The Girl Who Dreamed Of Stars

Pretend I'm Alright

"A sacrifice?" he asked, remembering a little bit of the things he knew about the Mayans. They didn't have human sacrifices. At least not on a regular occasion. Or maybe the Doctor was mistaken. He mentally groaned. This was when he needed River, the clever archaeologist who probably knew all about this. No matter. He'd have to make due. "Like an animal?"

"Not anymore, Doctor," Bacab answered, shaking his head.

"There was a drought that lasted a very long time," Akna explained, "It lasted years and years. Our crops were dying and people were growing hungry, no matter how hard we prayed and no matter how many of our livestock we gave to the Gods. Nothing worked."

"But then the One-eyed people came," her brother broke in, "And they brought rain with them. They said that they could speak directly to the rain god and they took over the temples. People started asking questions though, like my mother, and the One-Eyed People said the Gods weren't pleased anymore."

"So they started with the human sacrifices," Akna continued, "It happens every two moons. We all gather around the temple. One person is chosen. And then they are sacrificed to the Gods."

"I have to go," the Doctor said suddenly, going for the door. The Silence were here. They were exactly where Amy and River had headed off to. Of course they would recognize the two. Amy was the only redhead on that continent, probably, and, well… River's blonde poof of hair was hard to miss as well. They'd be seen in seconds. He only got two steps before someone was pulling on the tweed of his jacket. It was Akna. "What are you doing? I don't have time for this! My friends are in trouble!"

"And my family is in trouble!" the girl shot back, her voice lowering, "You said that you would help up if I told you about them."

The Doctor looked at her for a few seconds before sighing, resigned. He had promised and he couldn't just leave them there like that, not with the Silence all around them. He looked at his wrists again. Still no marks. That was good. Well, actually, not as the Doctor continued to think about it. That meant they were all with Amy and River. "Fine. But I'm sort of in a hurry. So, two things. Keep up and don't ask stupid questions. Got it?" When he received an affirming nod from both Akna and Bacab, the Doctor responded with one as well. "Alright. Let's go."

He grabbed Bacab's hand as Akna went into the front room to get a sling for the Tepeu, which would make it easier for her to run with them. The Doctor almost smiled fondly as he thought of Craig and the papoose he'd bought him once. Akna hesitantly took his other hand that was outstretched in her direction, the other pressing Tepeu firmly against her chest as they began running. They ran down worn path after warn path, going the same way the Doctor had gone when he was following Bacab. As far as he knew, it was the fastest way there. People, mostly elders and small children that couldn't go to the sacrifice, stared as three figures sped past them.

When they reached the temple, the crowd seemed to be in a celebratory mood and Akna breathed sharply. "They've already chosen. Look." And the Doctor did. He saw the shared looks between the villagers, who were too afraid to say anything towards their friend or family member about how great it had been that they hadn't gotten picked. He scanned the crowd and ran up to the edge of the giant mass.

The Doctor was growing more and more frantic as he continued to see no flash of red hair. He couldn't even find River, who was also easily recognizable from a distance. Did they leave? Maybe they were already at the TARDIS, waiting for him. "No," he muttered to himself, "That would just be too conveniently easy." And things were never really conveniently easy on his adventures. Sure, there was that "Hey, I totally just risked my life, but it's okay because I made it out alive!" sort of thing every now and then, when luck and chance helped the Doctor and his companion along. Suddenly, the crowd grew still and drums started. Soldiers, all with eye patches, marched out of the temple, surrounding the chosen sacrifice. The Doctor strained his neck to look over the crowd and see who it was. Could it be River or Amy? Had they been spotted?

