The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Goodbye Mr Pond

Rory turned and ran up beside Amy, who gave him a smile and again called for the Doctor. The man in tweed stood there, trying to process Rory's words, not even hearing her voice. Trenzalore… He had heard that name before. Yes, it was Dorium who had said it. But what had he said? The Doctor tried his hardest to rack his brain for the words but came up empty. He needed to go back to the TARDIS. Rory and Amy were already farther ahead and the Doctor could hear the familiar sound of his time machine's engines, though it wasn't his. It was the one from the past. Yes, the past him and the two Ponds had just landed in Cwmtaff in the year of 2010, completely unaware of the cracks in the universe, the true identity of River Song, and the Silence.

Amy squealed when she heard the screeching of the TARDIS, looking back for the Doctor but finding the spot he once occupied to be empty. Where had that old man run off to now? She sighed, looking a bit bent of shape. "Now where's he gone?" she whined, "He's going to miss it if he doesn't get a move on!"

"I don't think he's going to see it, Amy," Rory said as they stopped walking, both remembering how they had looked from the other side. They both realized that the Doctor wasn't with them all that time ago. It had just been the two of them, Rory and Amy.

"Oh, look! Rory! It's us!" she cried, excitedly, forgetting all about it when she saw the three of them walk out of the TARDIS. Amy watched her head pop out with Rory's, noticing the cloudy climate and the chill hitting her bare legs as the Doctor burst out "Behold… RIO!" She watched the confusion muddle all their faces, including the Time Lord's. Oh, this was just too good. "God, I looked great that day!" she said upon observing her outfit that she had to remind everyone was for Rio.

Rory laughed, watching as past Amy pointed the two out. "Wave!" he said, turning to look at Amy for a quick second, her excited grin matching his. He missed that grin, that excited look of adventure she used to give him before the TARDIS jetted off somewhere new.

The pair waved, watching the past Doctor peer through binoculars at them. Past Amy and Rory glanced up at them with a new look of excitement that matched that of their future selves, realizing who they were. She remembered this part, seeing her future self, except she wasn't as happy on that end as she was now. It had just reminded her that she was going to have to leave the Doctor and the TARDIS someday. Little did she know that she wasn't going to have to leave any of it. Amy's grin got even wider. Oh, silly past Amy. If only she knew…

The three figures in the graveyard waved back, and Rory suddenly remembered Amy's statement from that day. "I remember that look on your face when you thought you were really going to be stuck with me for ten more years," Rory joked.

"Oh, shut up," Amy replied with a nudge, "I didn't mean it like that."

"Sort of weird now. If only they knew what's really happened." He was having the same feeling as Amy, looking down at his past self, even looking at the Amy and Doctor that had come to visit present him. They knew so little as well. Rory continued to look at the three down by the cemetery as the Doctor took notice of the big mining thing, dragging Amy along with him while Rory went back to the TARDIS to put back her engagement ring before she lost it. He remembered the little conversation they were having, about coming back from all the adventures, becoming the kissogram and nurse that they were before the Doctor came and picked them up. Rory remembered the look on her face, the worry and uncertainty. It was memories like this that reminded him why Amy letting him go wasn't so surprising. "I mean, look at me. Daft to it all."

"What do you mean?" Amy asked, turning to look at Rory. He sure was daft about a lot of things back then, always blinded by his insecurities. He didn't answer. Amy turned the rest of her body. "Rory, how long has it been since you last saw me?"

Rory dodged the question, answering it with a white lie of sorts. Actually, it wasn't even a lie. It was just an answer that lacked details and could be misconstrued due to the arrangement of words. "It's been a year since the TARDIS turned up."

"And you just wait for me?" Amy didn't want that. She had wanted him to move on. "You haven't gotten a girlfriend or anything?"

"I'm married, actually," he admitted, awkwardly, "To Helen. You remember her?"

Despite the strange twinge of jealousy, Amy smiled. She was just used to being the only woman in Rory's life. "Helen always fancied you," she said, "I think you guys will be good together. She won't push you around as much as me. You are happy, aren't you?" It was a bit of an awkward conversation, but Amy wanted to know that her best friend was living his own life, that he would end up just as happy as she was on the TARDIS.

"Completely," Rory smiled, and Amy could see that he really meant it, "We've got a daughter too, Lily, and one on the way." The redhead hugged Rory, so happy for him, so very pleased that he was getting the life he had always wanted. Rory had gotten his dreams of a small town doctor with a loving wife, surrounded by his children. When the two parted, Rory looked into Amy's brown eyes. "And I don't even have to ask with you. You're happy with him, aren't you?"

Amy inhaled, sharply. She could tell from the knowing look the man was giving her that he was implying much more than just a simple friendship. "What did the Doctor tell you exactly?"

"Nothing," Rory chuckled, "Not yet, at least. No, I can see it in you two. You're together, aren't you? Now that your old husband's out of the way?"


"I didn't mean it like that," he explained, "I'm fine. I moved on. I honestly didn't see it until it was already too late to be angry. I always kind of knew there was something more between you two, but I should have accepted it and moved out of the way a long time ago."

"We haven- I mean, it's-" Amy stammered, rushing to explain, "Rory, I'm sorry."

"Don't," Rory said, firmly, "I'm happy, Amy. Really, I am. This is what I always wanted. It's always been the Doctor and you. Don't let the past me get in the way. I'll find my own happy ending in good time."

"I just feel like I ruined everything," she sighed, "I mean, we still haven't even found Melody."

"You're still looking for her? Amy, don't." He decided to tell her a little something else about his past and her future. "You'll see her again, but it'll be when you least expect it. No amount of finding on your part is going to help you get our daughter back. She'll find you."

