The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Little Green Monster

This one takes place after "Let's Kill Hitler."

Mels, her best friend, was Amy's daughter, her own daughter. She was the mother of River Song! And her life's mission was to kill the Doctor, Amy's other best friend. Didn't River once hint at being the future Mrs. Doctor someday, though? Just that day, the Doctor had proposed. No... It just didn't make sense at all to Amy. She was going back through all the the memories she'd had with the only girl she'd ever truly gotten along with. All those secrets, all the those bailouts, all those sleep-overs. That was Mels. That was Melody. That was River Song.

As for the Doctor, he too was flashing back through his memories, though they were for a different reason entirely. He recognized the date and location on the the monitor screen, the day the Doctor would finally fall. It was the same date and location as the one printed on the mysterious, blue envelope sent by an unknown party, the envelope that started it all. Who had sent it? He was the only one that didn't know and still had no idea why it had to be kept from him.

"So, I have a question that's rather important, if you ask me," Rory announced, breaking the silence that had been inside the TARDIS for the last few hours, "How are we going to tell Mels' parents? Not us... The ones that raised her."

Amy shrugged, sitting up in her chair in the console room. "We'll figure it out. Not like we're going back for awhile."

"We're not?"

The question shocked all three of them. The Doctor stopped looking at the screen and peeked over from the other side of the console, trying to eavesdrop. Amy had frozen in place, staring blankly at Rory, which is what had Mr. Pond more confused than ever. It suddenly donned on Amy that what Mels had said was right. Rory wouldn't want to stay in the TARDIS forever. Sooner or later, he was going to want to go back to Leadworth, to return to that life on Earth before the Doctor.

"Do- Do you..." Amy stammered nervously, but she tried to be cool about it, "I mean, uh... Do you want to?"

"Don't you?" Rory asked, "Amy, we were starting to settle down there. I know we were worried about Melody, but it turns out she was safe with us all along. Isn't that why we're here now? She's safe. We can go home."

No. Not yet, the Doctor mentally begged Rory and Amy, hoping that one of them would somehow hear his thoughts, Please don't leave me alone. At that moment, he was honestly starting to hate Rory. He was taking away Amy, his best friend, the girl he loved, his fiery ginger. Should he stop this? Interfere before Amy said the one word that would send the Doctor's world tumbling down? But... He had promised himself that he wouldn't let them be another Mickey and Rose. Still... He couldn't let them leave.
"Rory, I-" she began to say.

"Who wants to see the moon in 2300?" the Doctor cut Amy off with a fake smile and excited tone. "Really quite lovely what you lot have done to the place."

Amy glanced back up at Rory, jutting her lower lip out and giving him her best puppy dog look. Rory just rolled his eyes and nodded, crushed under the will of his wife.

"Fine," he sighed," I guess we're back on the road."

"That's the spirit, Roranicus!" the Doctor cried, cheerfully. He ran over to the controls, pulling the necessary levers to take them to their next destination. "Ah! What a wonderful day! Met Hitler, had the TARDIS get shot at, got poisoned, died, came back to life, saw someone regenerate other than me... Should've expected it. My first date with River Song. Now, that's one to tell the grandchildren."

Amy knew the Doctor was only kidding, but still she averted her gaze down to her boots, feeling something she hadn't felt in awhile: jealousy. She didn't mean to, but it was all so very odd that River was Mels and Mels was Melody, that her own daughter would be with the Doctor. Amy had kissed him, had tried seducing him several times, and was having some questionable feelings for him at that very moment.

She honestly loved Rory, but she always found that she also had feelings for the Doctor as well, and a lot of the times, she wanted to pick the Doctor. Amy had started getting good at hiding it, at simply dismissing them, but River had woken up a little green monster in that Scottish woman. The Doctor was falling in love with River and Amy just stood back and watched.

Why didn't he want Amy? What was the difference? When she had kissed him, the Doctor said that they couldn't do it because she was human. But so was River. She had lost her regeneration powers for the Doctor, becoming fully human just like her parents. Yet, it was okay for him to fall in love with her?

"'Tick-tock; goes the clock..." Amy heard a child whisper, followed by the laughter of a group of children. It was the child from the song, the song that went through her head over and over again.

The suddenness made Amy jump. "No," she shook her head, muttering to herself, "This shouldn't be happening anymore. She can't be here... She can't."

"Amy," the Doctor called, hopping down towards her, hands in his pockets, "Muttering to ones self and making themselves look crazy is my job. What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she lied.

"No, it must be something," the Doctor persisted, "You can tell me, Amy. What's wrong? Trust me."

"I said it's nothing!" Amy raised her voice sharply. Her outburst took the Doctor aback and he only stared at her with confusion and fear. Fear. Amy was a little scared of herself, too. She didn't know what had came over her, but she knew the voices were still there. She was starting to go crazy. "Sorry," she apologized, her voice dropping to a low murmur, "Please. Can we do the moon thing later? I'm feeling a headache coming on."

Amy headed into the room with the Doctor and Rory looking curiously after her. They knew something was wrong, and she knew they knew, but she didn't care. She just wanted it to go away. And still, the song played on.

"'Tick-tock' goes the clock..."

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