The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

I Knew You'd Come

"Oh my-" Amy began, taking in the tall, lanky man in the bow tie and suspenders, but cut herself off, not even finding the words to convey her emotions. She felt such a mixture of things: relief, anger, elation, need, love… It was all jumbled, and Amy didn't even make an attempt to sort it all out. It was the Doctor. It was her Doctor, alive and well. She ran towards him and within seconds was greeted by the smell of TARDIS oil, the fabric of tweed against her smooth, pale cheek.
"Hello, Amelia," the Doctor whispered into her hair, pulling her tightly against him, squeezing his eyes shut and just taking her all in. At one point, the Doctor didn't think he'd ever get to feel his Amy in his arms again like this. There were moments where he didn't think he would ever see that fiery red hair, those warm, brown eyes welling up with tears of joy. "Happy crying," he laughed, feeling tears of his own start to fall down his cheeks, "How humany-wumany."
"I knew you'd come," she murmured, further snuggling her face into his jacket.
"Of course," the Doctor said, kissing the top of her head. They didn't speak for a few moments, just standing there and enjoying the feel of the other in their arms after all that time. "Now, I know we're doing the 'hugging and missing' bit, and I hate to ruin it," the Doctor went on, quietly, breaking the silence, "But who is that girl and why is she looking at us like that?"
"Oh, that's-" Amy began to reply, before the alarms started. Melody hadn't moved, continuing to stare at her mother and the man in front of her. She contemplated who it was. Could it be her father? No, she didn't look at all like him. Could it be… The mysterious man from Amy's stories? The man she was either supposed to marry or kill? Could it really be the Doctor?
The Doctor pulled out a walkie-talkie, his idea of course (because walkie-talkies are cool), and spoke into it. "Alright, soldiers. I got Amy. What's with the alarms, River? I thought you turned them off!"
On the other side of the connection was River Song, sitting in the TARDIS' console room looking at the Doctor and Amy and little Melody on the security camera. The Doctor had overridden Demon's Run's systems and now all the security feeds were going into the TARDIS, displayed on the monitor. That was how they found Amy in the first place. Then, the Doctor ran off to go find Amy and take her back to River to run the scans on her to make sure they weren't being tricked yet again. After that, he'd join Rory, who had just returned from the control room and scanned all the access codes for the systems, to start Part Two of their mission. They were going to crash this place and end the Silence. Initially, it was Rory who was supposed to go find Amy. The Doctor had volunteered to go down to the control room, override the systems there, and crash the whole ship down. He wanted nothing more than to see the religious order fall, the ones who were so bent on seeing his death. It was River that had reassigned the tasks, making the Doctor find Amy and having Rory make the dangerous journey to the control room. It was her idea to get the access codes and override the system from the TARDIS, causing the demise of Demon's Run safely from inside the blue box.

She said it was because that was what the Silence were planning on. She reminded the Time Lord that Amy was bait, and that this was a trap for the Doctor. Why would he be placed in the most danger just to be ambushed? Of course, River had forgotten the part about her being with Amy when the Doctor came back to save her. So many memories of her childhood had been suppressed, but not this one. This was the day Melody watched her mother choose the Doctor over her, leave her behind and fly away in the TARDIS with the man in a bow tie. It was what had contributed to a lot of resentment towards him and the Silence had jumped upon it later on, always reminding her of the pain the Doctor had caused her, and how it was only right to return the favor someday. Now, River knew what would really happen, and her stomach started to churn with guilt at the thought of it. She would save the Silence and everyone aboard Demon's Run. She wouldn't let the Doctor take Melody, her younger self. She wouldn't let him even talk to her, because that meant only one thing, and she wasn't ready for it. She would never be ready for it.

"They must have realized we hacked them," River lied, not revealing that it was her that set off the alarms. The Silence would now know the Doctor was with them, and although it made things all the more dangerous, River knew everything would be okay. Rory, Amy, and the Doctor would survive and leave Melody behind. It was what had happened last time. "Get out of there, Doctor!"

The Doctor grabbed onto Amy's hand, whose other slipped into the little girl's. "Come along, Pond!" Amy grinned in response, running alongside him. She missed this. She missed the running, the adventure, the adrenaline. She missed the Doctor. As for Melody, she continued to stare wordlessly, at the tall man. She decided that it was her best guess that this was the Doctor, but didn't know what to say. He was making her tongue-tied. Madame Kovarian had been quite right in saying that the man was charismatic, and even though they had yet to even exchange any words, Melody already felt herself mesmerized, just like her mother was when she was her age.