He watched them walk down the long set of stairs, but he still couldn't see clearly enough. The soldiers made it to the bottom of the stairs and the crowd started to clear a path for them that led to another stone building that was thinner than the main temple, yet not as tall. To the side of the altar, at the very bottom was a pool of deep water, which was where the dead bodies were thrown after the flames died on their bodies. That night, the bodies would be fished out and given a grave somewhere. A Mayan priest followed the soldiers up the next set of steps that led to a stone table with torches on either side a few feet away from it. The priest reached the slab of rock, rolling out a bundle of dried grass on it. He next addressed the crowd. "We now commence with the sacrifice!" his voice boomed, as many of the villagers cheered. Either they were too selfish and relieved it wasn't them, celebrating that, or they were still just trying to keep up the act. "We do this in the name of Chaac, our beloved Rain God. We hope that in offering this young woman to him, he continues to look at us with love and good fortune, granting the rainfall that our crops and people thrive on!" More rejoicing from the crowd.

The priest continued to speak, but then Bacab pulled on the Doctor's sleeve lightly to get his attention. "Do you see your friend, Amy, Doctor?" the boy asked, instantly getting a smack on his arm from his sister, who then started scolding him in an angry whisper to shut it because he wasn't even allowed to be there.

"Let us begin!" The Doctor was alert once more, eyes on the altar. He couldn't understand what the Silence was doing, why they were even here, controlling the Mayans like this. Why were they having human sacrifices? What was the point of all this? The soldiers suddenly split apart and the Doctor inhaled sharply.

"Who's that?" Bacab asked, confused. Realizing he'd talked again, the boy had immediately flinched, expecting another strike from Akna. He looked up when he'd yet to feel impact, finding the girl looking at the alien, her face filled with sympathy and pity as she watched the Doctor's eyes widen, glued to the redheaded girl on the altar.

She understood what that look meant. She'd watched it on her father's face when her mother was chosen. And she even understood what the Doctor felt at this moment. It wasn't too long ago that Akna had felt the same way. "That's Amy, Bacab," she murmured.

The Doctor was frozen. Amy looked so scared up there. She was shaking, though he didn't doubt that some of that was rage. They'd bound her up, her hands tied behind her back and her feet shuffling closely together from the binds wrapped around her ankles. Her mouth was freed, though and he could see it moving, probably warning them who was to come after them as they laid her down on the mat of dried grass. Which is what snapped the Doctor out of his reverie. He had to get up there. He started pushing his way up to the altar, but they were all the way in the back of the crowd, a consequence of showing up so late, and a lot of people weren't budging. The Doctor had to use a lot of force making his way past everyone's shoulders and elbows, receiving shocked looks, confused expressions, and irritated glares at whoever was shoved aside as the priest went on about his prayer, everyone below bowing their head and silently saying words of praise and thanks to Chaac.

"Amy!" Usually making a scene was something the Doctor tried avoiding, but it was the only way he could stop this in time. "Amy!" The priest looked over at the man in a bow tie, exchanging a look with a soldier who touched his eye patch faintly, nodding as if receiving an instruction than said something quietly to the priest. Both of their expressions remained neutral and the Doctor couldn't tell what had been said. So he continued pushing through the crowd and making noise. People in the crowd were starting to look fearful, scared of what this outburst would mean for them. Would they all get punished? "Amelia Pond!"

The redhead looked up, hearing her name. At first, her face relaxed, knowing the Doctor was there to save her. But after hearing the soldier's instructions, Amy's face became scared, remembering that they were dealing with the Silence. Or maybe it was the exchange she had just heard. What had he said? "Doctor!" she cried, "You have to get out of here! Leave me!"

"I'm not leaving you!" he shouted back, pushing his way faster. Their eyes never left one another. Even as the priest moved behind Amy, a jagged knife in his hand, gaze focused on her body. He knew, though. The Doctor knew he was too late. He wouldn't be able to get there in time before they really did hurt Amy. And he was already preparing for a fight. The Doctor was about to shout out a threat, but then a loud bang filled the air. People screamed, not knowing where the noise had come from. It sounded so foreign and strange to them. They'd never heard something like that in their life. The closest thing was the sound of lightning striking. But the Doctor smiled. He saw the priest jerk back his hand, the knife shooting out of his hand and falling down the side of the altar and into the water below. It was a gunshot. People were running all around him and the Doctor looked back quickly to Bacab and Akna, who were talking with a man he assumed to be their father. They all looked up to meet his eyes and he gave them a nod and a wave. Akna gave him a short nod in response. She was smart enough to know what it meant. The Silence were going to be too distracted with him and his friends now and he'd be back for them later.

