The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

When Melody Pond Met River Song

The Doctor inhaled sharply, not even being able to think of a smart reply. Madame Kovarian just cackled at his shocked eyes and Amy's confused glance that he didn't look over to see. "We've been watching you through Amy, remember?" she reminded him, "Though Amy was so oblivious to your attentions, and vice versa, we saw everything. We saw the way you looked at her, the jump in her heart rate whenever you brushed your lips against her forehead. It was how we knew Amy would make the perfect bait. And it all worked out."

Amy didn't know whether or not Kovarian spoke the truth. The larger part of her chose not to, seeing as this woman had tricked them all on more than one occasion, but there was a smaller part of Amy that noticed that everything she had said about her feelings were true. She glared at Madame Kovarian, feeling the surge of hatred that had once motivated the redhead to kill her on the alternate timeline. "If you're smart, you'll back off and let us leave. You'll never bother us again," Amy warned, voice low, "Maybe you remember what I'm capable of."

Regarding the alternate timeline, the only things the Silence knew about it was what Amy had heard or talked about afterwards, Kovarian's death being one of them. Seeing as they neither created the timeline, were a Time Lord, nor grew up with a crack in their bedroom wall, they didn't remember any of it. Still, when Kovarian had found out, she was quite surprised, though it was more of a pleasant thing. "I got the summary," Kovarian smiled, and began pacing a circle around the three, "You know, Amy, you remind me of myself a bit."

"Really?" Amy retorted, "Since when were you witty, Scottish, and just absolutely gorgeous?"

The Doctor smirked, trying to hold in some laughter, but a little chuckle may have slipped out. He always loved when she smart-mouthed the enemy. He guessed it was because they had similar approaches. They never really used physical violence, but she and the Doctor just loved to be cheeky when cornered by a hostile alien or human. All his companions had always been brave… But it just wasn't like the confident, feisty brave that Amy had. He never remembered laughing so much in life-or-death situations until he brought his Pond along.

"Cute," Kovarian frowned, not at all as amused as the Doctor, "But I was talking about our drive, our way of keeping compassion out of the way. You're not like his other weaklings of companions, or even the Doctor himself with all his second chances. You don't give anyone second chances. They all followed their precious Doctor around like sick puppy dogs, but now you have him nipping at your heels. The Silence could use someone like you."

"You're the biggest idiot in the universe if you actually think I would join you," Amy snarled, "You stole my baby and raised her to kill my best friend. You ruined my life." She didn't mention anything about her apparent lack of compassion, hoping that that was just a misinterpretation. Don't listen to her, Amy told herself, She doesn't know you. You have plenty of compassion! I mean… So what if we hurl a few insults… We're just kidding. Still, not even her own mind could quiet the questioning panic. Could she really be like Kovarian?

"Did we? Because it seems like it all started going downhill when the Doctor crashed down from the sky and into your garden. You have more motive to be in this movement than most of us, Amy Pond. He's always leaving you, always making you wait. Aren't you tired of it?"

The Doctor winced, knowing that there was truth in Kovarian's words. He had made Amy wait 12 years filled with psychotherapy and isolation from her peers, just to come back and leave again in a flash. Two more years of waiting, and then he gave her an offer no one could resist. "So, all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will… Where do you want to start?" It was his fault she had been kidnapped by the Silence, his fault her whole life had been eaten away by the crack in her wall, his fault for her baby taken away, his fault for so much of her pain and tears. If it weren't for Amy holding his hand and pressing his hand reassuringly, the Doctor was sure he would collapse to the floor in guilt.

"Shut up," Amy spat, angrily, and taking a step towards Kovarian, "My life was nothing until he came along. It became the confusing jumble it is because of you and your stupid movement. I'm not scared of you anymore. No, I'm just royally pissed off."

"And I'm not scared of you, either," the woman in black replied, her lips turning into a flat line.

"Are you scared of me, Madame Kovarian?" a voice said from down the hallway, "You'd be stupid if you weren't. You know how highly trained I am. After all, you are the one that arranged all the lessons." It was River Song, walking towards the four in her form-fitting black suit she had once worn while stealing Vincent van Gogh's painting in Royal Collection, the one that showed the TARDIS exploding. But it wasn't her curves that attracted their attention. It was the two guns in her hands. "Hello, Mummy," she smiled, looking over to Amy and giving her a smile. She hadn't said that in a while. The last time she had seen the redhead, the woman had barely even known her. River looked over and noticed the Silence member, her eyes growing slightly bigger in fear. These were the monsters that had hid in the corner of her vision all throughout her childhood. These were the monsters that had turned her into the rebellious assassin she was before the Doctor came along. She didn't even hesitate shooting it, watching with satisfaction as the white being crumpled to the ground, dead.

