The Girl Who Dreamed Of Stars

Sittin' on the Sea

It had been almost a week since their encounter with River, the Mayans, and the Silence. And Amy still hadn't told the Doctor what had happened to her when they took her into that temple. He tried asking. Of course he had. The Doctor was pushy and curious, but he asked as gently as he could each time. Amy always changed the subject, yawned and claimed to be tired, or suddenly decided that she wanted some green tea and better go put the kettle on. So, the Doctor decided there was really only one way to fix her mood and get Amy out of the dumps: take her somewhere amazing!
He had a lot of ideas in his head already, wracking them up and making a list of every place he could think of that would absolutely stun Amy with its beauty and strangeness, a sight that she had never even dreamed of when she was just a little girl sitting up by her window on Earth and gazing at all the stars as she waited for her Raggedy Man. There was the planet with the giant hats that he'd never gotten around to taking her and Rory after getting stuck in that '80s hotel, the moon that had the space station with the biggest food court in the universe, the planet three galaxies away that had purple people who drank endless amounts of orange soda, the volcano on Slatheus that spouted chocolate (which was actually quite toxic for the natives, but a great treat for any other visitor), and Ubeltor's ice skating rink that was actually on top of the city's capitol. There were more, but it wasn't until he actually went up to Amy that he narrowed it down to one.

"I don't know," she shrugged nonchalantly as the Doctor asked what she'd like to do. She wanted to mentally hit herself for at least not trying to make herself convincingly enthusiastic. Amy tried a smile. "Um, I feel like a swim? The TARDIS pool is great and all, bu-"

"Yes… Perfect! Water! I know where we're going today, Pond!" the Doctor interrupted, his grin gleeful as he hopped over to the coordinates.

Amy couldn't help but give a small, amused smirk. He may be a complete idiot, but she couldn't say it wasn't endearing. She cleared her throat and pulled up alongside the Doctor, her hands hovering just over the controls, not actually touching them because of what had happened the last time Amy had tried her hand at driving the TARDIS. She knew he was worried about her and something inside her hurt because of that, but Amy wasn't going to say what had happened back in that Mayan Temple. She'd be dead if she did and Amy really didn't feel like giving up on all of this too soon. She was in a better mood, of course. After she'd left early to go to the TARDIS and taken her time to rest, all her emotions were in a better state and the headaches were gone. Well, for the most part. Still, she knew she was acting odd and she had to pull it together before the Doctor really started to worry.

"So, where are you taking us next?" she asked, lips turned up and actually quite curious as to what he had in mind for them to do that day. For the past five days, they'd stayed low in the TARDIS, the Doctor making sure the Silence were away and that Amy was okay. He didn't want to make her deal with the running and the scary aliens after the adventure they'd just had, but she said she was fine now and he was going to believe her. Of course he did. She was Amy Pond and she knew the Doctor would trust that she'd open up to him, or at least try to get better.

"Zaneoplia, the capitol of the planet Aguamantine!" he replied, finishing the coordinates and grabbing onto the console, "Better hold on, Pond!"

Amy followed his orders and grabbed at the console as well, her hands brushing against his. The shock from the contact made Amy gasp and lose her grip just as the TARDIS lurched and began to go through the time vortex. Luckily, she was able to grab onto one of the seats before she flew out the TARDIS doors. When the shaking stopped and the TARDIS had landed, the Doctor came over to her and looked at Amy, puzzled. "Are you okay?" he asked. All he'd done was touch her. Actually, it was the other way around. It wasn't like they hadn't done anything more before. Well, not really since their last trip. The Doctor had stayed up most of the nights, puzzling over the set of numbers he'd received from Bacab, the note still in his coat pocket. Meanwhile, Amy would fall asleep in the library, where she spent most of her time lately.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Amy swallowed, rising up from the tangled mess her long limbs had gotten into and dusted off her skirt and legs, "Sorry. I didn't think your hand was going to be right there."

"Right…" he replied, nodding his head slowly, not getting at all what had made her jump still. They'd never had a thing for personal space when it came to each other. Not even when Rory or River were around and before the Doctor and Amy had ever told each other how they really felt. "Are you sure, Amelia? We don't have to go anywhere today if you don't-"

"Just shut up, quit worrying, and take me somewhere amazing," Amy interrupted with a roll of her eyes, "I was just surprised is all. No need to make a big deal about it, yeah?" She really wanted to die of embarrassment at that moment and had to remind herself, again, to get herself together.

