The Girl Who Dreamed Of Stars

Tired of Lookin 'Round Rooms

He'd been working down there for hours, but at least the problem was diagnosed. Amy didn't pay attention to the long explanation the Doctor gave her with all the timey-wimey, spacey-wacey junk that just didn't make sense in her head. Oddly enough, Amy thought she was actually starting to comprehend what he was going on about these days. She really needed to hang out with more humans. She sat up on the swiveling chair, gazing down through the glass floor at the Doctor tinkering away. After the first six times of asking him when he was going to be done, Amy had been ordered into silence. Though she barely listened. She'd asked countless times afterwards.
"Um, Amy?" a timid voice called from the TARDIS' door after a quiet knock. Amy recognized the voice as Sophie, Craig's girlfriend. The woman was really nice, making the new guests right at home. They'd only been there a couple of hours, but Amy was really liking the Owens family, except for maybe Alfie. The Doctor's translations for the baby so far were sort of weird, all having to do with some crude comments towards the redhead and her legs.

"Oh, come right in!" Amy replied, standing up and smoothing her denim skirt. She watched the door open, Sophie's gray eyes widening as she took her first steps into the TARDIS. Even the Doctor was looking up to see her reaction. He always loved this bit.

"It's…" she gasped, trailing off. Sophie looked all around her, mouth dropping.

"Bigger on the inside?" the Doctor finished, swinging from the seat in the TARDIS belly, "Welcome to the TARDIS, Sophie! Something Craig hasn't even seen yet. Well, not counting whatever he saw in my mind."

"But... How?"

"Time Lord technology," Amy smiled, crossing her arms and making her way over to the blonde, "Don't try to understand it. He'll just give you a bunch of alien babble." The women laughed together, the Doctor giving her a confused glare, knowing she said something but was too busy to ask why.

Sophie laughed. "I- I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the shop with me. I have to get some things for dinner." The pair had crashed onto Earth sometime in the afternoon. Craig was on a lunch break, so he had to return to work about half an hour later, but Sophie had the day off. For the past few hours, she had been in the house doing dishes from her family's lunch and taking care of Alfie while the Doctor and Amy were in the TARDIS doing repairs. "Alfie finally went to sleep," she explained, "And I thought you might be getting bored."

Amy nodded, looking down at the man a level below her. He'd probably be down there for the next few hours. He hadn't even found the problem yet. She was starting to think he was going to try and take the whole machine apart. And Amy had just been thinking about getting more human friends. The only friends she ever had were Rory and Mels, one being her future husband and the other being her daughter, unbeknownst to her. Other than that, Amelia Pond had been a very lonely child. No one wanted to play with the crazy Scottish girl who went on and on about aliens and time machines. "Sure, yeah! Now that you mention it, I do sort of need to get some air."

"Great! You read to go?"

"Yup," Amy said, popping the 'p.' She looked down at the Doctor. "Oi, I'm leaving!" He didn't reply, too busy dealing with a wire that was currently shooting down sparks. She grinned, hearing his surprised yelps.

"Doctor?" Sophie seemed a little more concerned than Amy. "Are you alright down there?"

"Yeah, yeah," he shouted, quite embarrassed as he tried to fuse it back to its original spot, "Have fun, ladies."

"Alright. I'm leaving the monitor in here. If Alfie cries, just rock him a little. He should be fine," the mother instructed, laying the monitor down on the console and switching it to maximum volume, "Craig should be home in twenty minutes or so. You can handle it, right?"

Amy didn't wait for a response, pulling Sophie out of the large box she'd been confined to for the past few hours, her only companions being a tinkering Time Lord and complete boredom. Just as the doors shut, the Doctor realized the responsibility being placed on him. He raised his head, quickly removing his goggle to reveal widened eyes. "No!"

At the grocery store...

Amy leaned against the cart, walking with Sophie down by the milk as she chattered on and on about how she'd known she recognized her, but didn't know from where exactly. That was until a woman in front of the store came up and asked the redhead for an autograph. Sometimes, she forgot that she was so recognizable. She was used to foreign planets and times where the only reason she got attention was for her lack of two more arms or something of the likes. Amy had also taken a few pictures, but she really hoped it wouldn't hit the internet. Not that she was a big internet sensation, but there was the possibility that Rory could see it. Knowing that Amy hadn't gone to visit him would probably crush him. He wasn't the older Rory that had moved on with Helen just yet.

"It must be so great, your life," Sophie mused, bringing Amy out of her reverie, "I mean, you're a famous model here, but then you get to go off to distant planets and all that with the Doctor, too. Life must never get boring for you." Sophie was happy with her life. She really was. There was no note of jealousy in her wonderings, only intrigue and excitement. Amy was living the life people read about in books and watched in movies, with adventures and handsome men doting upon her. Though she was also happy with Craig, the blonde couldn't deny that the Doctor wasn't an attractive man. She could see why Amy was sticking around with him.