"Where's Rory?" Amy asked, looking around the empty hallways.

"He should be on his way to the control room right now," the Doctor answered, skidding to a halt and making a sharp left, the two females trying to keep up, "We're going to end this, once and for all. They tricked me twice, Amy, and I'm not giving them the chance to do it again."

Within a matter of minutes, the blue box was in sight, just at the end of the hallway the three were bounding down when all of a sudden, Melody stopped and screamed. The Doctor and Amy stopped as well, looking about them quickly. They had no idea what she was screaming about, until they looked at their hands. There was a black tally mark on the Doctor's wrist. "Oh, no," Amy breathed, and the Doctor looked towards their right, just on the edge of their peripheral to see the white figure in the suit. The Silence.

"Give me the girl," its strange voice ordered, but the three were frozen in fear. Had they always looked like this? Amy had never seen anything like it… Well, she had, but she couldn't remember it. The Doctor tried not to look away as he reached blindly for Melody's hand, stepping between her and the figure.

"I don't think so," he answered, gulping. He remembered what the Silence were capable of, influencing human society for centuries. This was no simple being that he could make run away with something as simple as words like he had when the Pandorica was opening. But he also remembered that this was what had taken Amy, his best mate, the only girl in the universe who he truly loved, and soon the anger began to rise up in him, his two hearts aching as adrenaline pumped into his veins. "You're done taking people away from their lives and using them in a war I didn't even want to fight until now. You think I was serious when I had you order all the humans to kill you on sight? Oh, well, you're about to see today that I am quite capable of so much more. I've caused the extinction of more than just one race. Don't think I'll hesitate ending yours, as well."

The Doctor's words and tone spread fear into Amy and Melody. Amy had never liked it when he got angry. On the Starship UK, on the TARDIS when he demanded answers, when he shoved her up against the wall and yelled at her all that time ago in the monastery, and even when it wasn't directed towards her. The coldness in the Doctor's voice sent shivers down her spine, her stomach dropping and her body on edge in nervousness. "Doctor-" she started, looking away from the monster and into the Doctor's face, but not knowing what to say. She had totally lost her train of thought. All she remembered was that he was angry and Amy needed to calm him down and get into the TARDIS before anyone caught them. "Come on, let's just go," she whispered.

He tried not to look in her eyes, feeling them boring into the side of his face and seeking his own, but the Doctor knew what would happen if he looked away. He would forget about the monster standing right in front of them. "Amy," he said, softly, "Take the girl, and get inside the TARDIS."

"I'm not leaving without you," Amy replied, automatically.

"Go, Amy!"

"I won't lose you again."

He could hear it. It was the same voice she used when she had told him on Lake Silencio that she loved him. It was sweet and sad, hopeless yet filled with possibilities all at the same time. His two hearts swelled at the memory and before he could even try to resist it, the Doctor looked away. "Amy…" he murmured back. For some reason, the Doctor felt like they were in danger in that hallway, but he wasn't sure why. He felt like he needed to run. And then, there was that little voice in his head that was telling him to do something. The Doctor tried to guess what it was, but it was so quiet, and he couldn't focus on anything but the way Amy was looking at him, the way her pale hand fit into his perfectly. "I-I need to tell you something. Before anything else happens."

"Yes, Doctor?"

Melody still stared at the figure before her, the only one who still knew about the monster standing just in front of them, but the adults weren't looking. They were talking quietly, too quiet for Melody to know what was going on. She tried to pull on her mother's sleeve, but her hand was out of reach and Melody was too afraid of looking away, of forgetting just like the others. She had seen these before. These were what trained her, what had been brainwashing her with the ideas of the Doctor, and Melody knew that just as soon as she looked away, she would forget this realization. She would forget all this.

"I think- I mean, I-I know," the Doctor continued, his words tumbling out too quickly for his mind to put everything in the right order, "Amy, I l-"

"Sorry to interrupt, Doctor," a voice interrupted as heels clicked on the hallway's floors. They all recognized the voice before they even turned their heads. It made Melody's heart freeze, and the Doctor and Amy's blood boil with rage. It was Madame Kovarian. "Honestly, though, this little confession should have happened ages ago. Of course, you waited until the last minute, right before you die to finally spit it out."

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