The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Under the Earth

"Don't you give up!" the Doctor yelled. She was sinking, sinking fast. They didn't know what was under the ground, pulling Amy Pond beneath the earth, but he was holding on for dear life, and so was she.

Tears welled up in both their eyes. "Tell Rory-" she said, before being interrupted by her full descent into the ground.

"No!" The Doctor shouted, watching her hands slip from his, watching dirt cover those glimmering, beautiful eyes stare right back into his, watching her red tendrils disappear beneath the earth, watching his best friend get pulled down by an unknown force. "No! No!" he continued to shout, clawing at the dirt desperately, searching for his Amelia Pond.


"Where's Amy?" asked Rory. The Doctor hadn't really been paying much attention to the man. He'd been prattling on about human-eating graves or some other ridiculous thing that the he really didn't have time for. He had a lot on his plate. They were all trapped with no way out, the Doctor didn't know who or why, and Amy... Oh. He mentally smacked himself in the head, but continued on, hoping that if he didn't answer, then maybe Rory would move on and forget he had even asked.

Just as expected, though, Rory didn't move on. His eyes bore a hole into the Doctor's head, following his every movement, questioning, but the Doctor could not meet them. "Get everyone inside the church," he ordered. He looked at Rory and couldn't handle it anymore. "Rory," he said, carefully, "I'll get her back."

"What do you mean? Where'd she go?"

Just saying it was hard for him, but he managed to blurt out, "She was taken. Into the earth." And it's all my fault. I made us stay after she asked, repeatedly, to leave. But I was so occupied with the big mining thing...

Rory's expression ranged from confused to worried, and finally, to angry. He had come to the same conclusion as the Doctor had. "How?" he asked, desperately, "Why didn't you stop it?"

"I tried," the Doctor replied, trying to convince Rory as well as himself that he was not to blame, "I promise I tried."

"Well, why didn't you try harder?" he cried, angrily. So human, the Doctor thought to himself, If only I had the luxury to sit here and be sad and mope. If only I had the luxury to worry about just her.. He acts like he's the only one who cares for Amy. He's not!

The Doctor didn't have time to freak out and show how afraid and worried for Amy he was. He had to hurry up and come up with a rescue plan. "I'll find Amy," he vowed, "I'll keep you all safe. I promise. C'mon, please? I need you alongside me."

Rory only nodded before they continued on their way. I'll get her back. Losing Amy had made the pieces the Doctor had neatly put away and hidden surface and start to combine, ambushing the Doctor when he really didn't have time to figure it all out. One thing was for sure, though. He cared for Amy. He was just unsure of how deep it was all getting.

Yeah, so I like dragging things out. I got a review saying there wasn't a lot of romance yet, but it's the third chapter. How I'm doing it is I'm going to show it build up and use scenes that you'd see in the show where their feelings aren't mentioned. There's a guaranteed 12 chapters right now. Thanks for the reviews!(:

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