The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Summer's Gone Away

Hey! I've been reading some other stories and I was like "Ugh. I miss mine. Imma go update it right now!" Hence this(: This is when Rory and Amy receive that mysterious blue envelope. It's kinda short, but I'm sure I'll post relatively soon. :P Enjoy, my beautiful readers!

"What's that?" Rory asked, peering at the blue envelope that Amy held.

Unlike her husband, she'd gotten it very easily. "An invitation," she murmured, "Look. TARDIS blue..." There was a time and place set. They were to go to Utah, some place in America on the Doctor's orders. Although Amy had just gotten done telling Rory that two months wasn't really that long, seeing that envelope made Amy realize just how tense she had been since he'd dropped them off back at Earth in late June, just a few days after their wedding. There was a tiny feeling in the pit of her stomach that he wasn't coming back for them. But she was wrong. Because he always came back, sooner or later.

"Get packing, Rory," Amy barked, heading to their bedroom to her closet. Over the summer, she had really developed a thing for plaid. Now that she was married, she felt the short skirts were something else that needed moving forward from. She took out her bags, tingling in anticipation to see her Doctor again.

"Does he just expect us to get up and leave this minute? Look! The plane ticket says we have to be there in an hour!" Rory whined, dragging off towards his own dressers and backpack.

"Of course," Amy smiled, "He's the Doctor."

When they were finally done, Amy phoned her mum and dad saying that they were going out of town and that the Doctor may or may not be involved. Augustus still had issues with the man after the wedding reception. Rory phoned his own parents, asking them to watch after the house. They grabbed everything they would possibly need, and were out at the airport with ten minutes to spare.

"I wonder why he didn't just take us in the TARDIS," Rory wondered aloud as they secured their seats. It would save a lot of time and money... Well, maybe not money. He wasn't sure how the Doctor paid for anything, except for that he could pay for everything.

"Hm. Good question," Amy sighed, "I'm just glad we're back on the road."

"I was actually starting to get used to the normal life."

Amy didn't want normal, despite her attempt to, despite what Mels had told her. She should try and keep Rory happy. After all, how long had he been doing the same thing for her? Dressing up as a strange man and forcing him to eat fish fingers and custard, just to live out her fantasy of the night... Rory hadn't even wanted to go on the TARDIS in the first place. But he knew Amy was going to be there for a long time. Alone with her beloved Raggedy Doctor.

She loved Rory, she really did. But what he wanted... Leadworth... Settling down... It was all so scary for her. Scarier, maybe, than even the Daleks, maybe even pretty close to the Weeping Angels. Amy ignored what Rory said, ignored those negative, unsure thoughts because they couldn't be answered. Instead, she put a cheery smile on her face, "I wonder what he's got in store for us this time!" And with that, the plane began to take off towards New York, where they would take another plane to Utah, where they'd take a bus to "Stop #5." The Doctor had something up his sleeve, Amy just wasn't sure what.

"'Tick-tock' goes the clockAnd what now shall we play?'Tick-tock' goest the clockNow summer's gone away."

"Rory, did you hear that?" Amy asked, finding the tune familiar, the children's voices familiar... She'd heard them before, when Mels was over.

"Hear what?"

"Nothing. Probably just a little nervous. Never flown in an airplane before," Amy laughed, dismissing the idea of the song. Maybe it was coming from her headphones or something. Or maybe there were kids on the plane and they were singing it. "Must say, it's a little rougher than the TARDIS."

"'Tick-tock' goes the clockAnd what now shall we play?'Tick-tock' goes the clockNow summer's gone away."

PS: I was reading a story and this girl did this. It's "Ratings out of Ten" by TwilightHayley (another Eleven/Amy romance and definitely a good read if you're looking) and she gave all the reviewers a sneak peek to her next chapter. So, if you review this chapter, I'll do the same(: Because I love reviews. They warm my heart! 3

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