The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

All About Us

What up, folks?(: Okay, so I was listening to this amazing song while I wrote this chapter. It's called "All About Us" by He Is We, and I decided that that's the song that Amy and the Doctor dance to. So, if you want to complete the experience, go open another tab and play it while you're reading this. Capische? Capische! This is after the Doctor returns in "The Big Bang" ENJOY!

She remembered him. How could Amy Pond ever forget that her Raggedy Doctor was real? She remembered fish fingers and custard, star whales, Daleks, Weeping Angels, the kiss in her bedroom, Space Florida... Amy remembered it all. With her two boys both existing again, she felt both happy and confused. While Rory was gone, Amy was sure that she wanted to be with the Doctor forever. But with the Doctor gone, Amy actually was okay with living safe in a little cottage with the boy who had grown up loving her. She thought about the 14 years she had spent slowly falling in love with Rory, her brand new husband, the 14 years she had spent yearning for the Doctor's return.

"Tabetha was right about one thing" she heard the Doctor say. Amy turned in her chair to see him pulling an unfortunate Augustus Pond around on the dance floor.

"What would that be, Doctor?" her father asked.

"You're very stiff when dancing! Very awkward," he critiqued, "You have to keep it loose!" Amy laughed at the shade of red that rushed up to Augustus' cheeks, especially when considering that the Doctor was passing judgement when he thrashed about wildly and called it "dancing." Oh, how had she forgotten him?

Amy turned her attention back to the table, talking to Rory and her friends and family about how happy they were, where their new place was, how many kids they were planning to have, and all that. They all fired question after question about their future plans. Was she going to stay a kiss-o-gram forever? When was Rory going to be a doctor? Did she think their kids would come out with red hair?

There was another question that rose above the others, not because of the volume, but just because Amy could pick this voice out of a crowd of millions at a rock concert. "I believe it's the bride's turn," the Doctor said slyly, pulling up next to her with an outstretched hand, "Permission from the new husband?"

Rory looked a little doubtful for a second, but then he nodded. This was his wedding day. He was Mr. Pond. She didn't have to choose anymore, because she had honestly already chosen. Though Rory still felt slightly threatened. If the Doctor really wanted, he could have Amy in his arms in a heartbeat. He was dark and heroic. Rory was just some dorky nurse. Still, he was sure that there was nothing between them anymore. Or at least not on the Doctor's part. But that was due to the Doctor's excellent lying skills that only Amy seemed to see through. Except, of course, for this. "Remember," Rory warned, "I'm watching you."

"Will do, Mr. Pond," the Doctor nodded, amused. He'd faced things ten times worse than Rory could even imagine. Rory Williams might pack a heavy punch, but he was hardly something that would keep the Doctor up at night with fear. He grabbed Amy's hand and pulled her from the seat, dragging her onto the dance floor. "Come along, Pond. Let's cut a rug!"

"Cut a what?" Amy asked, rolling her eyes yet grinning at the same time.

"Never mind!" he sighed, feeling very old indeed.

A song started. Amy had started to listen to American music and this was one of the bands that she was actually starting to get into. She knew the song instantly, realizing it was a slow, romantically sweet song. It was "All About Us" by He Is We. Amy and the Doctor shuffled close together, feeling a little awkward remembering Rory was "watching them." The Doctor placed his hand on the small of her back, feeling the smooth fabric of her wedding dress and Amy's soft hand entwining with his other. Amy placed her other hand on his shoulder and they began to sway to the song in small movements that were more smooth than any of the Doctor's other dances that night.

"You look... Breathtaking," the Doctor murmured, not even thinking. He noticed the white glow of her skin and her dress and that veil. Her warm, brown eyes glistening pure joy. The Doctor tried to keep his jaw from just dropping.

Amy just smiled. She didn't want to ruin the moment with the sarcastic reply that was already forming. "You know, you're not doing bad," Amy commented. He'd only stepped on her feet twice, but neither one cared to notice it.

"I think it's because you're leading," the Doctor laughed. He did a poor attempt of twirling her out, making Amy giggle at the total awkwardness of the movement. When she re-joined him, the conversation got quiet and they just continued dancing, staring into each others eyes. Enjoying the song, enjoying this dance, enjoying this moment. "Amy," he said, softly, "Thank you. I knew I could count on you."

"You're being very nice," Amy narrowed her eyes, amused. The last time he had been so nice to her was when Rory had gotten wiped from existence. Did she have a twin sister that she was forgetting?

"Yes, well, you did just bring me back from the dead," the Doctor pointed out.

"True. How about a quick snog outside to repay the favor?" she suggested, that seductive glint back in her eyes. The Doctor had been gone for fourteen years, and Amy decided that they had a lot of flirty banter to catch up on.

"Amy, you're a married woman now," the Doctor sighed, using a patronizing tone.

"So, we'll have to be sneakier!" Amy teased, but was starting to notice something very strange. He wasn't nervous like he usually was. Normally, if she was talking like this, the Doctor would push away, put as much distance between them as possible. Yet, now she finding him pulling her closer, the perfect picture of comfortable.

"Amy Pond," the Doctor chuckled, "What am I going to do with you?"

"I can think of a few things," she grinned, raising an eyebrow. If he wasn't going to stop her... Then Amy wasn't going to stop. Well, sometime she would have to, but she knew it was ridiculous to think he would let it get any farther than this.

