The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Stories Amy Used To Tell Me

Now, I didn't actually plan on posting until this weekend, but I just found out that RIGHT now... Steven Moffat is working on the Ponds' departure. And it made me all sad inside and now I just want to go crawl in a corner and cry myself to sleep. No frigging joke. I can't even begin to imagine an awesome-r companion, but seeing as I really got into this like.. In November and started watching it from the 5th series... I don't know. Maybe I'll get used to the change someday. But as for now, I HATE IT!

"Turns out the little kid was really an alien," Amy concluded, finishing the story of her being trapped in a doll house by a little boy who hid all his fears in a cupboard. "He was afraid of his parents sending him away."
Melody pursed her lips, deciding which question to ask. Her mother had told her to hold all questions until after each story after the little girl had shot question after question when Amy had barely uttered a sentence. Melody felt she could somewhat relate to George. Her parents had left her. Of course, it wasn't their fault. Madame Kovarian had long ago to Melody how she came to be an orphan. Her mother and father were living on Demon's Run when a man, a Time Lord had come and taken them away, making them leave their newborn little girl. Kovarian told her stories of how this man had captured Amy's heart when she was a child, then left. She told her all about how her mother was practically the town lunatic growing up, raving about some Raggedy Man. She told Melody how the same man constantly left her parents in pain, how they always fell for his trap. Madame Kovarian would then warn the little girl for the billionth time that she would meet this Time Lord someday, that he would try to take her away from her home, just like her parents. She said that he would cause her heartbreak and pain, just like her parents, so Melody had to be a good girl and resist him, resist the strange man in the blue box.
The stories that Amy told, though, made all this very conflicting, especially the way she talked about it. Every time she said his name, his strange name, Amy's eyes would start to sparkle with admiration and hope, not even noticing the growing smile on her lips. Melody had started to think that maybe Kovarian was wrong. Maybe she had just caught this Doctor character on a bad day. The man was her mother's best friend, apparently. How bad could he really be? But, then the trained part of her brain would scold herself, saying that she hadn't even met the Doctor and already he was getting inside her head. "What was it like to be a wooden dolly?" she finally asked, choosing one of her simpler questions.
"I don't actually remember being a dolly," Amy replied, "But afterwards, my head seemed a bit… Out of it. Y'know what I mean?" Amy was loving this time just as much as her daughter. Even though she had River and Mels, Amy had always been looking for Melody, her little baby that had been taken. Though Melody was hardly a baby at this point in time, Amy didn't care. She knew this was as close as she'd probably get to her. She also knew that this was when Melody was being trained as a killer, and had already started trying to work her way into the girl's psyche and break whatever the Silence had planted in her brain. That's where the stories came in. Amy told her adventure after adventure after adventure, all examples of just how brave and good the Doctor was. River had once asked Amy if he was worth it, and the redhead made it her mission to realize that he was, just a little bit earlier in the time stream.
At first, Melody only wanted to hear stories about Rory and Amy, so Amy told her about how he pretended to be in a band, the party where they had shared their first kiss doing the Macarena, and the first time they had met on the playground where a boy was messing with Rory and little Amelia, the strange new girl, had clocked him in the face. She told Melody about how she used to make him dress up and eat fish fingers and custard, just like the Doctor, how Rory used to glare and make a rude comment to anyone who had been staring at his girlfriend's legs a little bit too long. Of course, he'd then cower behind her if the looker was a bit bigger than him. She told her how he used take her on drives up to Upper Leadworth and talk about the future they'd share, stars shining in his eyes as he took her hand in his. She told Melody about how he waited for 2,000 years, protecting Amy's prison. Melody would sigh and say how perfect it all sounded, how she wished that she would find something like that. She would tell her mother that they were the most romantic couple in the universe. And it brought numerous pangs to the woman's heart. Because she missed Rory and was afraid she'd never see him again, but also because she loved another.
