The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

The Girl Who's Always Waiting

This takes place after "The Girl Who Waited."

It tore his hearts up to hear Amy's cries, her fists banging on the TARDIS door, remembering her venomous eyes and hate-filled words. The Doctor had to keep telling himself that she wasn't real, that she wasn't supposed to exist. He didn't want that Amy. What had been such a horribly difficult decision for Rory was an easy pick for the Time Lord. He knew exactly which one he wanted saved. Even if Rory had picked the older Amy, he would have somehow gotten her off of his time machine. He would have found some way to save the one he wanted.

"Doctor?" Amy called, walking through the doorway of the library/pool. She scanned the room to see him sitting on the edge of the pool, his trousers rolled up and feet dipped into the water, legs swishing back and forth in the water. "Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you!"

"Sorry," he said, quietly, seeing Amy take off her boots and roll up the legs of her pants and sit down next to him. The contrast of the bright blue of the chlorinated water and the milky white of her skin brought the Doctor back to Space Florida. But he couldn't find the courage to look at Amy in the eyes, afraid of seeing the anger and sadness and betrayal in them.

"Rory told me what happened. He's still pretty upset about it."

"Are you?" the Doctor asked, carefully.

"No. Not really " Amy replied, casually. He looked up, surprised to see that she was actually smiling. She laughed at his hesitant, fearful expression and nudged him gently, "I'm not mad. The whole thing was sort of awkward if you ask me. Sharing Rory... Now, I know how he must feel ab- I mean... Felt... About you and I... Back then." Yeah, because Rory wasn't jealous anymore. He had no reason to be. Amy and the Doctor were just friends...

The Doctor didn't seem to take notice of her awkward mistake, though. He was too busy feeling relieved that Amy wasn't drowning him in the pool at that very moment. "I'm sure Rory will get over it soon enough," he sighed, "He'll see he made the right choice."

"He didn't make the choice. She did," Amy pointed out, her lip in a pout while she thought, "Do you think he would've picked her?"

"Amy, what matters is that you're safe again. It was a hard choice."

"Not for you," she said, quickly. The Doctor looked away, distracting himself by moving his legs to form circles in opposite direction in the pool. "I don't mean it badly," Amy continued, studying the ripples in the water he was making, "But Rory's heartbroken. You just seem to be hiding from me in case I'm angry. You're not... Upset. About the decision you and her made."

"I sometimes forget how observant you are," the Doctor mumbled, finding Amy's talent both a blessing and a curse, "One of the reasons I took you with me."

"I thought it had to do with my house."

"One of the reasons, Pond," he repeated. It was so much more than just her house. So, so, so much more.

"So, you chose me," Amy stated, "Why?"

The Doctor had been wondering that himself. His immediate answer was that he loved this Amy more. This Amy was young and hopeful and still believed in her Raggedy Doctor. But that sounded a bit selfish of him. As he looked up into those dark green eyes, though, the answer, the most truthful answer, was already escaping his lips. "She wasn't my Pond. My best friend died a long time ago in the Older Amy. The Amelia Pond I knew would have been killed by time and loneliness and pain. She would have died waiting for me."

"They don't call me the 'girl who waited' for nothing," Amy joked, but the Doctor remained serious.

"You must be so tired of waiting for me," he murmured, "Every time I've left you to count the days until my return... You know it's hard on me too, don't you?" The Doctor shifted his body to face Amy's, her breath quickening as both his hands clasped hers. "If you don't, then you're not as brilliant as I give you credit for."

The redhead didn't have a response. She just pulled her madman in a tweed jacket into a hug, neither one letting go, the Doctor kissing her on her forehead and then nuzzling into her neck. And as they sat by the pool. Amy felt old emotions stir, ones she thought had been long gone. The doubts she'd been having were starting to cement, were starting to get all too real. She realized she would never stop waiting. She was destined to be "The Girl Who Waited," the girl who would always be waiting for the Doctor to love her. How had she been so stupid? The talk with Mels had Amy feeling like she was moving on from the Doctor. But she never had, had she? It took her hypothetical death to see it.

"I think he would have chosen her," Amy blurted, "He would be so much happier with that version of me." The Doctor pulled back from the embrace, giving the redhead a confused look, so she further explained, "She would've settled down with Rory, gone home to Leadworth. She was done with life on the TARDIS, just like he's getting. But... I'm not. I don't think I ever will be."

"You're just scared," he replied, wiping a tear from her face that she didn't even know was there. Amy's words sounded as sweet as honey to the Doctor, but a voice in the back of his mind reminded him that they all said that. They all said they wanted to stay with him forever, that the life of the TARDIS was the only one for them. But they never did. They always left. And one day, Amy would do the same.

"Maybe," Amy whispered, looking away, "Maybe." She would always wait for him. Because he was her Raggedy Doctor. Because she was still in love with him. She didn't belong in Leadworth with Rory, but those were just the cards she was dealt. The Doctor loved River and Amy knew her time on the TARDIS would come to an end. Soon. And there was nothing she could do about it. So, Amy sat at the pool for a few moments longer, the two both silent as they inhaled the chlorine smell and felt the cool water move around their legs. But Amy could feel the tears coming, springing from her eyes and she knew she wouldn't have the ability to hold them back for much longer.

"Doctor, I, um," Amy said, starting to remove her feet from the water and doing her best not to let the sadness of her current thoughts leak into her voice, "I should go get started on dinner."

The Doctor nodded, wishing he could say so many things. He wished he could tell her that he wanted nothing more than to keep Amy on the TARDIS forever with him, that he'd make that same choice for her a million times more if he had to. But he let her go without saying a single word.

"'Tick-tock' goes the clock,He cradled and he rocked her.'
Tick-tock' goes the clock,Even for the Doctor

The song filled Amy's mind once more as she entered the hallway and she had to grit her teeth to stop from yelling out in frustration. But these words caught her off guard. Even for the Doctor? she thought to herself, realizing just what it meant. No... She couldn't let him die. He had put his life in her hands, had given her the one thing he had always received yet never given. He trusted her to be there to save him. "Shut up, whatever you are," Amy muttered to the child's voice, "Time can be re-written. I will save him this time. The Doctor's not dying. Not on my watch."

PS: The Christmas Special won't be in here. I tried to write it in... And by the time it aired... My plan was already too formulated and it just didn't work. :P But I am writing a one-shot for that. So, if you want to see my take on that episode you can just look at that one whenever I have the chance to publish it :B REVIEW please!

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