"And then you wonder why Rory gets so jealous!" The Doctor stared into Amy's, finding it so difficult to break away from. So blue, so bright... So filled with life. Only 21 years old and here she was. He'd been married once, filled with that same "young love" feeling where were no obstacles or problems. Everything was so simple back then.

"He gets jealous of every guy I talk to."

"You flirt with every guy you talk to," he countered, receiving a swift punch to his arm. "Ow!"

"You deserve that and you know it."

The Doctor smiled to himself before grabbing a hold of Amy's hand again. He tried watching his feet, not wanting to step on her for the thousandth time, but that was just making it harder. And she was much more interesting to look at than his feet. So, he looked up and tried to do a spin, which was more successful than the previous one. "I really did want to walk you down the aisle," the Doctor smiled.

"Yeah, well, Augustus did a hell of a job," Amy smiled, looking back over at her dad, who was watching the two dance. He was probably thanking God that his turn was up and sending his support to his daughter who was trapped on the dance floor with maybe the worst dancer in the entire universe.

"Yes, but I'd like to think I was the only male figure you really had growing up. You know, before your parents existed again."

"Ew. Please don't act all fatherly right now," Amy stuck her tongue out, "I tried seducing you last night, remember? The night before my wedding?"

"Oh... Right," the Doctor grimaced, "Well, when you put it like that, it sounds gross. You're actually not that bad of a kisser if I remember well."

"Not good enough," Amy pretended to pout, "You ran away."

"Because you were good!" he explained, "If you were bad, I wouldn't have needed to run away to stop." Crap, the Doctor thought, wanting to take the TARDIS and go back in time five seconds before to slap himself in the face. I can't believe I just said that. On her wedding day with her husband just a short distance away.

"Doctor," Amy looked at him, curiously, trying to piece what he had said together. Did she really hear what she thought she heard? And if she had, did it mean what she was thinking it meant? She smirked, "You can't resist me, can you?"

"Amy, behave," the Doctor warned, wishing there was some sort of other distraction. Rory should come over and cut in... Wait, no. Because he really didn't want to lose this moment. He didn't want the dance to end, because then Amy would go back with Rory and the Doctor would have to go back and find a new partner that he honestly didn't want to dance with and was only doing for show. The Doctor hated that she was married, that he had to ask permission now to dance with her and hug her, that she had settled down so fast, that she was growing up. They always grew up. And when they grew up, they had to make choices, grown up choices. The Doctor's companions always left for three reasons: they died, they would die, or they grew up. And Amy Pond was growing up. She was going to leave him all too soon.

"Answer the question!" Amy demanded.

"No," he replied, after several moments of silence.

"Wait..." Amy asked, slowly, "Do you mean 'No, I won't answer the question' or 'No, I can't resist your beautiful charm and wit'?"

He was amused by her confusion, but he knew just how serious her question was. She stared at him until, finally, he exhaled and said, "Amy, just let me dance horribly in peace."

She knew she wasn't going to get anything out of him. Not now. Maybe he was just humoring her anyways. Yet, there was a feeling she was trying hard to ignore that didn't want him to be kidding. "Fine. For now," Amy consented, resting her head on the Doctor's shoulder and feeling the gentle sway of their two bodies moving together in time with the music, losing themselves until the song was over and they stepped back, reluctantly. Rory took his rightful place next to Amy on the dance floor, next to his wife.

Another slow song faded in and the Doctor looked on at the couple dancing. "2,000 years," he said to himself, "The boy who waited. Good on ya, mate."

The perfectness of Rory's and Amy's moment looked much brighter than the one the Doctor shared with her in the Doctor's eyes. They belonged together and he was just going to get in the way like he had with Mickey and Rose. He just wished it wasn't so hard to ignore his feelings for Amy. The old man turned around and headed back out to his TARDIS, where he didn't have to see that the girl he was falling in love with was obviously happier with another man.

The night was chilly and there were a few people still outside, so the Doctor kept a little cheer in his step as he walked off to the TARDIS. Would they come back for him? Would they notice he was gone? Would they still want to travel with a batty, old man like him when they had a life of their own to start? The Doctor pushed these questions away, waiting for when he got inside and grabbed out his keys.

"Did you dance?" a voice asked, calling from the darkness, "Well, you always dance at weddings, don't you?"

The Doctor turned to see River. Ah, another girl who didn't make sense in his life. And this one was single. It'd be a little less bad if he couldn't resist her, seeing as River wasn't tied down to a fiance like Amy. And she was like Amy in so many ways. They were both headstrong, flirtatious, and had a strange power over the Doctor that he both was thrilled by and feared. "You tell me," he smiled. Why did weddings make people so desperate for love? Because he found himself wanting it, wanting it from anyone, just to distract it from the fact that the girl he wanted had just tied the knot with one of the most wonderful, deserving men the Doctor had ever met.

"Spoilers!" River gasped, a knowing smile on her lips. He couldn't have Amy. And he had a feeling that he had River sometime in the future. The Doctor was so tired of being alone. He was so tired of seeing his companions live and have closeness that he hadn't had in centuries. Why not cut to the chase?

"Are you married River?" the Doctor asked, a flirtatious look in his eye, slinking towards the mysterious blonde.

"Are you asking?"


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