The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Forgetting Amelia Pond

This is after "A Good Man Goes To War." ENJOY!

Melody Pond... Melody Pond was River Song, the River Song. Oh, it all made sense to the Doctor. All the pieces were starting to form together and he was loving it. He finally knew who the mysterious River Song was. The baby, Melody, the smell he couldn't quite place. It was hers. She smelled of vanilla and strawberries, just like River. How had he forgotten? Plus, River and Amy shared so many qualities: flirtatious, determined, clever, feisty. Both fascinating girls that had never quite made sense to the Doctor.

Still, River was different. She was more guarded than Amy, had more secrets. With Amy, the Doctor knew Amy told him anything and everything on her mind. It made it quite easier to return the favor. As for River, though... They were always playing "catch-up," and afraid of the spoilers. He still had feelings for Amy Pond, but he couldn't have her. He'd decided at the wedding that that was something that couldn't change- wouldn't change. He'd decided that embracing his future with River was the best thing to do. Now that he knew true identity, he was actually starting to warm up to the idea. Having River Song was the closest thing the Doctor would ever get to actually having Amy, and that was good enough for him. Besides, he'd always loved a bad girl.

He just needed to set those feelings for his redhead aside. He needed to forget that smile, that look of total admiration and trust she always looked at him with, that sweet dance at her wedding, that kiss in her bedroom, that almost-kiss... He needed to forget it all. Out with the old, and in with the new...

How many other memories had he suppressed over the years? Countless. But for some reason, these were much, much harder. Every time they hugged or held hands, every time his lips brushed the smooth skin on her forehead... Every touch sent shivers down his body and gave the Doctor a moment of sheer joy and excitement and wooziness. But he'd have to forget that. Maybe the necessary time apart would help. Of course, the last time the Doctor left, Amy had been kidnapped and replaced with a Flesh avatar that they wouldn't know about until 9 months later... I should keep an eye on Leadworth, the Doctor suddenly thought. He'd have to pick up a paper later.

"Oh, River Song," the Doctor chuckled to himself, "Such a bad girl. You always have something new up your sleeve." Now, he just had to find her.

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