"Fine, fine!" the Doctor sighed, raising his hands up defensively, "Cool planet, it is! Be careful opening the doors, will you?"

"What? Can't trust your parking abilities, Doctor?" she teased, "Don't tell me we've landed in the water." The Doctor only replied with a mischievous smirk that Amy missed as she opened the blue door of the TARDIS… To see more blue. Except this was different. This was a light, clear blue. "Oh my God. You landed us in water."

"I couldn't help it! The whole planet is submerged in water." The Doctor looked at Amy as she took in where she was at, the rainbows of colors from the coral reef below them and also from the fish jetting by, not the same fish that she was used to, but definitely some pretty ones. They were all more translucent and had brighter colors. The sand was a pure white, made only brighter by the sun that was filtering through the sea water.

"Sorry, but how are we not wet?" she asked, peeling her eyes off of the scenery to look at the Doctor, "Or, you know… Drowning?"

"TARDIS' force field," he shrugged, "But I parked us over the tourist port, so we'll be able to get a less noticeable piece of transportation. Now, come along, Pond. Time for an underwater adventure!" The Doctor grabbed her hand, the tiny flinch from Amy not escaping his notice.

"Wait, what are you doing?" she asked, looking at his stance and the glint in his green eyes.

"Jumping!" And then Amy felt a pull on her arm, the loss of contact between the TARDIS floor and her feet, and then cool water rushing over her whole body, the Doctor's warm hand in hers.

The water was cold enough to be refreshing, but not enough to where it was uncomfortable. Amy looked over at the Doctor with an expression between shock at what was around her and irritation at being shoved out of the time machine. He could only give her a grin in response, pulling her hand again and pointing towards the building below them. Amy could only assume this was the tourist port. The whole place was a clear dome, large. This planet must be pretty popular if it had this much room for its tourism. Clear tubes shot out of the top and went all the way up past the surface of the water, transporting air-breathers down into the port like a lift.

The Doctor and Amy swam down to the front of the building, taking her to a metal tunnel that was about three meters long. There was a red button on a panel by the entrance, which the Doctor pressed without hesitation. Amy just hoped he knew what he was doing and that he knew how to get them inside, because her lungs weren't going to hold out forever. But just as the dull ache from the lack of oxygen began to grow, gates behind them closed around the entrance of the tunnel and Amy could hear some sort of machine going. And then the water started to lower. Amy started to realize that this was how they got into the dome. When the water was pooled down to their feet, her leather jacket and skirt dripping, Amy stared at her boots with a sad expression. "They're ruined," she sighed.

"Oh, Amy. Are all women like that about shoes?" the Doctor teased.

"Yes, mostly," she sniffed, "Besides, like you have room to talk! I'm surprised you're not crying about your stupid bow tie!"

"Bow ties are cool," he said, simply, tweaking the tie, "And can dry. Now, get ready."

"Get ready for wha-" Amy began, but then another machine started up, interrupting the redhead and hot air filled the room, huge, hidden fans blowing out her wet hair. The wind was pretty strong, but Amy could still hear the Doctor laughing, finding herself giggling alongside him. It was only a matter of minutes before she found herself dried off again, the fans stopping and the only sound in the room being the laughter still coming from the two of them. The Doctor remembered Rose had a similar reaction to the sanitizing systems at the Sisters Hospital on New Earth, but brushed that aside. He was just happy that Amy was having a good time here. Maybe his plan to cheer her up really was working.

The wall opposite of the tunnel's entry gates suddenly split open, apparently a set of gates as well. A holographic woman appeared next to them, a professional smile painted on her lips and an empty, yet friendly, gaze in her eyes. "Welcome to Zaneoplia. I am Tour Guide 001701. I will be your travel companion, helper, tour guide, and friend today as we take a journey around the greatest city on the planet Aguamantine. First, let us check in."

The Doctor and Amy met each other's eyes and shrugged, following the hologram as she led them out of the metal room and into the main lobby. Saying it was busy would be an understatement. The large dome was practically filled with people, all being ushered by holographic security to form neat lines as they all tried to make it to their ports to set off to see Zaneoplia sites. The Doctor apologized to whoever he hit with his elbows, while Amy cursed whoever bumped her for not watching where they were going. Eventually, they got to the ticket booth and the Doctor dug through his pockets for a plastic card.

"Since when do you have a credit card?" Amy asked, looking at him incredulously.