"River Song, great timing as usual!" the Doctor grinned happily. She gave him a wink, strolling up alongside him.

"Shall we go save Mummy now?" she asked, before the two ran up the stairs to Amy. The priest was already cowering on the ground as the group of soldiers started to fire their guns. River and the Doctor ducked their heads, not really having any cover. The Doctor raised his sonic screwdriver and pointed at one of the guns, the weapon falling apart in the soldier's hands, and then moved to another. River fired her gun back, her victims crumpling to the ground and the others, realizing it was a lost cause, jumping down into the water as well, hoping to escape the fate of dying at the hands of the great River Song.

Upon reaching the top of the altar, River scanned the surroundings, able to see anyone that rose up against them. But there was none in sight. She mentioned this as the Doctor was untying Amy, who was actually being quiet as she rubbed her released wrists and stood up, making an attempt to get some dry grass out of her hair. The Doctor looked around him and saw no one either, then checked his wrist. There still weren't any markings indicating he'd seen a member of the Silence. "No, there's really no one around. Where are they?"

"Who cares?" Amy asked, looking anxious. She just wanted to get out of there. "Isn't them not being around a good thing, Doctor? We should go before they show up."

"No, it's too easy," he sighed, looking at Amy, then giving her a smile, pulling her close and kissing her forehead, both hands on either side of her face, then moved them down to grab her shoulders and pull her back to look at him. "Are you alright, Amy?"

"Yeah, of course," she answered, nodding quickly before looking back down at her wrists, "Doctor, can we please just leave? Please. I want to get out of here."

"What did they do to you? Did they hurt you?"

Amy didn't answer for a moment and didn't meet his eyes. He tilted her chin up and Amy exhaled slowly. She glanced up, green eyes on fellow green and gave him a weak smile. The Doctor knew she must be trying to be brave. "It doesn't matter, alright? You saved me, didn't you?"

"I'd just like to point out that I was the one that saved you," River broke in, looking back up at the two after slipping her gun in her holster, "I would have been there sooner. I knocked out the guards with a bit of my homemade lipstick, but that door didn't open from the outside. I was waiting for you to come out. And then someone had to go and make a scene." The Doctor looked over to see River's pointed gaze directed at him.

"Oh, and I was supposed to know that our favorite assassin was hiding in the wings?" he argued.

"Should have, Sweetie," she sighed, starting down the stairs, "You know me better than myself, apparently. Now, I expect your screwdriver can get us in? We can't just leave the Silence here."

It was true. The Doctor had promised that he would help people out with the Silence and he didn't very much like the idea of them playing with this important civilization much. But he looked over at Amy who was following beside him, who was still so quiet. He knew she was afraid of the Silence and Demon's Run. He knew it was one of her greater fears and that sticking around probably didn't sound like such a pleasant idea to her at the moment, but the Doctor knew she would understand. Saving people was part of the job, one of the best, actually. She looked up to catch him staring and gave her another supportive smile. If River weren't there and they weren't in a city filled with members of the Silence, the Doctor would have probably had her wrapped in his arms, not letting go for a second. At least until she felt safe again. "I just don't know why they're not attacking us," the Doctor said, "They've been chasing Amy and I all over. They kidnap her and attempt to kill her, to make me watch. They obviously failed, but… What? Are they just giving up and waiting until next time?"

"Doctor, they were gathering an army here," Amy said suddenly, biting her lip as soon as she said something. But the Doctor was already looking at her with questioning eyes, wanting to know what else she knew. She sighed and continued, "I saw some of the villagers in there. They're getting 'volunteers' for the Headless Monks. They say there's going to be a battle soon, a big battle. The battle and they were getting prepared."

