The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Mixed Signals

So, this takes place after "Vampires In Venice." I decided that the whole "I've seen your dreams, Amy. Blah Blah Blah" deserved a little back story or something. I mean, the Dream Lord is the Doctor... So wouldn't the Doctor have seen it? Anyways, Sorry! Enjoy!

The Doctor honestly couldn't tell if his plan to get Amy back with Rory was working or not. And he couldn't decide which one he'd be happier with. Amy was giving mixed signals, mixed signals that befuddled the Doctor even more than his own complicating feelings and thoughts. It was all too much to handle, yet he found it humorous that such a trivial matter as a crush could be this devastating to the "Oncoming Storm."

At first, the Doctor didn't think she was interested in Beak- Rory at all anymore, that her travels had ultimately changed her outlook on a normal life. She'd insisted that the Doctor play her fiancé when they were sneaking her into the Calvierris' school, saying that being a brother and sister was too awkward… Yet, not awkward enough for Rory and her. The Doctor had done his best to stifle any laughter, reducing it to a short, quiet chuckle.

"What does she see in him?" the Doctor pondered aloud. The other two were fast asleep, leaving the Doctor to his own thoughts. He couldn't tell if that was good or bad. "He's clumsy, a little boring if you ask me… Amy needs someone as vibrant and colorful as her, someone with a taste for adventure. All his plans for her were to be a nurse's wife, to settle down and live in a quiet town, slowly rotting into old age. She's too good for that…"

"Jealous, Doctor?" a voice asked from his head. It was a male voice, mischievous and evil, like some deceitful creature you'd find in an enchanted forest.

"What?" he asked, still out loud, "Who are you?"

"Nobody that matters," the voice replied, "Answer the question, Doctor. Are you jealous of Rory Williams?"

"Of course not!" he protested.

"Really? Because that's not what I hear," the voice teased, "I hear the jealousy in your voice. What I don't understand is why you don't just take her."

"She's not mine to take. She has Rory."

"Oh, poor Doctor. What a martyr we have here... Always having to give up his happiness for others, never having a moment to himself to think selfishly. Always alone…"

"Leave me alone," he muttered, wishing whatever had brought this voice to go away. The voice was dripping with sarcasm and the Doctor just couldn't handle any negativity. Not while he was feeling so low. That was how the Doctor worked, you see. He couldn't sit there and chill, because eventually everything would catch up to him: the lives he couldn't save, the deaths he had caused, the hearts he had broken, the lives he had irreparably damaged.

"You can still have her," the voice whispered. The words sounded so, so sweet to the Doctor. But he knew that this voice was not there for him. Just like a deceitful creature in the haunted woods, this voice was only leading him to trouble.

"She made her choice," the Doctor said, telling himself as well, "Amy invited Rory to come along. She wants to be with him."

"You may be simple enough to believe that, but don't you dare try to convince me with your silly lies," the voice cackled, "I know what you think. I know what you feel. I know what you really believe, even if you're too dumb to let it click together."

"Go away."

"Want real assurance?" the voice asked, devilishly, "Take a look at her dreams, Doctor. You'll find they share some similarities with yours. She may be a nurse's fiancée by day… But our Amelia Pond is a doctor's lover by night."

The Doctor gritted his teeth, "Shut. Up. I don't want to hear this anymore."

"Fine," the voice sighed, "But don't think I can't feel you burning with curiosity, Doctor. I know you better than yourself."

And with that, silence fell within the mind of the Doctor, leaving behind an old man with his thoughts and curiosity burning through his veins, an old man who had once visited the Candle Meadows on the planet of Karass Don Slava, an old man with psychic pollen hidden in one of the cabinets in one of the many rooms in the TARDIS, an old man who knew that if you just inserted the psychic pollen into one of the TARDIS' scanners, then it'd create a dream-like state for whoever inhaled the spores that could be displayed for someone to see on one of the monitors, like a movie, an old man who knew exactly what room it was and exactly how easy it would be to get it into Amy's room.

PS Sorry about it all being dialogue, but I think it's needed. :P

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