"No," Amy murmured, grabbing a carton of milk off the shelf that Sophie pointed at, "Never a single moment. I mean, it's not always adventures and aliens with us. Sometimes, there's breaks in the middle. Like this, I think. Though, knowing us, there's probably going to be an alien invasion tomorrow and we'll be the only ones who can stop it." Amy laughed. Her and the Doctor could never go anywhere without trouble finding them. Most of the time, though, it was more like they were trying to find the trouble.

Sophie looked a little worried for a second before Amy laughed, and she joined in. From the little experience she'd had with the Doctor, and all the tales that Craig told her, she knew that the Time Lord usually got himself into trouble. That was why Craig and her had been so afraid when he'd arrived. The only times he'd ever shown up, hostile aliens seemed to be the reason, or at least what followed after he dropped in. "You two seem good together," Sophie said, looking slyly at Amy from the corner of her eye. She'd picked up on tiny hints between the pair, but she wasn't sure if it was something like she'd had with Craig before the Doctor showed up, where they were oblivious to the other's feelings and dismissed it as nothing but friendship. This could serve to be a bit repayment for the Doctor finally getting Craig to spit out that he was in love with her all that time ago. "If you don't mind me saying," Sophie added.

"No, not at all." Amy was used to it by then. They were already together, but even before then, people had said stuff. Not just Rory, but there were also people like Isabella's father in Venice, who had thought that they were actually engaged, people like Vincent van Gogh, like her parents and Mels after the wedding.

"Are you two… Together?"

"I don't know," she replied. Amy was instantly reminded of how girl talk happened in the movies. She'd never had female friends other than her own daughter, and they mostly talked about the Doctor during their sleepovers, little Amelia going over every single detail again for Mels. She had never known why her friend was so fascinated, but now Amy knew. In regards to the question, Amy wasn't sure what they were. They were together, yes, but they'd still yet to come up with a name to call themselves. It hadn't really bothered the two seeing as it was just a label and they didn't need that kind of stuff for the life they led, but now that she was actually talking about it with someone that wasn't the Doctor, Amy found out she was caring. Why didn't he ever tell her about his other companions? Why had he let Craig inside his head and not her? There were still so many secrets being kept from her. Finally the little voice that had been asking it all along rose in volume. Why? "Sort of, I guess," she went on, "I mean, we're together, but he's still hiding things from me… I don't even know his real name. Is that a bad thing? It's weird, isn't it?"

Sophie tilted her head, considering the question. She hadn't known Amy for very long, but uncertainty was evident in her voice and Sophie knew that that must be rare for the woman to express. She seemed like one of the strong, independent types. "I think everything involving a man like the Doctor is a bit strange, Amy," Sophie answered honestly, "But I don't think you have anything to worry about. He really loves you. I can tell." It was funny saying that, seeing as she had been so oblivious to Craig's feelings that had matched her own. But wasn't how love always worked out? Everyone can see it but the two people falling madly in love with one another?

Amy felt heat rise up to her cheeks. She didn't really need reassurance about the Doctor loving her, not until now when the doubt was starting to sink in. The Dream Lord had asked Amy what his name was, mocking her for thinking she was the one girl in the universe that the Doctor told everything to. And if the Dream Lord was the Doctor, didn't that mean he thought she was foolish for believing that? "Thanks, Sophie," she murmured, taking a turn down the canned food aisle. Sophie began to grab things off the shelves. "What about you and Craig? You're not getting married or anything?"

"No," she sighed, letting the emotion she hid from her long-term boyfriend leak into her voice, "We talked about it before Alfie was born, and we just didn't really see a point in it. It's just a piece of paper, really."

Being with the Doctor after so long had helped Amy notice things. And after watching Sophie talk about their lack of a wedding, she knew it was a complete lie. She gave her a smile and stopped the cart as Sophie grabbed a can of some sort of vegetables, "You want to get married, don't you?"

"What? What makes you think that?"

"Every girl wants to get married to the man they're in love with," Amy replied, "It's what we all dream of as kids, yeah? You can say that you don't care about a wedding and how it's all just a bunch of legal papers, but you care. Deep down, that little girl in you cares."

Sophie grinned. She was completely right. This girl she'd known for a little over 5 hours was able to see what none of her friends or family saw. She acted like she didn't care about how she'd never get to look at Craig's face as she walked down the aisle in a long, white dress. She acted like she didn't care that there wasn't currently some glittering, golden band on her finger to symbolize that she was not alone in the world. But Sophie did care. As much as Amy did, though she doubted the Scot would admit it. "I guess you're right," she finally said, looking at her list and heading down the last aisle they needed to visit before heading out, "But I don't want to pressure him or anything. I don't want him to think I'm silly for wanting to do this just because, you know?"

