The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Reliving Past Glories

The only sound to be heard was the hum of the TARDIS, the soft giggles and smacking of lips as the Doctor and Amy kissed for the umpteenth time that day. It had been about two or three weeks since Rory left, since the two best friends finally confessed their feelings for one another. The weeks had been plagued by dead ends and quick get-aways from members of the Silence, but there were also stolen kisses, little romantic moments tucked in between it all. They didn't have a solution, didn't know whether they wanted to tell River and Rory about this. They were both afraid of the reactions, the anger. All four were good friends, and although the Doctor wasn't a Pond, he was a huge part of the family.

There were times when Amy would be down on herself, reminded of just how bad her choices were hurting her family, her daughter and husband, and hated the part that wasn't caring. On those days, the Doctor would sit next to her, hug her close, and offer to take her home, to end whatever was going on between them. But she always said no, saying she was where she belonged and the Time Lord's eyes would soften and keep his arms wrapped comfortingly around his companion. Then, there were days like this one, where everything was fine and dandy and completely happy. The Doctor had Amy pushed up against the console, hands supporting her back, while her own perfectly manicured hands ran through his big head of hair. They broke apart, both breathing heavy and lips slightly more pink than usual. The Doctor gave Amy time to breathe, making a trail of kisses down her neck to her collarbone. They had never gone any farther than this, maybe because of the other days, knowing just how bad it'd be if they went any further, past the point of no return. Still, Amy was human and had her urges, and those skirts weren't helping the Doctor any.

Just as the man was bringing his mouth back to hers, eyes glancing quickly at the beautiful way her hair fell, feeling the warmth of her breath on his lips, the phone rang. They paused, both debating whether or not it was really worth it. The Doctor dropped his head, sighing as he grabbed the phone. Amy lay completely still. It could be something on Melody for all they knew. "Yes, hello?" the Doctor said into the phone, pausing as the person on the other end spoke. Amy watched his face intently, trying to read what was happening in the conversation in his facial expressions. "This is the Doctor. Who, may I ask, is calling?"

Amy watched the Doctor's face, seeing something flicker in his eyes as they met hers, but he quickly hid it. Who was it? What was he hiding? "She is." The redhead strained to hear the voice on the other side of the line, having a feeling that they were talking about her. The Doctor tried not to meet her eyes as he spoke. His tone was happy but his face said otherwise. Amy knew that face. Her Doctor was worried. "Of course!" he replied to a suggestion or question that she could not hear, "Right, right… No, I understand. Perfectly. Honestly, it's a bit mad that you're even asking me… Yeah, I know… Fine, but I need to talk to you about our last meeting… Yes, yes. Alright… Okay… Goodbye."

"Who was that?" Amy asked, instantly, as the Doctor moved from her arms to hang up the phone and going to the console, typing in coordinates in the typewriter.

"It's a surprise," the Doctor smiled, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. Yes, she could tell that something was up. But what could it possibly be?

"Well, then," she persisted, trying from a different approach, "Can you tell me where we're going?"

"Cwmtaff, Wales," he said, looking back at Amy for a flash of recognition, which he didn't find. Of course, it wasn't one of the most exciting places they'd been, but the Doctor remembered this adventure very well. "The small village with the big mining thing, remember?" Yes, it was when the Doctor had watched Amy Pond's fingers slip through his, her body body being pulled into the ground. It was the day the Doctor had realized that maybe he had more than just friendly feelings towards his Scottish companion.

Amy's mouth opened to make an "O," lighting up with the memory. She remembered that moment for when Rory had been sucked through the crack in time. "What year?" She wondered if they were going to re-negotiate peace between the two races- Silurians and Humans- once more, just like he had promised. Amy didn't remember being half bad at it.


Nope. Scratch that. Why else would they be going back to the same place at the same time? She didn't quite understand it, seeing as the Doctor hated repeats. "Why?"

The Time Lord smiled, wistfully, shifting the TARDIS into gear, "To relive past glories."


As Amy burst out of the TARDIS doors, the Doctor trailing behind her, she couldn't help but wonder how on Earth she hadn't frozen to death while she was dressed for Rio. This time, though, she was more prepared and knowing of the weather conditions. She wore a white shirt with a red jacket over it, and replaced the mini skirt with tight jeans. But as soon as she looked up, it wasn't the weather Amy was thinking about, nor the familiarity of the scene, nor the view of the big mining thing from the distance. It was the man standing before her. It was Rory Williams.

"Amy!" It was Rory Williams with a giant grin on his face, his eyes lighting up like he was seeing a ghost, like it was Christmas morning. He rushed into her arms and she hugged him back, tightly, feeling so happy to see her best friend again, but also feeling guilty. This was the first time Amy had seen him since he left over a month before. Though, it was clear this Rory was different than that one. His hair was… Well, it was back in the ponytail, and the way he carried himself… It showed more age than he usually did. This was an older Rory. But what on Earth was he doing here? What was she doing here? "Amy, I've missed you so much," he said into her jacket, voice muffled, "You have no idea."

Amy wondered if this was their first visit with Rory after the TARDIS, if he had been waiting for so long until he finally rang the right people on the right timeline. If it was, then she could already feel another wound being sent to her human heart. "How long has it been since you last saw me?" she asked, looking up into his eyes and noticing something change in his eyes. They were guarded, just like the Doctor's had been when he'd been talking on the phone. "We visit you, don't we?"