"Why were they telling you all of this?" River asked, "Perez is hardly the woman that reveals what she's thinking."

"Wait, who is Perez?" The Doctor had yet to meet the woman they were talking about.

"Kovarian's replacement," River replied, tone careless, "She failed to get the job done, so they put Perez in charge." The Doctor's eyes widened. Of course. That was why they had started to kill Madame Kovarian on the alternate timeline. Because she had failed her job to kill the Doctor at Lake Silencio, despite all that effort in raising Amy's daughter. Melody Pond was supposed to be their great weapon in a bitter, endless war, though the Doctor wasn't sure how he'd gotten himself in the middle of that still. Now that Melody had failed to kill the Doctor, it was Perez's turn to take a shot.

The Time Lord unsuccessfully tried to hold back a snort. "So, raising a bigger army is the only trick she has up her sleeve? At least Kovarian was a bit creative."

River rolled her eyes. She was already over her bad childhood. She had the Doctor now to look forward to. But Amy spoke up, her tone icy. "'Creative' isn't really how I'd like to describe me getting kidnapped for almost a year and having my baby taken from me to be raised as a killing machine, Doctor."

"I didn't mean it like that, Pond," the Doctor responded softly, "I'm sorry. I didn'-"

"It's fine, Doctor. I'm just… Being almost sacrificed tends to make a girl a little crabby," Amy interrupted, giving him a smirk, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. She didn't like that the Doctor thought he was hurting her. He wasn't. It was just a little difficult sorting out her emotions. They seemed to be everywhere, though Amy thought that was reasonable, considering her condition. Like she told the Doctor, she'd almost died a few moments ago. But she had to get through this. She had to get the Doctor and River out of there. If it meant getting rid of the Silence, then that was just what she was going to have to do. Amy Pond was on a mission. "So, about to save an ancient civilization, yeah? What's the plan?"

"The plan is…" The Doctor trailed off, thinking. "Well, uh, the plan so far is to come up with another clever plan! First, there's some friends I have to go see. They had to leave without me, but I'm sure they're very worried and I think they might just be able to help."

"Locals?" River asked, "Doctor, the locals haven't been talking to Amy or I. Are you sure you can get something out of them?"

"Trust me, River," he said, tone cocky, "I'm the Doctor. I can get anyone to open up. Right, Amy?"

"What? Oh! Yeah!" the redhead responded, looking away from where she had spaced off, "Come on, Doctor. Show us where these friends are."

Going back to Akna and Bacab's home, the three couldn't help but notice something. There was no one outside anymore. No one was working in the fields. No one was walking down the streets. They peeked from behind their windows. One child had wandered outside their house, but their mother quickly grabbed them and rushed them into the house, never looking away from the Doctor, River, or Amy, muttering something to her child that made him look back up at the group with a guarded expression. Everyone thought the three were responsible for what had happened at the sacrifice, which in fairness, was true, and were scared of being seen with them. What would the One-Eyed people do to them if they thought they were being friendly to the intruders? Everyone in this civilization was ruled by fear of the Silence, strengthening the Doctor's belief that he had to get rid of their influence here.

"So, what are your friends even going to do?" Amy asked, "Because if it's the people you were with at the sacrifice, Doctor, they were kids."

"And? Compared to my almost 909 years, you all are kids to me."

"Doctor, you're setting yourself up like this on purpose, aren't you?" River smirked, looking at him from the corner of her eye. The Doctor looked back and she laughed at his confusion. "The fact that you just called me a child and yet you find me absolutely sexy."

"I never said you were sexy!" he protested, glancing towards Amy, but she didn't seem to be paying attention again. She had her hands over her face, fingers rubbing circles over her temples from a headache.

"You don't have to, my love!" River continued, but then followed the Doctor's eyes, a little upset that she had lost his attention, and frowned at Amy. "Are you alright, Mummy?"

"Yeah. Sorry. It's just that smell was driving me nuts and then the heat… I just have a headache."

