The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

As If I Could Resist

Images of that night flickered through the Time Lord's mind. Red hair splayed out on the pillows, surrounding her like a fiery halo. The ghost of her breath on his neck as she whispered his name. Her slender, manicured fingers clenching the sheets of his mattress. The feel of her long limbs entwined with his. The happily tired smile she gave him when they lay next to each other, both bodies covered in a light sheen of sweat. That was two weeks ago, but the Doctor still couldn't get it out of his brain. And then of course, there was the morning after. Being a Time Lord, he didn't really need much sleep. That's why he usually ventured out to other planets while others who occupied the TARDIS were asleep. But as he lay there next to the naked Amy Pond, the Doctor couldn't think of anything more thrilling than to see the moment she woke up, to smile and kiss her and tell her "good morning," to get dressed with her and eat breakfast while staring at each other knowingly. They both knew the other was replaying the night before in their head. No, the old man couldn't think of a single moment more important than the minute Amy woke up in his bed for the first time.
"Doctor!" Amy screamed, breaking the Time Lord from his train of thought and he had to blink a few times to remember exactly where he was. Right. It was the 43rd century on a planet called Proonatha about three hundred light years away from the planet Earth. The race was mainly humanoid, though their skin had a blue tint to it and their eyes came in different colors like yellow, purple, silver, pink, and black. The Doctor had picked this place, claiming that the Proonathian summer festivals during the 43rd century were absolutely amazing and beautiful and just a blast. What he had forgotten was some of the traditions and rituals.

"Amy?" he called back, nervously. How had he let himself get distracted? The Time Lord turned around, looking through crowds that surrounded him. It was a very big celebration after all. Everybody who was anybody would be there, but the Doctor couldn't see anything over the huge mass of people. "Amy!"

"Doctor!" He snapped his neck ninety degrees to the left, looking in the direction of where her voice had come from. Then, he saw a flash of red hair. Amy was hurled over the shoulder of a burly Proonathian man, being taken to the big stage in the middle of the festival. There was a well, filled with something the Doctor couldn't see just yet, but he saw that the Aesithis, the sacred animal of Proonatha, sitting right next to it. It was a giant, slug-like creature with a gray tint, veins clearly visible. It's eyes were beady and black and it had tubes inserted into its body. He knew that the creature was in no pain. Though the people here were a little less civilized than Amy was used to in her time, the Aesithis was very important, told to somehow speak to the gods the people on that planet worshipped.

The Doctor pushed through the crowds of people, sonic screwdriver out and ready to take care of business. Before he could make it to the stage, the burly guard carrying Amy stopped in front of the basin. He called out to the crowd. "Fellow people!" he said, voice booming. He was actually talking in a series of sounds, but thank goodness the TARDIS translated everything. "It is time for the celebration to begin! Here is our first volunteer!"

Amy kicked and punched. "'Volunteer'? I don't think that's the right word for it, Mister!" she yelled with gritted teeth. The crowd just laughed, knowing that there were really no volunteers to this. They never really needed one anyways. There was always a woman that wanted to go up and be the first one in. "Doctor! A rescue would be really nice right now!"

The Doctor continued pushing, but he was too late. He looked up just as the man discarded the redhead into the hole next to their sacred slug. "No! Amy!" he shouted, trying to get there even faster, even more determined. He didn't know what was in there, if she was safe in there or not. He didn't seem to remember there being live sacrifices at this time in history, but time was always being rewritten.

"Oh my God!" Amy's voice echoed off the walls of it, her hands reaching up to grab at the rim, "Get me out of this! NOW!"

The Time Lord finally reached the stage, running to the well, but the burly alien blocked his path. "Females only."

"That's my friend in there," the Doctor explained, sonic pointed threateningly as music began to play again, the crowd cheering as loudly as they watched Amy try to make her way out, "Getting in my way is a very, very stupid thing to do. Trust me. Now, tell me what is in there."

The Proonathian shrugged nonchalantly, "It's the secretion of our most beloved Aesithis. It brings good luck and fertility to all females for the summer season."

The Doctor peered over into the hole that went six feet into the ground, seeing Amy in her mini skirt, totally drenched in Aesithis goo. He scanned the liquid with his screwdriver, making sure it really was nothing bad. It wasn't. "Amy, calm down," he called down to her, meeting her angry, brown eyes, "It's completely harmless."

"It's completely disgusting!"

"Quiet," he chuckled, "You're insulting their centuries-old tradition."

"And they ruined my boots," Amy retorted, eyebrow raised, "I think we're even. Now, are you going to let me out or what?"

"Because you asked so nicely?" he teased, "Maybe I should let you stay in there. You can't really cause any more trouble in a pit of slime."

"I hate you."

"No, you don't!" the Doctor grinned, holding out a hand.

Amy folded her arms together, eyeing him with slight irritation before sighing and grabbing his hand. "Hey, Doctor?" she said, suddenly, hands squelching as they squeezed.


Amy grinned. "Gotcha." Before the Doctor could ask what she meant, he felt Amy pull on his arm. Not expecting it, he felt his body lunge forward. The last things he heard before going under was Amy's victorious, wicked laugh along with a disapproving gasp from the crowd surrounding them. Then, the Doctor fell headfirst into the four feet of goo. When he resurfaced, he couldn't help but laugh and dunk her red hair, even though it was completely disgusting and his bow tie and tweed jacket were probably permanently ruined. Even though, he knew they had just broken a major rule by having a man in the Aesithis secretions and he could already hear the angry shouts of the guards. All the Doctor could focus on was that big smile on Amy's face that was probably mirroring his own.