Rory looked at his wife, or his ex-wife. He wasn't sure what to call her. Though he didn't like it, he was going to have to lie to her. He tried to tell himself that it wasn't bad seeing as it was her that had promised not to tell her past self or the Doctor anything. "You visit me," he lied, lips turning up and hoping that it didn't look as fake as it felt.

Amy felt a bit of weight lift from her shoulders. "Good," she smiled back, patting him on the shoulder before breaking out of the embrace. She put her left hand on her hip and looked at the Doctor and Rory, her boys. "So, what are we doing here?"

"I told you," the Doctor replied, hands in his pockets, but his eyes were on Rory, "Reliving past glories."

"Remember when we saw each other up on the hill?" Rory asked, rushing to explain the point of the trip, "Well, I've been planning to take a trip out here to go and see us. That's why I called. It was you and I together up there, and I- I didn't want to go alone." Yes, he had been planning for this day since the day Amy permanently left his world. Rory knew he was lucky that he was getting this day, getting this extra time with her. Helen didn't exactly know why he was going to Wales, but she just smiled and asked if he needed help packing, wanting to know when he was coming back. Rory told her it'd only be for the weekend, that it was to see one of his old friends. Luckily, she trusted him and let him go. If it were Amy, she would have insisted on going.

"So, we're going to get to see past us?" Amy grinned, clapping her hands excitedly. She missed the old days and had completely forgotten about the future self she saw from a distance. "I can't wait to tel-"

"Nope," the Doctor interrupted, looking at the redhead, sternly, "Amy, you are not allowed to talk to past you. Interfering with one's timeline is very dangerous."

"You've done it!" she pouted.

"Yeah, and I died, remember?"

"Spoil sport!"

"I'm not a spoil sport!" the Doctor argued, pointing his sonic screwdriver at her, "Excuse me if I like time to be in the right order and not all jumbled!"

"Oh, like we've never jumbled up time before," Amy snorted.

Rory looked at the pair, amused. He didn't realize just how much he had missed their banter. In the past, it used to make him feel like the third wheel that he already knew he was. It still had that same effect on him, but it didn't make him upset as it used to, just happy, happy that he had his two best friends back. "Will you two shut up for a minute?" Rory laughed, the two pairs of eyes turning back at him, "I found the spot that looks over the graveyard we parked at. The old us should be there any minute."

"Great," the Doctor said, before turning to Amy, "Why don't you walk ahead? I want to catch up with Roranicus over here."

Amy gave him a weird look. What did "catching up" entail? He wouldn't tell Rory about them, would he? A large part of her told her that that was a stupid thing to assume, though the Doctor had told Rory about their first kiss… Amy wasn't ready to say anything, that was for sure. And if that interfering Time Lord said a single word, he was going to get a kick in his backside.

When Amy didn't move, he rolled his eyes, "Oi, you got your 'hugging and missing' time, Pond. My turn."

Amy was about to say something a bit crude to that, but bit her tongue and turned around. She'd just ask Rory later. Even though it hadn't exactly worked the last time, Amy was sure she could convince him to get the information she wanted. "Fine. I don't know what you're both up to, but I'll find out. I always do."

"Why must we be up to something?" the Doctor asked, but she didn't grace him with a response. He was always up to something and they all knew it. When Amy was a considerable distance away from the men, he turned to Rory. "You know what I want to talk to you about."

"Yeah," Rory sighed.

"Are you still with Helen?"

"Yeah," he smiled, faintly, remembering his wife. He really loved her and their growing family, "We're all great."

"And Amy's still dead in your timeline?" the Doctor continued.


The Doctor clenched his jaw in frustration and he felt his two hearts practically stop. He may have saved Amy from Demon's Run, but there was still going to be another day when he wasn't going to reach her in time. "Rory, you have to tell me what happened," he ordered, both hearing the desperation in his voice, "You have to tell me so I can stop it."

"That's why I can't tell you," Rory murmured, sadness filling his old eyes. The Doctor often forgot just how old he was, older than himself. Beak-Nose was over 2,000 years old. "She told me that if I ever told you, you would try to stop it. And she said it had to be that way. I've already said too much, Doctor!"

"What way?" the Doctor cried, exasperated, ignoring Rory's protests to give him any more information on the matter, "Why would she not want me to save her? Why does she want to die? This is so like her!" Of course, it would be Amy that would make her own rescue so bloody difficult.

"Doctor, if I were you," Rory advised, tone soft, "I would stop worrying about the future. Treasure the time you have with her now. You don't know how lucky you are to have all this time with Amy, still."

The Doctor didn't like the sound of the idea. It sounded like giving up, and he would not give up on saving Amy. He looked over at the redhead, who had turned to face the men and yelled at them to hurry up. He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "So, you're just going to let her die?"

"I'm going to keep my promise," Rory replied, starting to walk away from the man in the bow tie and towards Amy. "Are you going to tell her?"

"No," the Doctor answered. He wasn't going to make Amy worry like that. Especially for nothing, because he knew he would save her. "Is that all you're going to tell me?"

Rory paused, staring at his feet for a few seconds, trying to decide if he should give away more information than he already had. He looked back up at the Time Lord's green eyes, his mouth a straight line. "Stay away from Trenzalore for as long as you can, you hear me?" he finally said, "Stay the hell away from Trenzalore."

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