"Not a credit card, Pond," the Doctor explained, "Well, at least not the kind you're talking about. This galaxy has a point system, actually, and this was a gift from a friend a few centuries ago when I was three planets over from here… Funny story how I met the guy, actually. He had six tentacles and a third eye."

He was just about to launch into a story that Amy probably would lose interest in after the first hour, but, thankfully, Tour Guide 001701 reappeared by their sides after their purchase of two tickets and began speaking again. "Great job. Now that the order of business is set, we shall start our tour. Please follow me to the transport deck."

The transport deck was just as busy, but Tour Guide 001701 guided through the crowds with ease, not even hitting anyone. The Doctor and his companion tried their best to keep up, but some of these aliens obviously weren't from planets that had many manners. The whole place cast a blue light from the glass walls that surrounded them and the deck was no different. Glass-like spheres jutted out of the walls, with a metal bottom made of the same material in the entrance tunnel. They were large enough to fit several people and a steering wheel peeked out from where Amy could see.

"Is that what we're going in?" she asked, pointing to a glass sphere as they neared the front of the lines. Four people walked inside, sitting down on the white, cushioned benches that were on either side of the door, the steering wheel and the driver's seat being taken over by the group's tour guide, which was just across from the door and in between the two ends of the benches.

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded, "Don't worry. They're perfectly safe and I hear they're pretty comfy. The tour is about an hour long and they have oxygen filters that keep everything fresh and circulated, they've got music stations, and, even better… Cup holders."

"We don't have any drinks, Doctor."

"Yeah, but it's a cool feature anyways!" he argued, "Which reminds me, the TARDIS has anything and everything but not cup holders? I'm going to have to add that new feature in when we get back."

The Doctor started to get impatient with waiting in line, so he started chatting up one of the people next to him, which turned out to be someone related to that friend of his with the three eyes and six tentacles. Apparently, that species had a long life span, because the alien was still alive and well and Amy and the Doctor were talking to his great-nephew. He seemed to especially take a liking in the redhead, something that didn't necessarily please the Doctor all too much later on in the conversation as its tentacle was draped over her shoulder, the alien making his fourth flirty joke that Amy could only blush at and laugh uncomfortably. When Tour Guide 001701 told them it was time to board, the Doctor couldn't be happier, pulling Amy away in a rush and calling over his shoulder to tell his old friend "Hello from the Doctor."

"You've got some good taste in friends, Doctor," Amy laughed, climbing into the sphere, the Doctor following her from behind, "Quite the looker, too."

"Oh, shut up," he muttered, moving over to the bench opposite her.

"Alright, Doctor and Amy Pond," Tour Guide 001701 said, "It is time to begin our tour of the beautiful city of Zaneoplia. First, we will begin with the oldest church in Aguamantinian history. It was built by-"

"Uh, yes, excuse me, Tour Guide," the Doctor interrupted, already growing bored with whatever she was going to say. He already knew about the old church and had seen it countless times in books and also the one other time he had gone to this planet. But there was really only one destination he had in mind.

"Yes, Doctor?"

"When do we get to the Royal Palace?" he asked

"I'm sorry," the woman said, frowning but her eyes still managing to smile and seem cheery all the same, "But the Royal Palace has not ever been a part of the Zaneoplian tour. This is because of the 43rd law that makes sure no unauthorized citizens disturb the Royal King and Queen and/or cause them harm."

"Well, that's rubbish!" the Doctor cried, clearly upset, "Complete rubbish! No one has tried to overthrow the monarchy for three centuries here!"

"I am sorry, Doctor," Tour Guide 001701 replied unapologetically, "But I promise you that this tour will be filled with amazing sights and interesting locations. For example, our next stop is the oldest church in Aguamantinian history. It was built by the famous architect-"

"I know who built the oldest church!" he interrupted again, "I was the one that told him to go with the top tower made completely of stained glass!"

"Doctor," Amy sighed, "Just sit down. It's fine. I can see the palace from here."

"It's not the palace that I want you to see," the Doctor returned, exasperated, "It's someplace at the palace!"

"I'm sorry," Tour Guide 001701 said again, picking up pieces of the conversation and having her programmed response repeat itself, "But the Royal Palace has not ever been a part of the Zaneoplian tour. This is-"

"Rubbish," the Doctor finished, fishing out his sonic screwdriver, "Change of plans, Tour Guide 001701. We're going to the palace."

