just run!" But that was when Amy took the last turn. Right into a darkened alley. She ran to the end of it, pounding a fist on the brick wall that ended her journey and pressed her back against it as the steps neared, as if she could magically sink through the wall like a hero from the comic books.

"Amelia Pond," Manton snarled, closing in on her with a wicked grin. She heard a whimper escape from her throat, making his mouth spread even wider, "Look who's running away now."

"Doctor," she whispered.

"Amy, did you get away?"

She felt tears spring to her eyes. This was it. Either he was going to kill her or they were going to take her away again. They were going to mess with her mind and body and twist her reality. They were going to shatter her life into a million more pieces. "I love you."

"What? What are you saying?" Panic was rising up into his own voice, "Tell me where you are, Amy. I'll find you. Where. Are. You?"

Manton was only 6 feet away, and he was taking his sweet time, enjoying every little tear that was starting to well up in her brown eyes and run down her pale cheeks. She didn't reply, but clicked the phone and stuffed it into her pocket, taking a battle ready stance. Amy knew she wasn't going to win a fight with an army general. But she would rather die fighting than die sniveling in a little corner. "Manton. I'd say it's nice to see you again, but I'd rather not have my last words be a complete lie."

Colonel Manton's grin faltered, not expecting the sudden bravery in his victim, and took a large step towards Amy, closing the distance between them. Before she could even move an inch, she felt his fingers close around her throat, the back of her head hitting the cold, hard brick, and the ground from beneath her feet suddenly vanishing. She was being lifted off the ground and her lungs started to ache for more air. Amy kicked, trying to land a swift one to his stomach, but he had somehow managed to stay out of her kicking range. "Thanks for making things so much easier for us, Amelia," he spit, "Your phone will be a great tool to lock in the Doctor's signal. It'll make hunting him down and killing him so much easier."

Amy couldn't think of a smart reply, and even if she could, there was no possible way that she could say anything. Manton's vice was too tight. Her head was buzzing and starting to ache, her throat had gone numb from the pain, and Amy was losing all the energy she had to fight her way out of her situation. Yes, this was the end. She could feel it. And she wasn't sure the Doctor would be able to find her and bring her back like he had all those times before for her and Rory. And just as Amy gave up the fight, there was a loud pop that made the redhead's head twitch from the shock and loudness.

Seconds later, the grip loosened, and she could feel herself begin to slide back down to the ground. Amy looked at Manton with confusion. His eyes stared back into hers, but they weren't at all evil anymore. They were blank. They were dead. And that was when Amy felt the warmth of his blood seep into her clothes, both dropping onto the hard ground in a crumpled heap. She coughed and coughed, sucking in as much air as she could, ears ringing and eyes blinded by stars. Amy stayed kneeled on the ground for a few moments before looking up to meet her savior. She had a feeling she knew who it was though. Not the Doctor. He never used guns to kill people. No. Who else had a personal vendetta against the Silence and was just the least bit trigger happy? It had to be River.

Amy hadn't seen her since she'd left Melody and she had already forgiven her daughter for that. She just really hoped she wouldn't find out about what the Doctor and Amy had going on. She was sure the gun would turn on her. But to Amy's surprise, the voice that called out to her wasn't River's. "Hey! It's you!" It was a male voice, totally unfamiliar, and something was off about it that she was too dizzy to realize just yet. Amy opened her eyes to see, but they took a few seconds to adjust. His tone was confused and wary, yet pleasant at the same time.

"Thanks, whoever you are," she coughed, taking his rough hand as he helped her up. The first thing Amy saw was the hem of his long, dark coat. As she was lifted up face to face, the next sight that greeted her were a set of charming blue eyes and a quick, easy smile.

"Hi," he said, chuckling slightly as he helped Amy steady herself, but eyeing her with curiosity and a hint of suspicion. She finally detected what was weird about his voice. The accent. It was American. "Captain Jack Harkness at your service."

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