The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

The Doctor Lies

It had been a two whole months since the Doctor left. Two months full of sadness and emptiness. Two months of hopeless waiting. Rory Williams watched day after day as his wife stared up out the window in their bedroom and into the sky, knowing where her thoughts were. He woke up each morning to find her already awake at the window, sipping her green tea quietly. He left the house after a lonely, quiet breakfast, saying goodbye but never getting a reply. He came home each night after a long day at the hospital to find her in the same spot, like she hadn't moved an inch. He ate another lonely meal, then headed upstairs to the bedroom where she still sat. He went to bed alone, watching his wife and silently begging her to climb in next to him. But she never did. Amelia Pond was still waiting for her Raggedy Doctor.

Still, Rory knew she took care of herself. Plates that weren't his dried in the racks. They were always the same foods though: fish fingers and custard. She never ate them together like the Doctor could, but it was either one or the other. Amy still showered every once in awhile and on his days off, Rory could hear her from outside the door singing a song, their song. The one her and the Doctor danced to at the wedding. Amy took care of herself for only one reason, though. She wanted to be ready when the TARDIS materialized on the street. Two suitcases permanently stood by the front door, filled with her belongings. And Rory stood by, day after day, hoping that Amy would soon get over it and realize that the Doctor wasn't coming back. Rory was patient. He was the boy who waited two thousand years, yet these months seemed twice as long.

On Day 65, Amy came downstairs, standing on the bottom step. Rory was sitting on the couch, watching the news on the telly. It was a Saturday and he had weekends off. He didn't even notice her. "Rory," Amy said, clearing her voice. The sound of it seemed so foreign. She hadn't spoken in what seemed like years.

Rory looked up towards her, shocked for a second, but then his face lit up with happiness. It was so contagious that even Amy found one slowly spreading across her face. When was the last time she smiled? Truly smiled? "Hey," he breathed, scrambling over the couch and heading towards the stairs.

"Hey. We were out of custard."

"Oh, do you want me to go get some?" Rory asked, a little disappointed. He had hoped for something a little more.

"No. I went and got it," she explained, "You weren't home. It was last week."

"Oh... Okay."

"Yeah." Amy had something to tell him. It was big and exciting and definitely a step in the right direction. "I met a woman at the mall giving out free samples of some lipstick. She told me I was beautiful and that I should be a model."

"Oh, well that was nice of her," Rory smiled, "She's right, you know."

"Thanks." Amy let out a shaky laugh. "But that's not the end of it. She took a picture of me and showed some of her bosses at work. And... She got me a job! As a model!"

"What? Amy! That's great!" Rory cried, excitedly, lifting his wife off her feet into a tight hug, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam or anything," Amy laughed. When was the last time she laughed? "I met the company yesterday. They want me to do an ad for a new eyeshadow they're doing! The boss really liked me! He even asked if I could help with a new line of perfume they're doing."

"'He'?" Rory asked, suspiciously. He remembered how she cheated on her driving test: the short skirt. Still, he didn't want to burst Amy's bubble of happiness. She hadn't been happy in a long while.

"Yeah. His name is Cal," Amy went on, her arms wrapped around Rory's neck, "I already picked out a slogan, too."

"What is it?"

Amy lifted her head from his shoulder and stared into Rory's eyes. She'd always loved him, but now there weren't any distractions or complications. There was no Doctor to muddle her thoughts. Amy sat by her window for sixty-four days, waiting for him before she finally realized that maybe he wasn't coming back. That it was time to move on. Amy Williams... It's time to stop waiting. She wanted Rory to know that she realized it was time to move past it. Amy couldn't have that life in the TARDIS and Rory was a good man, one of the best men she had ever known. He'd do anything for her. Why not him?

"For the girl who's tired of waiting," Amy finally murmured, pressing her lips onto Rory's and having the first kiss they'd had in weeks. As Rory carried Amy up the stairs, her legs wrapped around his waist as they made their way to the bedroom, Amy couldn't help but wonder where that madman was, what he was doing. Did he miss her? Or had he already moved on with another pretty companion?

"I love you, Amy," Rory whispered, clambering onto the bed with his wife still in his arms.

"I love you too, Rory." Forget him, Amy thought, irritated with herself and the Doctor, We're done waiting. He's not coming back. This is my home. This was who she belonged with. Still a little voice in her mind replied, But he always comes back. Amy pushed away that tiny voice as Rory's lips moved across hers, long fingers fumbling with the buttons on her shirt. Rule one, Amy reminded herself, sadly, The Doctor lies.

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