The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

I Never Escaped

"'Tick tock' goes the clock,

And all the years they fly.

'Tick tock' and all too soon,

You and I must die."

Amy stirred. Ugh. That stupid song! She tried sitting up, but was instantly blinded by a dizzying headrush. She was in a bed, a soft bed, but Amy couldn't open her eyes. "Ow."

"You're awake!" Amy jumped, eyes popping back open in surprise, squinting at the bright white walls. She knew that voice. It was one of the children from the song that had haunted her for months.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked, voice cracked and dry, as she looked at the little girl beside her. She was wearing a white sundress that blended in with the walls and gave Amy a toothy smile. "Am I dead? Oh my God. I'm dead, aren't I?"

"No, you're not dead, silly!" the girl chuckled, "They said you would be confused when you woke up." There was something familiar about her. She had strawberry blonde hair with dark green eyes and a clever smile, but Amy could not seem to recognize her as she wracked her brain for the girl's identity.

"Who's 'they'?"

"The doctors, of course," she replied, simply, "Don't panic, though. You're not hurt or anything, but you've been asleep for awhile. We're safe here. We're at Demon's Run."

Amy's blood went cold. How did she get to Demon's Run? The last thing she remembered was laying in bed with Rory, the excruciating pain of her headache, the voices... And then... Nothing. She still had nightmares about this place. The redhead looked at her surroundings. The stairs leading to the door, the all-white furniture, and the wide window showing the main corridor. It was the same room from last time. "How did I get here? How long have I been asleep?" Amy asked, her voice going up a few octaves in fear and panic.

The girl sighed and shook her head, "You're panicking. I told you not to panic." How could she seem so relaxed in this place of evil and heartlessness? It made Amy wonder if this girl was actually an enemy, though she couldn't even imagine this girl capable of harming a fly. Still, if there was one thing that she had learned from the universe, it was not to judge a book by its cover. "I don't know exactly how you got here, or how long. I've only been here for a few months or so. I'm actually not even allowed to be in here. This room is restricted."

It may have explained the voices in Amy's head. It was actually the girl, who snuck in from time to time... Like a little glimpse of reality... I never truly escaped, Amy's mind gasped. Her idea of reality began to slur. The Doctor had said that all those times in the TARDIS were real, that she was there emotionally and mentally, just not physically. But was that conversation even real? Was this real? Amy tried to calm herself. Don't worry, Amy, she told herself, The Doctor will come. Him and Rory will come save you. They will find you!

"I don't understand," Amy said, trying to control her voice, "Who are you? What's your name?"

"I'm not supposed to tell you," she murmured, eyes growing stony. An idea of her identity sprung at Amy, but all too quickly pulled away before she had the chance to fully grasp it.

"Why not?"

The girl shrugged. "I can't remember. I just know I cant." Amy knew that must mean there were Silence on board, making her that much more fearful for her life. She couldn't remember how or why, but Amy had a feeling that they were capable of a lot of things, dangerous, painful things.

"So, what am I supposed to call you?" Amy asked, "Just 'Little Girl,' then?"

"Yes," she answered, not sure what to tell the woman. She didn't want to lie, but they had told her not to... Though, she wasn't quite sure why or who...

Amy pursed her lips. She could tell the child wanted to please her, to be her friend. Another thing the redhead had learned as the Doctor's companion was how to get people to open up to you, even if you were a complete stranger five minutes before. "What if I tell you my name?" she suggested.

"I already know your name," the girl smiled, taking a deep breath before speeling out facts, "You're Amelia Jessica Pond, born in Scotland, but you moved to Leadworth when you were 7. Then, you met the Doctor. Your parents are Augustus and Tabetha Pond and you have an aunt named Sharon. You worked as a kissogram until you were 22. Then, you were found in a grocery store and became a model. You married Rory Williams on June 26th, 2010, after being best friends for 14 years. You also spent two years as the Doctor's companion until he left you. Again."

"Okay... That's not creepy or anythin'," Amy stared, mouth open in disbelief, "Do you have my biography or something?"

The girl laughed along, "No. I read your files."


The girl's eyes became stony again. "Uh, I don't know. I was bored. What's a kissogram?"

"Uh, well..." Amy searched for a lie to throw at her. She wasn't about to tell the girl that she went to parties and kissed random people for a living! "What's your name?" Amy countered.

"I can't tell you. Besides, I asked my question first," the girl returned, eyes narrowing. They reminded Amy a bit of herself when her questions got unanswered.

"No, you didn't!" she pointed out, "Now, come on. Tell me."

"But I.. I'll get in trouble," the girl said, hesitantly.

"You're in a restricted room and talking to a stranger you shouldn't be talking to. Something tells me you're a bit of a rebel." This girl had spunk, wasn't afraid of breaking rules, wasn't afraid of trouble. The Doctor had once mentioned to a younger Amelia that she didn't seem to be afraid of anything, not of a strange man eating fish and custard right across the table from her. This girl seemed to be just as brave. And that's when it hit the redhead. How had she not considered it before? Green eyes the shade of Amy's that looked so kind like Rory's, the way they hardened when she was keeping a secret, followed by a quick subject change... Just like River. Her clever smirk and the way she seemed so controlled despite the chaos she caused, just like Mels. The fact that she knew so much more than Amy. "Oh my God," Amy gasped, peering closer and noticing all the familiar features, "No... Melody?"

She smiled, meekly. "Hello, Mummy."

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