"Do you want to go back to the TARDIS?" asked the Doctor, wishing she would lower her hands so he could see if she was okay. "I can run some scans after I get back, if you want."

She didn't respond for a moment, thinking. A part of Amy didn't want to leave. She didn't like the idea of leaving the Doctor alone with River, who was as flirty as ever and still thought the Doctor was hers. At least with Rory in Cwmtaff, he already knew, had already accepted it and had moved on with another woman. At least he hadn't made sexual innuendos including himself and Amy every five seconds. But she squashed that part of her, blaming it on her mess of emotions. She also wanted to stay for the adventure, the thrill of it, but Amy knew she wasn't going to be able to make it anyways. She needed to go back to the TARDIS and get herself under control. It was the only way.

"Yeah," she sighed, pretending to sound more disappointed than she really felt, "I need the key."

The Doctor dug through his pocket and held it out for her to take. One of Amy's hands left her face just as it lowered down, blocking the light from hitting her face with her hair. "Amelia-"

"Stop worrying about me, you idiot," she interrupted, sounding like her old self, "I'll be fine. Just… Try to make it back, yeah? If you die, I'm gonna have to kill you again and I'm not sure how many regenerations you've got left, Doctor."

He chuckled, shoving his hands in his pocket and nodding. "Alright, Pond. I'll be back in a bit."

"Yeah, yeah," she muttered, turning around and heading off towards the TARDIS, "Do your thing. Save the world and all that. I'll make sure to have dinner ready by the time you get home."

"Feel better, Mummy!" River called, the pair smiling. Maybe what Amy needed was a bit of rest. The Doctor was still worried though.

"What do you think they did to her, River?" he asked, walking again and making the last turn. Bacab's house was in sight. They'd be there in a few minutes. "You would know. You're the one that grew up with them."

"Yes, but I hardly remember anything. It's all a bit of a blur, really. Everything I did was what they told me to do, though I couldn't ever remember them saying to do it. The only reason I even remember them now is because Amy's told me the stories. I barely remember Madame Kovarian. I just get a watery, distorted image of her. And I'd completely forgotten Perez until I saw her today."

"Do you think they hurt her too badly? I didn't think to give her a scan with the sonic. Maybe, I should go…"

"Doctor, she'll be fine," River interrupted, "Amy is safe in the TARDIS. We have to focus on saving everyone else, alright?" River didn't say that she didn't doubt that the Silence had hurt Amy, though it probably wasn't physical. They were more likely to mess with her head somehow. They always loved doing that. They loved distorting someone's reality and playing little mind games. Still, she'd only spent maybe an hour or so with them. And this was Amy. She was strong and brave and she didn't keep secrets from the Doctor, not for very long. River knew that Amy was going to get through it and that she would tell the Doctor what had happened when she was good and ready. At the moment, the blonde was just going to smile and flirt and take advantage of the fact that she was alone with the Doctor. River had a feeling that saving the world with him was going to be the closest thing they'd ever get to a date.

"Are you sure about this, Bacab?" the Doctor asked for the hundredth time. The boy nodded, adjusting his earpiece and giving the alien an excited grin. Of course he was okay with this. He was a little boy that was about to go on a dangerous adventure. No difference in time and space would ever change a boy's love for adventure. "Okay. So. Repeating plan so we're all on the same page. F-"

"We're all on the same page, Doctor," River sighed, her arms crossed. Akna stood next to her father, who was letting Tepeu play with one of his hands, rough from his hard work in helping with the harvest. "Bacab is going in to find the base of the temple. Then he's going to turn off the system they have controlling the weather. Then you're going to have Bacab go into the control room and launch the ship into space with the coordinates you gave him, then go back to the TARDIS and pick him up from inside the ship before quickly leaving. We return everyone back to their rightful places. The end. Did I miss anything?"

