The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Almost the Doctor

This is from the episode "The Almost People" when the Doctor has to deal with Amy picking favorites and being all mean to him because he's "not the Doctor."

Was it possible to be jealous of one's self? Because the Doctor felt himself starting to feel just that. All day, Amy had been acting very distant towards him. He watched as she joked and laughed and showered attention on his Ganger, thinking that he was the real Doctor. Was this how they always interacted with one another? Was this how it looked to Rory? The Doctor was starting to understand just how flirty they were and was completely understanding all Rory's jealous remarks. He wanted her to look at him like that, with the warmth and sparkle and kindness and love that Amy always looked at him with. Instead, they were cold and empty as she scanned across his face. He wasn't her Raggedy Doctor anymore.

"Doctor?" the Ganger said, clearing his throat and moving his chair over to the Doctor, who was seated on a red barrel, confined there from lack of trust. He'd lost everyone's trust. Worst yet, he'd lost Amy's trust.

"Yes, Doctor?" he replied, stonily. Amy was outside with Miranda, thinking that fresh air would help the woman's massive headache. Amy didn't know what was really wrong with her. The others were off on the other side of the room, conversing about getting out and holding their loved ones close and all that. The two Doctors had complete privacy where they were at.

"Switch me shoes," the Ganger commanded, starting to untie his own. The Doctor could see that this pained him. It was all in the Ganger's eyes. There was more than just the pain from the Flesh; he didn't want to switch with him.

"No," he shook his head, "I'm fine."

"You're lying," the Ganger accused, "We can all see that you're upset. And I understand. Amy is special. I... We love her. Believe me. I love her just as much as you. But her harsh words are for me, not you. You don't want this."

"Neither do you." That was the first time he'd ever said it aloud, had ever even fully thought it. I love Amy Pond. Though it wasn't the Doctor who said it, it was his voice that he heard, and he counted it. "I can handle it," he sighed, "They need to know, know that you are just as much the Doctor as I am. Every Ganger is just as rea-"

"Doctor!" Amy cried, bursting through the doors. Both men looked towards her, but it was the Ganger she smiled at, just passing over the Doctor with cold dislike. He had never seen that look in her eyes until tonight, and he hoped he'd never have to see it again. The Doctor looked away to hide the stinging in his eyes as the Ganger looked on sympathetically. "Do you think Rory's alright? I feel bad just sitting here."

"He'll be fine," the Ganger answered, "It's not him they want. They won't hurt our little Roranicus."

"Not while Jennifer's with him, anyways," the Doctor added.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Amy asked, her voice so icy.

"Oh, nothing. Just that he ran off to spend possibly his last moments with Jennifer, a girl he just met... Instead of his wife, the woman he's known since he was 7." The Doctor was growing angry, though he tried his hardest to fight it. It was the Flesh mostly, but there was still some personal feeling in there as well. He'd already freaked out on her, and didn't want to make it worse. Yet, the words kept coming.

"Doctor," the Ganger warned, giving him a look that told him to calm down. The Flesh had formed some sort of telepathic link with the Doctor, and the Ganger could feel a portion of what he was experiencing.

"I am really starting to not like you," she muttered, moving closer to the Ganger.

"Don't take any of this to heart." The Ganger put a comforting hand on Amy's arm, and the Doctor had an overwhelming urge to rip it off. "That's the Flesh's anger."

"He is the Flesh!" Amy argued.

"Technically, no" the Ganger corrected, "He's made of the Flesh, but every other part of him is the Doctor."

"Or 'almost the doctor,'" the Doctor growled, "Isn't that right, Pond?"

"I told you not to call me th-"

"Oh, I'll call you whatever I like!" the Doctor exploded, rolling his eyes in intense irritation. The anger was overwhelming and he couldn't control a single thing coming out of his mouth anymore. He'd never been so mad at Amy, not since that brief moment on England's starship. Even then... It didn't compare to the boiling rage he had right at that moment. Why didn't she love him? How could she possibly mistake his Ganger for the real thing? Why wouldn't she look at him and see?

"You can't be the Doctor," Amy hissed, "Not even almost the Doctor. And you know what? Rory loves me! And I love him! He'd never do that to me, nor I him!"

"Really?" he smiled, cockily, voice quiet, "What about Space Florida?"

Amy's jaw dropped, as did the Ganger's. That was something they never wanted to talk about, something they both did their best to ignore and forget. Even the Doctor regretted saying anything, but he wasn't in control. "I-I" Amy stammered, "I didn't even know that he existed! Besides, we didn't do anything."

"But we almost did," he continued, "And what about the the night in your bedroom? Before your wedding? You knew he existed then."

"I didn't do anything with you," Amy hissed, "Besides, the Doctor agrees with me. I was scared."

"Rule one: the Do-" the Doctor began.

"Shut up, both of you!" the Ganger interrupted. He knew the lack of control of the situation. He knew some things were about to come out of the Doctor's mouth that none of them were ready for. He had shared the same belief that two Doctors would really help things along, but they were both wrong. So very, very wrong. "Amy, go tell Miranda to come inside. We're not just going to sit here all night."

Amy walked off angrily to the doors as the Doctor exchanged looks with his Ganger. The Doctor gave one of gratitude, feeling his anger start to subside just as quickly as it had formed, but the Ganger just looked back with sad smile. As Amy walked out, she tried to get her thoughts in order. I love Rory, she thought, He's the only one. The Doctor is just a friend. Nothing romantic at all. I've moved past my childhood crush, just like Mels told me to. She repeated it over and over in her head until she absolutely, without a doubt, believed it again.

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