"Hey, Ponds!" The two turned around to see the Doctor waving them down. Yes, he had just finished doing a little research on Trenzalore. He remembered what Dorium said now. On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to give answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered... The First Question, the oldest question in the Universe, hidden in plain sight… Doctor Who? He still didn't know what it all meant and how it would lead to Amy's death, if that was what Rory was getting at. But the Doctor put on a happy face for his friends, not revealing a single thing that was going on in his mind.

"You missed it!" Amy shouted back, grinning. She needed this trip. Rory knew and accepted them and she was promised that she would reunite with her daughter. Amy didn't feel so guilty about their relationship anymore.

"Yeah, well," the Doctor shrugged, "You know I don't like repeats! You humans… So nostalgic!"

"That's what you said last time!" Amy laughed.

"That's because it's true!" he replied, and she could hear the laughter in how own voice. "So, TARDIS? Rory, need a ride home?"

"That'd be great," Rory replied, running alongside Amy to catch up with the Time Lord. He knew that they would have to leave at some point, but he hoped that maybe they could stay just a little longer. He really did miss his friends.


"Are you sure you don't want to come in for dinner?" Rory asked for the fourth time. It was raining hard and the three were absolutely drenched as they stood out by the front of Rory's home, saying their goodbyes. He knew this was the last time he would see them and thanked God that the rain was disguising some of his tears as raindrops.

"Yeah, I think I'll pass on that one," Amy answered, "I don't even want to imagine the look on her face when she sees your first wife, that you never technically divorced, walk in the door with you and some strange man wearing that ridiculous thing around his neck."

"Hey! Bow ties are cool," the Doctor replied, giving Amy a look that said she was the ridiculous one, "If anything, she'll be super impressed with the cool gear and insist that her husband, here, follow my example."

Amy and Rory both rolled their eyes in unison, glancing at each other with humor in their eyes. "Fine," Rory said, knowing they weren't going to change their mind. He had been asking since they first got back on the TARDIS, the blue box he hadn't been in for years, "I guess this is goodbye then."

He threw his arms around Amy, who could feel his heavy breaths. She knew he was trying to hold back tears, and that thought alone made her own eyes prick up. "Hey, Stupid Face," she sniffled, slightly, trying to discreetly wipe a tear by brushing her face against the cloth of his shirt, "Stop with all the sad stuff, yeah? This isn't going to be the last time we'll see each other." Amy looked back up at Rory, noticing the glassiness of his eyes. She gave him a determined smile. "You're not getting rid of me that easy, Williams."

Rory didn't respond, not strong enough to tell a lie. Amy continued looking at him with that smile that was supposed to cheer him up, giving him a kiss on the forehead that would bring him comfort for the days when his two friends wouldn't be around. It was a gesture between her and the Doctor, though, and it felt a little odd. Even the Doctor noticed.

"Goodbye, Rory," the Doctor smiled, but it was filled with the same amount of grief that he had. Maybe he knew that this was going to be the last time as well. Rory wondered which one he preferred, which one caused him less grief: the clueless Amy or the Doctor, who knew everything as always? They shook hands, staring straight into each other's eyes. "I know we got off to a bit of a rocky start, but you were a great companion. You're a great man and I wish the best for you."

"And you, Doctor." They both knew the Time Lord wouldn't, though. He had something so huge coming up in his future. The Time Lord nodded, before turning to Amy and taking her hand in his. They both looked back at their friend, who gave them a sad smile in return. "I better get going before I catch a cold or something."

"Us too," Amy agreed, really wishing this didn't seem sad. She'd come visit him again, she knew. Of course, she knew a little bit about how he felt. Waiting for someone to come back to you, giving up hope the second before they come back… Every time the Doctor had left her, Amy feared it'd be the last time she ever saw him. "See you soon, Rory."

"Yeah… See you soon, Amy." Rory turned around then, feeling the sobs start to climb their way up his throat, to burst out of his mouth and leave him crying like he had so many years ago. He wished he could say something monumental, something important, the last words of the Last Centurion to his best friends. But he had already said his say almost ten years ago.

"Oi, Rory!" Amy shouted, and the man turned his head. She grinned, "If your baby's a girl, I expect to come to back to see a little Amy."

Rory smiled, but it was so melancholy. Oh, he was going to miss her. He could already feel the part of his heart that held his love for Amy ache and re-tear. Goodbye was hard enough the first and second time. "Will do," he agreed, "But only because you both name your son after me."

Rory watched as the two both widened their eyes, staring at him, then turned to the other. The Doctor opened his mouth to speak to Amy, holding a finger up, but shut it, unsure of what to say exactly. Amy's eyes were so wide, they were probably on the verge of popping out of her skull. Finally, something that rendered Amy Pond speechless. Rory watched with pure amusement, before saying moments later, "I was just kidding, you know."

The Doctor and Amy exhaled, relieved and smiling at one another awkwardly, before turning to Rory with a fierce glare. Yes, they were perfect for one another, and Rory should have seen it earlier. But their relationship was also plagued with death and sadness, making him look with pity at the two. The Doctor seemed to catch it, looking down at his own two feet. The human took one last look at the two before running into the house, storing the picture in his memory forever. He wanted to turn around and help them, tell them everything, but he had promised. And Rory wouldn't break it. The last thought that he had before walking into the door of his warm home that smelled of roasted chicken and potatoes was that it was finally over. The huge part of his life, the TARDIS, Amy, the Doctor, travelling through space and time… It was all over now. His life as Mr. Pond had officially come to an end.

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