"Craig seems like a nice guy," Amy said, "He just needs a bit of a push. It took the possibility of the whole solar system exploding for him to finally admit that he loved you, if I remember." She hadn't actually been there, but Amy distinctly remembered the confession and the romantic moment that followed. She was being jostled around in the TARDIS, so she didn't exactly get to enjoy the moment with them. Oddly enough, the redhead was really starting to like Sophie. She was kind, funny, and a great listener. Already the gears in Amy's head were starting to move. Yes. She would definitely be providing a bit of a "push" for Craig. It was the least she could do for the budding friendship she was finding herself in.

"Yeah," Sophie smiled, remembering, "Sometimes, I wonder how long it would have taken him to get around to it if it weren't for that."

"He probably would have made it last minute, right as you were deciding to leave," Amy sighed, finding similarity in her own situation, "That was how the Doctor did it, too. He was going to let me leave, but…" She stopped before going on, knowing that the story involved telling Sophie that Amy was already married to someone, someone who was missing her and waiting for her return that very day. Maybe she'd even have to explain the other obstacles in their relationship, like how the Doctor was going to live centuries after her, or how he was also married himself. To her daughter. She didn't want to hear the judgment she knew most people would react with. Even though Sophie didn't seem like the judging type, Amy held her tongue. She didn't want to ruin the girl time already.

"But what?"

"But his big head got in the way," Amy finished, smiling broadly.

The pair went to the checkout, Amy offering to pay for whatever she could. She always had a wallet on her, just for emergencies, but the Doctor always seemed to have a way of getting them currency or credit that she just never came to use it. Seeing as Amy was going to eat some of that, she felt obligated to help, but Sophie wouldn't let her, saying she was the guest and guests never had to pay for meals. Besides, all the bills had been paid. It wasn't like they were down to the last of their savings. After the groceries were bagged, Amy pushed the cart into the designated cart area, heading back to the Sophie's car just as the blonde was shutting the trunk on the paper bags. The rest of the ride was filled with mindless chatter, more about Alfie and how Sophie was going to have to find him daycare or something when she got her new schedule. Apparently, she was just getting promoted at her job, which meant more hours. She worried about not spending time with her son, fearing the alone time he'd get. Amy nodded, but didn't go into how well she understood the feeling. She spent a total of a few hours with her daughter, maybe a whole day if you counted every tiny visit over the amount of time it took for the Doctor and Rory to find her at Demon's Run the first time. And Melody Pond had grown up in probably the loneliest, saddest, most screwed up childhood imaginable.

Amy began to wonder if that was why she never made human friends. The Doctor always called her completely impossible, told her that she was so very different because of how she grew up with a crack in time pouring into her head every night she slept. Was it because she was hardly human, herself? While children wished to become veterinarians and teachers, Amelia wanted to be a time traveler. While other children drew pictures of flowers and their families, the young Scottish girl drew pictures of the same blue phone box, a man in raggedy attire holding out his hand to a girl that resembled the artist. Still, Amy was human. Different than most? Yes. But, nonetheless, it was her species and Earth was her original home. And she needed someone like Sophie, a normal human with a happily normal life filled with dreams and goals that didn't involve leaving the solar system. She needed something simple and easy to deal with. Instead of negotiating peace with aliens, she just needed someone to talk to her about their angry boss and his shiny, balding scalp. Was that why the Doctor made so many friends around the universe? Not just to keep away the loneliness, but also to remind him that not everything is about fighting aliens and getting banished from planets?

When they returned home, the women found a complete mess. They'd been gone for maybe an hour, but havoc had already spread throughout the house. Craig's car could be seen from the driveway, that was obvious, but smoke was rising from the trunk and skid marks could be seen on the concrete in the street that led to the vehicle. Inside the house, it was a complete mess. Papers littered the floor, stuffing from a pillow seemed to have been torn all over the living room. Sophie came in with her mouth shaped like an "o," Amy's eyebrows instantly raising. What had the Doctor done this time?

"Oh. Hello, Sophie! And Amy!" the Doctor shouted cheerfully, looking up from his job at mopping whatever had spilled in the kitchen. He looked at their expressions and then the rest of the house, his smile faltering. He gulped, nervously. "About the mess… Well, you see… Craig has a lovely explanation for all of it. Craig!"

"What?" the man yelled back, entering from the back yard, "Doctor, we don't have time! Sophie's going to be here any…" Craig trailed off when his blue eyes took in the image of his wife. "Oh… Hi, babe!"

"What the hell?" she exclaimed, motioning to the mess all around her, "What is going on, Craig?"

"Doctor?" Craig asked, looking for support.

"Doctor?" Amy echoed, putting her hands on her hips.

"Amy…" the Doctor rushed to explain, moving towards the redhead.

"Where is Alfie?" Sophie cried, worriedly, eyes darting to the stairs, "Craig!"

"Alfie's fine! Sophie, just let me explain!"

"Yes, Amy," the Doctor nodded, "Let Craig explain."

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