Everyone else jumped at the ring of the shot, Melody and Amy letting out a little scream. Kovarian winced, thinking it was her that had been hit by the bullet, then shoulders sagging in relief as she realized she was still alive, uninjured. The Doctor gaped at his wife. He never liked the use of guns, even against his most deadly of enemies. It all just seemed so… Barbaric. The Doctor had always made it a goal of his to try and make River see the light, but he knew it was pretty much a lost cause. She was his misspoke psychopath, after all.

Little Melody Pond stared at the blonde woman in awe and wonder, envying the woman for her bravery and confidence that seemed to exude from her in tidal waves. She had no idea who she was, but she had heard her call Amy "Mummy." The woman looked much older than Amy, though, at least by 15 years. She didn't remember hearing about this woman from the stories, nor did she seem to look like anyone she knew. She didn't have the slightest resemblance to Amy, either. "Who is she?" Melody asked, pointing.

River smiled, remembering this moment from her past. "You'll find out soon, my dear. Wait a few years."

"What's your name?" Melody inquired again. She was like Amy and River. She didn't give up. "Mummy never mentioned you. What's your name?"

"Spoilers," River winked, holding her index finger up to her lips. She then returned her attention back to Kovarian. "Give me a reason not to shoot you."

"I'm the woman who raised you, remember?" Kovarian reminded her.

"You sent me to an orphanage with monsters I couldn't even remember and a deranged man who got a little too into finger-painting. You made sure I never had any friends. You lied to me, brainwashed me, and hardened me into the little soldier you wanted me to be. You took away any friend I made and made sure as hell that I always felt alone, reminding me why. Why my mother left me, why my father left me. Because the Doctor took them away."

"Is that seriously what you tell her?" Amy cried, wanting to reach out and hold her daughters, to shield Melody from the pain in her future and heal River from the pain in her past.

"Well, of course," River replied, eyes narrowing in disgust at the woman her guns were pointed at, "She had to turn me against the Doctor somehow."

Even the Doctor was somewhat shocked at just how messed up the Silence had been with Melody Pond. He really wished he had saved her before, hadn't failed just like he had with Amy's rescue. That day at Demon's Run, he had never risen so high, making a whole army run away with a few words, with little to no violence on his part. But he had also never fallen so far. He had lost so many friends and had let the girl he loved and her child slip from his grasp, too overrun with his own cocky anger.

"Oh, you're so dramatic," Kovarian sighed, rolling her eyes, "You're the one that couldn't stick with the rules, but you must remember what happens today, River. Tell me. How did it feel, watching the Doctor fall?"

"He doesn't fall, Kovarian," River answered, "Not today. Gratefully, I have yet to see the end of him. I don't think any of us ever will."

"Amy," the Doctor stage whispered to Amy, "The soldiers are coming. You need to get in the TARDIS. We need to make sure this is the real you."

"I told you," the redhead said with finality, "I'm not leaving you behind."

"We're not leaving yet. There's a 'part two' to the plan."

"What is it?" she asked.

"Do you trust me?" The Doctor's green eyes pierced Amy's, their faces so close, closing out the conversation between Kovarian and River. He wanted to kiss her, but he knew this was hardly the time with his wife just a few feet away, two guns in hand.

"Of course I do, you moron," she answered, quickly. Would she be there if she didn't?

The Doctor flashed a grin and grabbed Amy's face with both of his hands on either side, pulling her forehead to his lips. "Then get in the TARDIS, have Rory run the scans, and wait until I come back."

"Don't I always?" Amy joked.

"Yeah," the Doctor frowned, knowing it was so true. Even when he told her it was time to stop waiting, she never had. And he never apologized. It was something the Dream Lord had said he would never do, and it wasn't because the Doctor wasn't sorry. It was because saying sorry was also a promise that it wouldn't happen again. But he wasn't sure if he could keep it, and the Doctor was tired of making promises to Amy that he couldn't keep. "Yeah, you do."

"Doctor, you're my best friend," she said, solemnly, "You know me. So, you must also know that I'm not leaving without you. I trust you, yeah. But trust has nothing to do with this. On the Byzantium, River said that if you were in the room, it was everyone else's job to make sure you got out safely. I'm just doing my job."

The Doctor's jaw tightened in frustration, but knowing that trying to convince her to stay behind, safe in the TARDIS, was useless. He didn't want to yell at her, but it was starting to approach that phase. She was in so much danger. "You're so-" he stopped, searching for a word to describe Amy, but coming at none other than what he had once called Rory, "Human." Ridiculous, driven by their feelings, always getting themselves into trouble. Sort of like the Doctor, himself.

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