The Girl Who Dreamed Of Stars

The World Is Headed For Hell

"What's the end of Earth like?" Amy asked one day. The Doctor was sitting in the swing underneath the TARDIS, playing at wires as his companion sat on the ground nearby, perching her head on her elbow and her elbows on her knees. They had been fixing the TARDIS for a good two hours or so, but it seemed much longer to Amy, who had passed the time making fun of how ridiculous he looked not only with the bow tie, but also with those steampunk goggles strapped to his skull.
The Doctor continued tinkering until something sparked, something that wasn't supposed to spark. "Oh, that's not good. That's very, very not good. I wonder if I can reverse that," he mused to himself, and then moments later, "I got it! I think."
Amy tried again, "Have you been there?"


"The end of the world?" she repeated, "You said you've seen the beginning and end of everything. Wouldn't that include Earth?"

"Uh, well, yes. I've been there," the Doctor answered, "But don't worry. The humans move on way before that. By the time the world ends there's only one purebred human left, though I can tell you that when I saw her there was hardly anything left that hadn't been operated on."

"What d'ya mean?"

"She was just skin stretched out like a canvas, all hooked up to machinery," he explained, "Beautiful technology she was using, but she wasn't a very nice person. She tried taking over my companion at the time, but that was one regeneration later and on New Earth, not 'Apocalyptic, burning Earth.'"

Amy's mouth twisted in disgust at the idea, wondering how anyone could live like that. But then, she was taken over with curiosity. Ever since meeting Jack, Amy had started to wonder about all the other companions the Doctor had had, feeling like she wanted to meet them. He hardly ever told stories about them, only mentioning them in stories like this as "my companion at the time." Amy began to joke with herself that before long, he was going to refer to Rory as such. She avoided the idea that he'd ever have to use the term for her when there was someone else here to keep him company. Because Time Lords lived much longer than a human, and her forever meant a completely different forever than his. Amy decided to press the issue a bit, test the waters to see how willing he was to go. "Which companion? Jack?"

"No," he answered, distractedly, pulling at a wire he didn't remember the purpose of, "This was just before I met Jack."

"So, who'd you go with?"

"Does it matter?"

"I don't know. Does it?"

He stopped to glare at her, starting to pick up on it. Usually, Amy stopped when she could feel his walls building up, big, scary walls loaded with heavy security. At this point, though, there was still an urge to pick at him, to try to chisel a hole in that wall. "Amy, don't you have something better to do?"

"Nope," she said, popping the "p." She decided to take a different approach. "So, what happens on December 21st, 2012? Because everyone back in my time says that's the day we're off. But I've been to 2020, twice."

"It's just a day like any other, I suppose," the Doctor said, dropping a tool to the ground. Amy winced slightly at the clanging sound it made as it clattered to the floor. He flipped up his aviator goggles and shrugged at her. "Never been there, actually. I didn't quite see the purpose when I've been to Earth millions of years ahead of the apparent 'end of the world.'" The Doctor swung a little bit longer, both momentarily silent before he hopped off and started up the stairs.


"Come along, Pond!" Amy rolled her eyes, lifting herself up and following the Doctor up the metal stairs back to the console. When she reached the top, that madman was already spinning around the room, pulling random levers so fast that Amy began to wonder, as she always did, if he even knew which controls he was pushing, or if he was just winging it. She wouldn't be surprised if it really were the latter.

"I thought you had to tune up the TARDIS," she groaned, pretending to be a little annoyed with the Doctor's change of pace and activity. They both knew she was actually overjoyed at the thought of not having to sit there and watch him whisper sweet nothings to the ship while he worked for hours that seemed all too endless.

"Yeah, I finished that ages ago," the Doctor replied, flippantly, "I was just trying to make some upgrades while I was down there. Time for an adventure!"

She didn't even bring up the fact that she had had to sit there for almost two and a half hours when they could've been off doing something. She just glided her hand over the railing of the outer circle around the TARDIS. "Where?"

"Oh, Pond!" the Doctor cried, pulling the last lever and sending the TARDIS rocketing through the time vortex, both him and his companion gripping onto whatever they had nearby. "Haven't you figured that one out yet?"

LONDON, ENGLAND -- DEC. 21st, 2012

"See?" the Doctor said, just as Amy followed him out the door of the TARDIS, "It's just a regular day on Earth. Well, as normal as it gets for you humans." Amy elbowed him in defense for her race, but they both smiled. The streets were busy, yet no one had stopped when the Doctor had parked the time machine. They just walked on as if that police box, which was from a whole other century, had been there every day.

The sky was absolutely clear and sunny, the air peculiarly warm for it being in late December. Amy didn't seem to mind, though. She wasn't really dressed for snow, anyways, since the Doctor hadn't exactly told her where they were going. Again. The Doctor noticed, though, and he knew it was way too hot to just be some natural fluke. He raised his sonic screwdriver in the air, moving it up and down and taking a few steps either way to take a reading of the temperature.

"What are you doing?" the redhead asked, hand on her hip as she looked over at the alien waving his sonic. She took at the London Eye longingly. She'd never actually been on it, but it had always been something she wanted to do. "Come on. Let's go on the big wheel!" She rushed over to the Doctor, pulling on his jacket, but he stayed put.

"Amelia, do you not feel the temperature?" he asked incredulously.

"Yeah, so what?" she sighed, really hating that he broke out "Amelia." He usually only used it when he worried, but he was starting to use it more than he usually did. Amy really hoped he wasn't making it into a habit. "It's a nice day."

"Yes, too nice, don't you think?" he replied quickly, narrowing his eyes and studying their surroundings.