"I'm sorry, but the Royal Palace has not-" The Tour Guide's voice started to get fuzzy after that as the Doctor aimed the sonic screwdriver at her.

"Doctor, what are you doing?" Amy hissed, "It's not her fault we can't go to the palace."

"I'm not hurting her or anything. She's holographic," he replied, the image of the woman vanishing, "Besides, since when did you or I ever follow the right path when it comes to new planets? Hm? We make our own tours! Next stop: the Royal Palace!"

Amy watched the Time Lord climb up into the driver's seat and take the steering wheel. She rolled her eyes, sliding next to him. "You're forgetting that it's sort of illegal to be near the king and queen."

The Doctor turned around and flashed her an excited grin. "Like that's ever stopped us before, Pond." And he was right. So, the redhead just held onto the bottom of the white bench for dear life, laughing at the sudden speed that the sphere had picked up. With Tour Guide 001701 as the driver, Amy never would have known just how fast these things could really go. Even though the palace was on the other side of the city, though still large enough to see from the tourist port, they made it in a matter of minutes.

"Here we are," the Doctor announced, gesturing below them as the vehicle started to slow, "The Royal Gardens of Zaneoplia!" Amy looked down below them, the ship moving to let her see better. Yes, he was right. This was definitely better than the actual palace. She'd always had a thing for gardens. Even before her Raggedy Doctor had crashed his box, she'd loved playing in her aunt's garden. When she was in the Two Streams facility, Amy had had loads of different places to choose from. But the only place she'd ever chosen was the gardens at some alien mayor's mansion. But this place had that garden with the freaky hedges beat. There was absolutely no competition.

"Oh my God," she gasped, taking in the scene. This wasn't like any other garden Amy had seen, mostly because it was all underwater. There was large, tall, coral that reached almost up to them and they were a good 9 meters above the garden. They were all different colors, deep, dark blues and purples and bright, bold yellows and reds and oranges and greens. There were flowers waving gently in the water, all strange and alien and vibrant and absolutely gorgeous. There were paths of sand and stones, a large statue in the middle of something that looked almost like a mermaid, except its face wasn't at all human. It was all scrunched, almost like Gibbis, the alien they met in the '80s hotel, except with long hair and wide eyes. These must be the Aguamantinians.

The Doctor had stopped driving altogether, looking back at Amy and studying her expression closely. "How amazed have I made you this time, Amelia Pond?"

"On a scale of one to ten?" she replied, turning away to look at him with a wide grin on her face, "Uh, definitely a 9."

"A nine?"

"Well, I can't let you get too big of a head, can I?" Amy teased, looking back out the window, "The smugness is already unbearable as it is."

The Doctor stuck his tongue out and turned back to the wheel, lowering them down closer, just above the stone paths. "Amelia," he sighed, swiveling around in the captain's chair to face the redhead. She turned around to meet his green, worried eyes. "I'm worried about you, about what happened at the temple. You've been acting strange-"

"Doctor, I'm fine. Really, I-"

"Amy Pond, don't you lie to me," he said in a low voice, "You are my best friend and I love you. I think I could tell when something is wrong. So, go on."

She didn't know what to say to him. She certainly couldn't tell the truth. That would ruin everything. But could she lie to him? He was right. She was Amy Pond and he was the Doctor and despite all circumstances, he knew when something was wrong with her and he knew when she was lying. So what was left to say? If you can' tell the truth and the lie will be spotted the second it leaves your mouth, what more is there to say? "I… I-"

But Amy was interrupted by the sound of a siren, a red light shining on the sphere. The pair turned to the right to see a sphere with "Palace Security" written on the bottom metal part. "Right," the Doctor muttered, "We'll talk later. We have to run away from the guards now."

"Wait, Doctor," Amy said, her eyes widening, "How serious is Aguamantinian law?"

"I don't know. Hopefully, today is not the day we find out."


"See?" the Doctor smiled, "That wasn't so bad."

"Yeah, you're just lucky they let us off with a warning," Amy returned, "You hacked their computer system, broke a hologram and a travel sphere, ran away from security, and let's not forget trespassing!"

"Oh, like you didn't have any fun," he laughed, taking her hand in his on their way back to the TARDIS. This time she didn't flinch away from him and she was smiling alongside him. The Doctor decided he wasn't going to ask anymore, because Amy was happy again and he had to believe that someday she was going to get around to telling him. It wasn't like he told her all about himself, either. The Doctor looked over at her just as she looked back to meet him. "I love you, Amelia Pond."