"No," the Doctor grumbled, "But I sort of enjoy the part where I get to explain my brilliant plan, thank you." They had started talking with Akna and Bacab's father, and when the Doctor had inquired about the newer temple, one that was on the other side of the village and only used by the One-Eyed People to speak to the Gods, he couldn't seem to remember how long it had taken to build, where they'd gotten the materials if their culture was declining so badly. He couldn't even remember his builder friends talking about working on it. It was just… There one day. And no one had ever questioned it. The Doctor couldn't go into perception filters all too much, mainly because electricity, simple and basic, hadn't even been invented yet. Talking about alien technology that not even Amy really got was just too time-consuming and the Time Lord had a civilization to save. He knew that the Silence had been influencing Earth for years, since before the Mayans. And they'd be here long afterwards. But their other servants had to get here somehow, and that meant there had to be a spaceship of some kind. Or some form of time travel. Or a bit of both.

There was also the matter of the Silence "bringing rain with them." The Doctor knew that they had much better technology and didn't doubt they'd assessed the drought and the problems it was causing for the Mayans, getting a fancy gadget that controlled water precipitation and put more moisture in the air. They used this to establish control over the people. And the Doctor was going to make sure that the Mayans realized that the Silence weren't in control of the weather. It was all just a machine. And Bacab was going to break it. Of course, being the intelligent girl that Akna is, she had her worries. "What about us?" she asked, "If you take the rain away, how will we thrive?"

The Doctor had River explain to Akna what her civilization was going through and the archaeology student went on to tell that the Mayans all split up, scattering around to whatever surrounding tribe would take them in. Akna found this only a little reassuring, still wondering what would happen if her family didn't find such a hospitable place. Her and her father were also worried about Bacab, but the Doctor slipped thick frames over Bacab's face and told him that whatever the glasses saw, the Doctor saw. He had River take out a portable screen and sonicked it so the glasses transmitted the video onto her screen. "We all set, gang?" he asked, excitedly, his enthusiasm only really matched by Bacab. He turned to the boy, leaning down to meet his eye level with hands on his shoulders. "I'll be with you every step of the way, got it? You're a very brave boy, Bacab. And I forgive you for stealing the screwdriver."

Bacab gave him a grin, ignoring his family's shocked looks upon hearing that the little boy had stolen something of the Doctor's. Akna's hands dropped into her head, frustrated with her brother. "Do I go in now, Doctor?"

"Slip this onto your neck and go in with the priest. He's headed this way right now," he replied.

"But what does this do?"

"It makes you unseen. But not completely. It just makes people not want to see you. Like that temple we're sending you into. If you're being too noticeable, people won't have a choice. They will see you and it'll stop working. So lay low and keep quiet, alright?" Bacab nodded as the chain was slipped over his neck. The Doctor grinned. "Alright, go on, Bacab. We can see you right now only because we've already noticed you. Now, go. Follow the priest. And, Bacab?"


"If you get scared, I want you to come back," the Doctor instructed. He remembered what it was like to watch people die around him at Demon's Run. They were brave, all of them… All so very, very brave like Bacab. "Don't even hesitate."

Bacab had managed to slip in easily and it wasn't long before he had turned off the machine that the Silence was using to control the humidity in the air. The Doctor could tell from outside, any clouds existing in the sky drying up quickly and the air becoming hotter and drier by the minute. "He needs to move faster," the Doctor said, "They'll see the weather change and know it was me. I'm not giving them any warnings or choices because I know they won't take it. He's just going to have to turn it off." River pressed the microphone on her ear piece and spoke into it, telling the boy he was going to have to find the main control room and send the ship off, that they would be watching him and there to save him when the ship was safely out of the village.

The Doctor looked at the screen that showed the inside of the temple, wondering why they had picked here of all places, though he knew it was probably because the Silence knew that no one would notice any alien disturbances like in the 21st century, and the Mayans were a very intelligent race of people. Why wouldn't they pick the Mayans? "Come on, Sweetie," Rive said, hand looped underneath the Doctor's elbow, heading off to the TARDIS with Akna and he father, "We have to go to the TARDIS and get Bacab." The Doctor nodded. Something still didn't seem right with all this, but he just wasn't sure what. He would have to figure it out in the TARDIS, though.