"Only you would complain about the weather being too nice!" she snapped, crossing her arms in annoyance.

The Doctor locked back into Amy, giving an exasperated sigh. "It's December, four days before Christmas," he pointed out, "So, tell me why there are no clouds or snow. Tell me why, according to the sonic, it is 31.6 degrees Celsius out here!"

His companion paused. Was it really that warm? He was right, though she wasn't going to outright say it in case the Doctor gave her a smug reply, but he was. This was too warm for December, and though she had initially enjoyed it and not been bothered at all, Amy knew that something must be up. "What are you thinking?" Amy asked.

"I'm thinking the Mayans might have stopped at this day for a reason," he replied, looking around him at the tall building and people passing by with wonder and suspicion. What was happening here? "But what's happening?"

"We're going to have to go out and find the big, scary alien who's responsible this time, aren't we?" she sighed, taking one last glance at the turning wheel before fully facing the Doctor, who returned her slightly annoyed look with one that looked wickedly mischievous.

"Let's go out and find the big, scary alien who's responsible for it this time!" he cheered.

They split up, the Doctor following the strong readings and Amy asking pedestrians if there had been anything strange other than the sudden change in climate. The Time Lord made sure Amy kept her cell phone off silent and in her pocket, ready for a call if he found something and ready to ring him up for help if she ran into trouble again. He knew the Silence were still after him and Amy, and the thought of splitting up really put him at unease, but the Doctor was starting to get a fishy feeling about this, more so than he was letting on to his companion. Amy talked to Londoner after Londoner, but no one knew what on Earth the young woman was talking about. There were some that laughed at her, thinking she was one of the people who believed the world was going to crumble all around the human race that day. Little did they know that there was a slight chance that that could really happen. The sonic screwdriver was having a hard time assessing the readings for the origin of the biological changes, but the Doctor knew something was up. This heat just didn't make sense.

Amy had been searching hopelessly, until a young boy passed by her, staring straight at her as he passed. There was something that had caught her brown eyes as he walked by in the bright sunlight, something that had immediately drawn her attention to him, but she didn't know what. Neither broke contact, but something flicked out of the boy's mouth, just a tiny bit. She was instantly reminded of a snake of some sort, but thought that maybe it was the trick of an eye. The daring, adventurous part of Amy Pond told her to follow him and see anyways. She waited a few moments before there was distance between her and the child, beginning to quietly pursue him through the streets. She had to be careful not to let anyone know, especially not him. Amy knew how creepy it must seem to others if they noticed a grown woman stalking a 13 year old boy.

They went through street after street, the sun beating down on Amy, but she didn't seem to notice. She was only dressed in a striped tank top under a leather jacket, her usual mini skirt, dark tights, and boots. Still, the leather should have been retaining the heat and making her even the tiniest bit warm. It wasn't long until he rounded a corner, but when Amy turned, all she saw was a lit up alleyway littered with trash from people who had missed the nearby dumpster that was up against the brick wall. The boy was gone, and the only explanation the redhead had for it was that he was hiding in the trash. Slowly, she inched towards the giant, blue bin, throwing up the black plastic to reveal nothing but garbage and the stench of discarded food molding in the heat.

Her face scrunched up in disgust, catching a big whiff of the odor and immediately backed away from the trash. As she backed away, though, Amy felt herself trip on something. "Oof!" the ginger grunted, landing on her bottom, hands coming away with light scratches and the indentation of the concrete that they had landed on. She moved her legs, trying to see what was it that had brought her fall and noticed that it was the opening to the sewers, the lid not shut all the way. It didn't need much brain power to realize that was where the boy had gone. She fished for her phone.

The Doctor felt his small phone ring in his pocket. It was the same one he had used in Sardicktown on Christmas Eve when he was saving Amy and Rory from the crashing star cruise ship. It was just a thin little thing with a main earpiece and microphone to talk out of, but the Doctor sort of liked the steampunk style it had to it that matched the TARDIS' most recent upgrade. Even if Amy said it looked ridiculous.

"Amy?" he asked. Who else would it be?

"Doctor, I think I found something," she whispered, and he could hear something else in the background, like drips of water and an echo of her own voice. Where was she?

"Amy, it sounds like you're in a tunnel of some sort," the Doctor said, tone slightly worried. He probably shouldn't have let them split up. Amy always managed to do something foolish. "What are you doing this time?"

"Oi!" she loud whispered, "Shut up and maybe you won't have to ask! There was this boy that I saw on the street. Anyways, I ended following him… Into the sewers."

The man in tweed's eyes suddenly popped open, realizing why his sonic screwdriver had seemingly taken him on a wild goose chase. He had thought the screwdriver was pointing at nothing, when in fact; it was the Doctor that wasn't looking hard enough. The readings were coming from beneath the ground in the sewers. And now Amy was there, stalking around their base. "Get out of there," he tried to say calmly, "Find the nearest exit and tell me what street you're at."

"Why? It's just a boy, Doctor," the redhead reasoned, "Even if it's not, I think I can handle one measly alien."

"Amelia Pond, you are currently in their hideout. We have no idea what they are, but I can assure you that there is more than just one. One alien couldn't control the climate like this. There has to be more." The Doctor winced when he was through, knowing that that probably wasn't the best way to tell Amy that she could possibly be surrounded by hostile aliens, but it wasn't the first time he had laid it out so bluntly, and the redhead preferred it that way anyways. She didn't like being treated like a child.

He could feel her moving, air rushing past her as she ran, the clang of metal as her boots climbed up a ladder to the surface. Then, he heard a yelp. "Amy?" the Doctor cried, "Amy! What's happening? What's happening!"

There was no answer.

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