The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense


"I need to talk to the Doctor," Amy said, wishfully, glass of wine in hand as she glanced into the night sky. Somewhere out there, the last of the Time Lords was crashing into a little Scottish girl's garden, promising her all of time and space in just a matter of five minutes.

"If you could talk to him, would it make a difference?" River asked. Amy knew without a doubt it would. The Doctor would know exactly what to say to make her feel better, come up with some rational-sounding point that proved Amy Pond was no cold-blooded killer, despite her moment in the alternate timeline with Kovarian. And then he'd come up with some joke that would make Amy laugh and feel ten pounds lighter and forget the whole thing. She needed her best friend.

"He's dead now,"she answered, sullenly, trying to push back all the "what if" scenarios running through her mind, "So, I can't."

"Oh, Mother!" River tisked, meaning Amy was missing something. But what? "Of course he isn't!"

"Not for you, I suppose," Amy sighed, trying to keep the jealousy from leaking into her voice, "You're seeing all the younger versions of him... Running around and having adventures." The life Amy always wanted.

"Yeah, I am," River shrugged, but the happiness in her voice was apparent, "But that's not what I mean."

"Then what do you mean?"

River took a second, tilting her head to contemplate how much she should reveal. She hated seeing her mother so sad and upset, knowing the Doctor knew just what to do as well. Ever since she was a little girl, River/Melody had been a Mummy's Girl. And nothing had changed over the years. "Okay," the blonde began, sipping her wine, "I'm going to tell you what I probably shouldn't: the Doctor's last secret. Don't you want to know what he whispered in my ear?"

Of course Amy did. When she was in Berlin and on top of that tower. Curiouosity coursed through the redhead at the memory of it and this conversation had just gotten three times as interesting. "He whispered his name," Amy answered, remembering his reaction afterwards. The secret she would never be entrusted with.

"Not his name, no."

"Yeah, it was," she argued, "He said it was."

"Rule One..." River started.

"The Doctor lies," Amy finished, eyes widening. If it wasn't his name, then what was the Doctor's last secret?

"So do I," her daughter said, "All the time. Have to. 'Spoilers!' Pretending I don't know you're my mother... Pretending I didn't recognize the space suit in Florida..."

"What did he whisper in your ear?" Amy persisted, feeling more interested in that than River's life of lies that she had already known about.

"Oh, that man," River answered with adoration, "He's always one step ahead of everyone else. Always has a plan..."

"What did he tell you?" Amy asked again, louder, already anticipating the words she hoped to hear, despite her best efforts not to get too excited. It might be as pointless as his favorite bedtime story!


Oh, it was much better than his favorite bedtime story! The Doctor was alive! At first, Amy and Rory couldn't believe it, but River had reassured them that their old friend was indeed, alive and well. When River left, the two Ponds made a plan. If/when the Doctor came back to see them, they'd keep up the act, pretending like they didn't know. And they were NOT giving the Doctor any happy hugs. Not immediately anyways.

But then, it was time to go to sleep. Rory had to work at the hospital the next day and was getting up pretty early. He went right to sleep at 11 pm, leaving Amy wide awake in bed at 2 in the morning. It wasn't excitement over the whole "alive" thing with the Doctor, though. In fact, that would have made her rest a little easier.

No, it was the painful throbbing in Amy's head. It felt like pressure was building behind her skull and something was trying to get out. Amy sat in bed, teeth grinding, and fists gripping the blanket as if to rip it in two. She held back screams that would surely wake her husband and prayed for sleep to find her, each moment growing more unbearable.

"Doctor, brave and good,
He turned away from violence

When he understood

The falling of the Silence."

"No!" Amy whimpered, her body starting writhe in intense pain as she found recognition in the haunting tune. This wasn't over. This was FAR from over. "The voices are back... They're back!" she cried, frantically, "Rory!"

"What?" he mumbled, opening his heavy lids.

"Rory!" Amy yelled, louder, the pain getting stronger. This felt worse than dying, ten times worse. "Rory, hel-!"

Rory popped his eyes open as he realized Amy wasn't just having another nightmare. She was screaming. He flipped over to face Amy's side of the bed, his heart stopping as Rory looked upon the remains of his wife, feeling the warm liquid seep in through his pajamas, in absolute horror.

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