Then, Amy started to put her plan in action, and began the stories about the Doctor. . She told Melody about vampires who actually turned out to be giant fish, rebooting the universe, how she had helped save the last of the star whales, meeting the greatest of artists on the planet Earth, about pirates and sirens, meeting Winston Churchill, fighting Daleks and Cybermen, and the first night she had ever met the Doctor. The only thing in these stories that changed was the name of two people: River and Mels. Amy had never been good at the "spoilers" thing, but she felt she needed to honor it anyways. Even if this plan didn't work, even Amy couldn't rewrite time, changing it could make things so much worse.
"I used to play wooden dollies with Eliza," Melody sighed, "We used to sing to you, too. Eliza said that it might help wake you up."
"Who's Eliza?" asked Amy. They never really talked about Melody, only Amy. She'd never give straight answers when her mother asked, or would just say that she didn't quite remember. Honestly, neither of the two really wanted to talk about it anyways. Amy didn't want to hear how her daughter had grown up in an abandoned orphanage with some psychotic man writing messages on walls in blood, all alone and afraid with no one but Kovarian and the Silence to turn to, while Amy was off on adventures, swashbuckling and capturing minotaurs. And Melody didn't want to relive it.
"She was a friend," she replied, quietly adding, "My only friend. But Kovarian took her away just before you woke up. She caught her down here, but I hid. They took her away and now she's gone."
Amy slid her arms around the girl's thin body and hugged her close. "Hey, it's not your fault, Melody. Okay? I'll find her. When I get out of here, I'll find your friend, and we'll get far away from this place."
Melody nodded against her mother's shoulders, holding back her tears. It had long been instilled in her that tears got her nowhere. No matter how many nights she had cried of loneliness in that orphanage, no one came to save her. No matter how many times she had cried for her friend, Eliza would not be coming back. Melody had been told all throughout her short life that no one would stop for her cries. "I have another question," she said, switching the subject as she so often did when things got uncomfortable.
"Shoot," Amy responded, letting go of the embrace, and resuming her position on the chair next to her daughter, petting the strawberry blonde hair on her head.
"What's his name? His real name, I mean. It can't just be 'the Doctor.'"
"You'll have to ask him yourself one day," she replied, "But don't worry. Someday, you'll know." You'll be loved by the greatest man in the universe. You'll be "Mrs. Doctor," the woman the Doctor tells everything to. And I'll be his… Mother-in-Law, his mad, impossible Mother-in-Law who is secretly pining for him.
"Why don't you?" asked Melody, "I thought you said you were best friends."
"Yes, but you're the woman who marries the Doctor," she explained, hesitating at first, but deciding that one spoiler wouldn't hurt. Besides, how could this at all hurt the Doctor? It would make Melody realize sooner that killing the Doctor was wrong.
"I marry him?" the girl echoed, her tone incredulous and eyes popping out. She didn't remember this being in her files. While taking Amy's, she and Eliza might have taken a peek at their own, though Melody's was much thicker than Eliza's. Hers was just filled with general information and went on to explain that her mother was working for the Silence; hence her being at Demon's Run. Melody's file had said she would be the woman who killed the Doctor… So which one was it? Would she marry or kill this mysterious man she had never even met?
'Yeah, and he'll love you more than anything in the universe," Amy continued, trying to keep the jealous tone concealed and her wishful thoughts contained, "He'll protect you. He'll come to rescue you, no matter how sticky of a situation you got yourself into. You're the woman he trusts most. I'm just the girl who waited."
Suddenly, the door opened, and the two Ponds looked up in surprise and a twinge of fear on Melody's part. Though Melody went in to Amy's room practically every day, no one had really noticed, seeing as she did it during the hours she was supposed to be asleep, but the Time Lord DNA enabled Melody to go days, sometimes, without sleep if she wanted to. She wasn't allowed to be in there and didn't want to know just how extreme the punishment was. Would she be taken away like Eliza?
"Just the girl who waited?" the voice said, the owner looking down at the two from the top of the stairs near Amy's door with a smile, "Hardly. You're mad. You're brilliant. You're completely impossible. You're the one and only Amy Pond, my Amy Pond."
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