"We are never going there again," Amy said, the sound of bare feet padding down the hallway as she burst into the Doctor's room in a fuzzy pink robe and drying her wet hair with a towel. Actually, in the couple of weeks since that one night, it'd sort of become their room. Amy moved some of her own stuff- like some decorations and clothes- in and slept in there every night. She had gotten the Doctor to organize his room a bit better, though the desk with the gadgets remained untouched. She didn't even want to know where they came from, hoping to God it wasn't something vital from the TARDIS that he was trying to "fix." The closet had been more organized after a day that she had set aside to work on it. There had been many jokes, all to the Doctor's expense as Amy pulled out article of clothing after article of clothing.

She had the Doctor put the leather jacket back on, but it hung off his thin frame so horribly. He tried telling her that his ninth incarnation was much more "action hero"-y and could pull it off, but Amy just shook her head. And then there was the rainbow frock coat that Amy said she would never truly get over, the jacket with an old piece of celery on the lapel, a pull-over with blue zigzags and red question marks, and baggy tweed pants. "The bow tie is really starting to not look that bad compared to some of your other fashion choices," she had teased, while the Doctor rolled his eyes, trying to hide the embarrassed blush.

"Why? It was fun until we got banished from the planet!" he protested, trailing after the redhead with a towel around his neck to stop the dripping of water on his shirt.

"Maybe because I don't particularly enjoy being dumped in a vat of slug slime?" Amy gave a critical look towards the Doctor before turning around to the dresser to find clothes to slip on. "Besides, we were banished, remember?" she added over her shoulder.

"That's never stopped me before." After the Doctor fell in and had his little moment of fun with Amy, they were immediately fished out of the basin and escorted, in wooden handcuff-like restraints, out of the festival, receiving harsh glares from everyone they passed. Getting away was a bit tricky, seeing as the sonic screwdriver still didn't have a setting for wood to get their hands free, but the two joined forces, Amy using her wiles to distract the guards that were taking them away to the jail, while the Doctor used his amazing skills at pick-pocketing to grab the key off the hook of his belt. They spent maybe… Ten minutes in the Proonathian jail cell before they made another grand escape, being chased all the way to the TARDIS. "And you're the one that offended them! They were just trying to include you."

"Should've given me one of those 'I went to Proonatha and all I got was this stupid t-shirt' shirts," Amy replied, grabbing another denim skirt and pair of tights and throwing them on the bed, "Or a key chain or something. Anything other than that!"

"It was for good luck and fertility," the Doctor argued, rushing to the defense of the initial hospitality of the Proonathians, "Really, being the first girl to give it a go is an honor on that planet!"

Amy turned, suddenly. "Why would I need to be fertile?" She really didn't mean it, but the redhead still never got tired of watching her Time Lord squirm with discomfort. Even watching it then, as his body went still and his jaw tightened, his fingers twisting with one another nervously, Amy had to put so much power into holding her laughter in.

"Uh… No," he stammered, trying to figure out a way to explain what he meant but also change the subject at the same time.

"Are you trying to tell me something, Doctor?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"What? No! Of course not! You know what I meant!"

"Do I? Hm. I think you mean I get to pick the next place. I can't be sure, Doctor. I'm just getting so distracted with this growing list of baby names in my head…"

"Oh, shut up!" the Doctor scowled, realizing what Amy was doing.

Amy flashed a smile before grabbing a purple top and heading over to the bed as the Doctor slipped on his tweed jacket. She was finally happy, knowing that this was what she was going to do every day for the rest of her life. She loved knowing that she was going to wake up every morning next to that mad man, run down corridors and unfamiliar paths on foreign planets or during foreign times. Amy loved knowing that she was getting everything she had ever dreamed of since she was a little girl and her Raggedy Doctor crashed into her aunt's old shed.

A moment later, the Doctor felt Amy's arms wrap around his waist. He turned to face her, instantly attacked by her lips. "I'm not letting you win this, Pond," he said, as their mouths parted and Amy starting kissing along his jawline. He really wanted to stand his ground on this matter, knowing that it was definitely unfair to be punished for Amy's actions. The softness of her robe against his hands as they clasped to her hips were far too enjoyable, though, and combined with the kisses, were making the Doctor struggle to keep his mind clear. "I- I mean it, Amy… I'm… Oh, stop! You know that… Ah!" Ever since Amy learned about the sensitive spot on the Time Lord's shoulder, she had been using it as a weapon of sorts. Like right at that moment, for instance. "Fine!" he gasped, a hand flying up to her red hair as she bit down, "You can pick! Just… One condition… Has to be… Amazing."

The redhead pecked the spot on his right shoulder, admiring the redness that was starting to set into his skin and fixed his shirt and jacket to cover it back up. She then glanced up at the Doctor through heavy eyelashes, a teasing smile on her face as she studied the nervous, annoyed, impatient, slightly lustful look he was giving her. "Have to say, Doctor," Amy sighed, wincing with fake pity, "That was way easier than I thought it was going to be."

The Time Lord rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms around Amy and pulling her tighter to him. He kissed her nose before touching their foreheads to one another, both lips turning up into a grin. "Amelia Pond… The girl who didn't make sense," the Doctor murmured, "As if I could resist."

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