The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

You Found Me

When the Doctor first saw Amy, his knees almost buckled in relief and happiness. He'd found her. He'd found his brilliant Amelia Pond. And there she was with her baby... And kissing Rory. It was expected. They were married. They loved each other. Still, a part of the Doctor wished he could do just the same. Because that was exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to rush in and sweep her off her feet into a passionate kiss, but instead, he had to say something like, "Ew. Kissing and crying. I-I'll be back in a bit."

"Oi. You," Rory said, voice strong. Amy's absence had strengthened him, turning him into a hero worth Amy's love. "Get in here. Now."

The Doctor didn't need a second to consider it. He wanted to see their baby, see Amy and hold her close. He missed everything about her and here she was. The Doctor looked down at the little baby in Rory's arms. So beautiful. Just like it's mummy, the Doctor thought, then joked, Thank Heavens it didn't get Rory's nose.

"My daughter," Rory murmured, so happy to be a father. This was what he always wanted. Of course, he hadn't expected such circumstances, but having Amy and their child in his arms... That was what he wanted from the first time he laid eyes on her all those years ago. The Doctor pointed excitedly, looking back up at Amy and giving her a look of congratulations. "What do you think?"

"Hello!" The Doctor then realized he didn't know her name, "Hello... Uh... Baby."

"Oh, it's Melody," Amy said.

"Melody?" the Doctor smiled. It was a perfect name. "Hello, Melody Pond."

"Melody Williams," Rory corrected, wondering what was so wrong with the last name "Williams."

"That's the name of a geography teacher!" Amy argued, "Melody Pond is a superhero."

Oddly, the Doctor sniffed the newborn. She smelled familiar, something he had smelled quite often before, but was now mixed with the scent of baby. What was it? "Yes, well, I suppose she smells nice. Never really sniffed her. Maybe I should give it a go. Amelia Pond, come here!" he cried, embracing her. How long had it been since he'd really held her in his arms, not the Flesh avatar? He felt the softness of her skin, that pale skin that almost seemed to blend in with the walls of the room, stroking her hair, deeply inhaling the scent of that lavendar and sweet pea combination that he had missed so much, "Sorry we were so long!"

Amy's mind suddenly turned to mush at the Doctor's touch. It had been so long, too long. "It's okay," she nodded, parting from their embrace, yet still finding herself unable to speak properly, "I- I knew you guys were coming. Both of you. My boys."

Melody started to make some noises in Rory's arms, but the Doctor understood every word she said, "Great. Competition. Big Milk Thing is mine!"

"It's okay," he responded, "She's still all yours. And, really, you should call her 'mummy.' Not 'Big Milk Thing.'"

Amy and Rory exchanged confused looks. "Okay. What are you doing?" she asked.

"I speak Baby," he replied, as simply as if he'd said he had oatmeal for breakfast.

"No... You don't." Amy missed her crazy Doctor.

"I speak everything," the Doctor reminded her, turning back to Melody, "Don't I, Melody Pond?"

"How unfortunate that the only one to understand me wears that strange thing around his neck," Melody sighed, coming out as complete babble to her parents, "It's utterly ridiculous."

"No it's not!" the Doctor said, adjusting his bow-tie, "It's cool."

Amy laughed. She loved Melody, and seeing her with the Doctor and Rory... She knew that her daughter would be the safest little girl in the universe. Little did she know how wrong that was.

"'Tick-tock' goes the clock

He cradled and he rocked her.

'Tick-tock' goes the clock

'Til River kills the Doctor."

The voices. They were still there with Amy. This time, it only repeated itself one more time, so Amy wasn't exactly sure what it had said. Was that River's name in the song? What did it mean? She quickly dismissed it, though, because Melody had started crying, the Doctor saying she was hungry.


Amy wanted an answer about those voices. She had a slight assumption that maybe they were like her seeing the creepy woman in the walls, and once she left this place behind, the voices would stop. They started when she was kidnapped, or around that time at least. Still, she wasn't sure. "Uh, but this is where I was?" Amy asked the Doctor, who was already turning away. Yet, as she spoke, he turned back around to face her, "The whole time I was on the TARDIS... I was really here?"

The Doctor looked at her carefully. He was so sorry for letting her be here for so long. It must have been horrible and confusing for her. "Uh, Centurion?" the Doctor looked at Rory, hesitantly, "Permission to hug?"

Rory shrugged, "But remember- I have a sword."

Amy laughed as the Doctor saluted him and replied, "At all times." He closed in the space between them, taking Amy back into his arms, rubbing her back comfortingly. "You were on the TARDIS, too. Your heart and mind... Your soul. But, physically, yes. You were still in this place."

"And when I saw that evil face looking through the hatch?" she continued, "That woman looking at me?"

"Reality bleeding through," the Doctor explained, "It must have taken you quite awhile back. Right before America." He continued moving his hands up and down her back, feeling the gentle hair tickle his skin. Amy's own arms tightened around his neck.

"That's probably enough hugging now," Rory interrupted, popping his head near the two, watching satisfied as the two seperated. "So, her Flesh avatar was with us that whole time?" he clarified, "But that means they were projecting a control signal right over the TARDIS... Wherever we were in time and space."

"Yeah. They're clever," the Doctor said.

"Who are?" Amy asked.

"Whoever wants our baby," Rory answered, knowing the Doctor didn't have a clue either.

"Who wants her?"

"Exactly," the Doctor replied.

"Is there anything you're not telling us?" Rory saw his answer as the Doctor smiled, though it wasn't such a wicked grin. It looked a little sad. "You knew Amy wasn't real and you never said."

"Well, I couldn't be sure they were listening," the Doctor explained.

"But you always hold out on us," Amy whined, "Please. Not this time. Doctor, it's our baby. Tell us something. Just one little thing."

The Doctor eyed them carefully for a second. He thought he had an idea on why they had the baby, why they wanted it so badly, and he didn't have the heart to tell them. Their innocent Melody Pond might just be a weapon of war. "It's mine."

Amy and Rory looked shocked and confused for a second, getting the wrong idea. She hadn't done anything, had she? She was so used to having things she forgot about... But... No. They didn't, did they? Rory's eyes almost popped out of his sockets. He didn't believe that Amy and the Doctor... No. They would never do that to him. "What?" Rory asked, so worried that he'd get the answer he was dreading.

"The cot," the Doctor replied, pointing towards the old, wooden crib,"It's my cot. I slept in that."

Amy and Rory let out a breath of relief. Amy was content, then. She had her baby and her boys and they were finally all together again. The voices were explained. Once they left Demon's Run, all that "bleeding reality" stuff would fade away. Surely, that's what the voices were right? Surely, that's why she was hearing things, right? Surely, it would all stop... Right?

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