She didn't answer for a moment, just staring back at him with that smile on her face. "I love you too, Doctor," Amy said finally and the Time Lord raised his empty hand to cup her cheek. He could feel her pulse quicken and wondered why Amy seemed so nervous. He leaned in close, his lips barely brushing hers. She didn't even know it, but her lips responded of their own accord, parting and deepening the kiss, pulling the Doctor closer by the lapels of his jacket. The Time Lord couldn't help but chuckle against her mouth. She was always pushing those boundaries with him. But there was something off. The Doctor was just about to point this out, but it wasn't like he wasn't enjoying this. And then there was the interruption.

"Excuse me," a woman's voice said, sounding very familiar. The Doctor and Amy pulled away from each other and turned to see a holographic woman, the same as the one they had. All the Tour Guides looked the same, though. "I am Tour Guide 211212 and I have a message for 'The Doctor.'"

Both their eyes widened at the familiarity of the number. They both knew what it was, the apparent end of the world, the set of numbers on the note in the Doctor's coat pocket. "What is it?" he asked, "What's the message?"

"'Doctor, I'm waiting. Find me where everything will end."

"Who said that? Who told you to give me that message?"

"I'm sorry, but the sender did not leave a name. I was only left with a message." The hologram gave the two a smile and walked away after that, back to go help the next people who were on a trip. The Doctor just wanted to understand what was going on. He wanted to know who was sending those messages and what the set of numbers meant. Amy just hoped he wouldn't find out too soon.


She didn't know why they were just watching at first. She didn't understand why the Silence was always making sure that they were around the Doctor, and yet they sat there and did nothing to him. That was until she realized that they were enjoying this, enjoying watching the Doctor smile and be happy like she was seeing just now. They enjoyed watching him think that he and his Amy Pond were safe. But they weren't. He wasn't safe. And neither was Amy. She started to tear up just thinking about it, thinking about her poor Time Lord. Because he didn't belong with that girl in the TARDIS traveling around with him.

She tried not to think about it, but the jealousy and rage and complete sadness overwhelmed her as she slept in whatever holding cell she was put into, changing as they traveled alongside the Doctor. She knew they weren't going to do this for long. It was only so that they knew their current attempt at getting the Doctor didn't end up like the last. Perez was going to make sure she succeeded. The Silence was getting impatient and Trenzalore was closing in.

Watching the screens before her, Perez stood beside her, observing. She watched as the Doctor and the redheaded girl beside him held hands and kissed and smiled and laughed together. She tried not to show what she was really feeling, not wanting Perez to see how much this killed her. The only satisfaction she got was when the Tour Guide came over to them. No one seemed to take notice of it. It was something she had snuck, being let out for a few minutes. She'd escaped, though. And she had run. But the Silence weren't going to let her go, so after locating Tour Guide 211212, she was only able to leave a short message. There wasn't any audio from the security tapes, either. That helped. The Silence had hacked the computers and the security files back in the tourist port. It was a pretty simple system and had only taken them a few seconds. This was all just a few hours ago, though. The Doctor was already back in the TARDIS, off to his next destination.

"Better," Perez commented, the video paused right as a puzzled Doctor and a worried Amy Pond went back towards the TARDIS, "Definitely improved. We'll have to start in on Phase 2 soon." She next turned the woman beside her. "What do you think?"

She didn't respond for a moment, knowing her voice was going to sound cracked. She swallowed down the hard lump in her throat. "You're not going to win this. You know that, don't you? He'll find a way out of this. He always does."

"Oh, I don't know about that. The Doctor seems to be falling into our trap quite nicely. Really, I don't see why you're in such a bad mood. We even let you out today to go see the tourist port while the Doctor was away at the Royal Gardens and you tried running away. Which reminds me, now that our little movie night is over; it's time for you to return to your room."

Two guards showed up behind the woman and grabbed her arms. She didn't even have the will to fight. What was the point? Where would she even go? She was in open space right now, the whole ship drifting as they waited to receive orders of their next destination. This apparently had just come in, because just as she was being dragged out of the door, she heard a small beep coming from a text message from a cell phone.

She heard Perez laugh. "Oh, very classy, Doctor. Very classy. Alright. We have our next stop. Guards, make sure someone is out by her cell at all times. We can't have her escaping and ruining the coronation ball... Can we now, Mrs. Pond?"

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