When they reached the blue box, the Doctor nodded and gave River and Amy the job of explaining how the TARDIS was bigger on the inside and all that to the family. Amy wasn't anywhere to be found, but the Doctor knew she was probably sleeping. She would probably be out for a little while longer. She was scared and he didn't doubt her dreams were all going to be nightmares for a little while.

It wasn't long before Bacab found the control board, the Doctor watching on the screen and telling River instructions, guiding the boy through the complicated commandeering of this ship. And then the TARDIS was off, locking onto the coordinates of those glasses. Akna went and sat on one of the chairs, bracing herself and Tepeu when the time machine rattled through the time vortex, jostling everyone about. There was a light knock on the door and Bacab was in, locking the door behind him and getting cheers from everyone, a mighty hug from his father and the Doctor, a light punch and then a kiss on the cheek from his sister, and another kiss on his other cheek from River, evident from the lip mark on his little cheekbone. Luckily, she'd since wiped off the hallucinogenic lipstick. Right before the Doctor had started to take people back out of space, there was a thud against the door, but the box was already starting to fade. The Doctor could barely hear the person as they cried out louder over the noise. He didn't even hear the knock. Only Amy did, but she had a feeling she knew who it was and she wasn't opening that door. Not if her life depended on it, which, actually, it did.

"Doctor," Bacab said as everyone was saying their goodbyes, "I have something for you."

"Aw, you got me a present?" the man grinned, "You shouldn't have! But really, what is it?" The boy shrugged, slipping a piece of paper into the Doctor's hand. He unfolded it and read the contents of it: 21/12/12. It was the supposed apocalypse. And it was scrawled in red pen that seemed to remind the Doctor of someone, but he couldn't quite place it at the moment. "What is this, Bacab?"

"A woman gave it to me and told me to give it to you when I saw you next. She told me to tell you that it is where everything ends."

"A woman? Wh-" the Doctor began to ask.

"Bacab!" Akna cried, "We're waiting for you! Hurry up!" Bacab shrugged at the Doctor's unfinished question, about to say something before Akna interrupted again with an even more irritated yell.

The Doctor puzzled over the piece of paper. Maybe that Perez woman had given it to him. But why would she give him the date of when he was supposed to save Earth, something that he'd already done? He slipped it into his coat pocket and walked over to the door, standing beside River and waving goodbye to their new friends. "The Mayan civilization isn't going to end for a few decades, you know," River told him, "And we never got to figure out the meaning of the Mayan calendar!"

"We'll save it for another time," the Doctor smiled, closing the door and going back to the console, "Now, time for you to get back to your studies, Ms. Song."

"Oh, Doctor," she pouted, "Just one more trip? I just want to go to the Singing Towers! They're supposed to be quite romantic, you know."

He shook his head, continuing to type the coordinates in for the university. There would be a time and place when he took River Song to the Towers, but it wasn't then. The Doctor wasn't even sure if that would happen considering the fact that him and Amy were together now. "Maybe another time," he said, flipping a switch. River came over with a sigh, learning from his last couple of trips that the Doctor definitely had some errors when it came to flying the TARDIS. She flicked the blue stabilizers, receiving a glare from the Doctor that she only returned with a triumphant smile when he pulled the lever and they landed smoothly. "Blue boringers…" he mumbled and River had no idea what the man was talking about anymore, "You better go. I'm going to check on Amy."

River moved over to the Doctor. "Don't think I'm done with you, Sweetie," she smirked, grabbing the lapels of his coat and pulling him towards her, lips meeting lips. The Doctor flailed at first, hoping Amy didn't come out to see, because then things were really going to get complicated. But his hands went to River's arms and he kissed her back for a second before pulling away with a smile. He had to remember that Amy also didn't want their cover to be blown and that as far as River knew, she had a future with him. She didn't know about their timelines yet or Lake Silencio. And even though that made the Doctor feel so guilty, he knew that there was no way he could change it.

"Goodbye, River," the Doctor sighed and River chuckled, smoothing her hands over his jacket before turning around to head out the door, her hips sashaying as she headed to the TARDIS doors.

When she reached them, she stopped. "Take Mummy home soon, will you?" she asked, her worried eyes finding his, "I've tried to talk to her about it, but she doesn't want to listen to me. She's too stubborn. But you and I both know that she belongs with Rory. You can't just come and pick her up whenever she's starting to feel the tiniest bit insecure about her life, Doctor. If you really get bored, just come visit me. I can think of a few things to keep you entertained." She gave him a wink, but River was serious about Amy. She didn't like that Amy wasn't with Rory at the moment, making her some siblings and arguing over what color to paint the kitchen. She knew it was how it should be, though. Amy just needed to stop and realize that, and the Doctor needed to quit enabling her. "Goodbye, Sweetie."

The Doctor wasn't even sure how to react to her words and as she shut the door, he leaned against the console. Had he made the right decision in letting Amy stay with him? He knew that they couldn't work, that she would grow old and he wouldn't. She would die and he would regenerate. She was human and he was a Time Lord. But the Doctor wouldn't take back a second with Amy and couldn't find it within himself to regret kissing her back and having her find out about his feelings for her. But did that mean it was right? Or that he was just selfish?


She didn't make it in time to get to the box. But she'd heard it from her room in the temple, the one that she'd most recently acquired, and she leapt up, opening the door. Despite her being such a troublemaker, Perez didn't feel the need to lock her door. She said there was no chance she could escape anyways. The place was covered in guards and the Doctor was long gone after following their plan perfectly. Perez had predicted his every move and he'd fallen into their trap so easily. It almost made the girl cry to think about it as she ran towards the sound of the box, her feet pounding on the stone. But when she got to it, the TARDIS was already starting to vanish.

Her fists banged against the door and she cried loudly. "No! Doctor! Doctor! Let me in! Please! It's me! It's-" But then her fists started to fall into empty space and the wind was starting to die. The TARDIS was already gone, spinning through the time vortex. "No…" she whispered, falling to her knees and letting herself cry. She almost never let herself do this, but no one was around anyways and the tears were already falling down her cheeks heavily, her sobs wracking through her thin frame. He'd left her. Again. And he didn't even know it. He didn't even know she was here. And now the prisoner only had one hope left. She'd seen the boy running down the hallway by her room and heard a clatter when he dropped his glasses. He picked them up, noticing one lens was cracked, shrugged, and put it in his pocket.

"Wait!" she cried, but guards were starting to round the corner. She wouldn't be able to really tell the boy everything. Not before they stopped her. Quickly, she reached into her back pocket and grabbed a marker and a small thing of mini Post Its, both things she'd learned would come in handy in a lot of situations. "Come here!"

The boy's eyes lit up with something like recognition and also wonder at how she could see him. He had the necklace on. But what Bacab didn't know was that she'd had her experience with perception filters and this one that he had on was pretty weak, obviously made by someone who lacked any real supplies. Still, it might be enough to trick the guards. But seeing their prisoner talking to no one would probably look suspicious enough so that they would start to question what the hell she was doing. "Hey, aren't yo-" he began to say.

"Look, I don't have much time," she said in a rush, "You're going back to see the Doctor, yeah?"

"Yes, I'm on my wa-"

"Give him this," she interrupted again, the guards coming near her as she scribbled down the numbers. She knew all about Perez's plan. In the short time she had been in the temple, she knew the plans and everything. She knew that they were trying to kill the Doctor before he reached a certain place, somewhere called "Trenzalore" or something, but she had never even heard of it. "Tell him this is where everything is gonna end. Tell him to come find me." The boy opened his mouth again as he took the piece of paper, but the guards were starting to get closer and he realized that he better start running.

As she sobbed on the ground, she realized that that boy and that sticky note were her last chances of the Doctor finding her and saving her from this place. She just hoped he knew what they meant. Because they weren't just any old numbers like an address or the date. And she was going to make sure the Doctor saw it.

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