The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Green Tea In A Blue Box

Takes place after Rory Williams' tragic death in "Cold Blood." The newly single Amy Pond can't remember a thing about Rory and the Doctor is caught between his attraction towards her and the guilt from Rory's death. ENJOY, MY FRIENDS! :)

Rory died. Rory Williams died, sacrificing himself for the Doctor, a man who was having questionable feelings about his fiancee. Well, ex-fiancee is the correct term, I believe, corrected the Doctor. To top it off, the dead man's fiancee didn't even remember a thing. His chest ached from Amy's furious punches, but also from the guilt. Rory's death was on the Doctor's hands.

"Oi!" Amy yelled from the kitchen, carrying out two mugs of steaming liquid, "I made some tea. Today was sorta rough, wasn't it?"

You have no idea, the Doctor thought sadly, She should be crying in her room, not wanting to look at me in the eyes, not being able to stand my presence. But here she is, all happy and glowing and bringing me... "Green tea?" the Doctor asked, when he had gotten his mug, "Since when did we start drinking green tea?"

"It's my favorite," she grinned, slowly sipping the hot tea. The Doctor sniffed at his mug, then followed suit. He hadn't tried green tea in ages. Who knew if he liked it in this body or not? Instantly, the minute it touched his tongue, the Doctor spit it all out, spraying green tea all over the TARDIS. Amy laughed, "You're cleaning that up."

"I think I'll stick to chamomile," he replied, setting the cup down on the nearest flat surface.

"You always spit my food out," Amy pouted, "Remember my beans? You said they were evil!"

"I was still getting used to my taste buds!" the Doctor cried, defensively, "No need to be so sensitive, Amelia."

"Amelia?" Amy looked at him oddly, stepping a bit closer towards him, "You only call me 'Amelia' when you're worried. What's wrong?" He hated how well she could read him. It scared the Doctor and made him doubt his capabilities at lying, which he had a strange sense of pride in.

"Let's go on an adventure!" the Doctor suggested, excitedly. Changing the subject was the only thing he could think of. "Have you ever been to the Trojan Gardens?" he asked, getting into his super-excited, hyper-speed mode. Amy opened her mouth to speak, but he quickly interrupted her, "No, of course not. It's beautiful! You'll love it. Especially during the summer. How about we catch a little shut-eye and go at it in the morning?"

"Sounds good," she shrugged, not matching his enthusiasm, still eyeing him carefully. But now it was a different eyeing. Not suspicious... "I don't think I'm really all that tired just yet, Doctor. Maybe we can get a little wet and wild in the swimming pool?" Amy suggested, giving the Doctor a seductive smile. She loved messing with him, making his eyes look away nervously. Amy just wasn't sure of what reaction she'd like better: nervously trying to stop, or actually giving in.

The Doctor froze. Oh no, he thought. One problem the Doctor had forgotten was that without Rory, Amy Pond was a single woman. If "engaged to Rory" Amy was bad, how much worse would "single" Amy be? How much bigger of a threat would she turn out to be? He didn't like this. Well, he did, but he didn't want to, and the fact that he did find some pleasure in this made him angrier. The Doctor wasn't going to sit here and flirt with Amy Pond. Not after Rory, her fiance, had died less than 6 hours ago, for the Doctor. I won't be able to resist her advances forever, the Doctor thought, grimly. Though he hadn't ever really considered them close during Rory's lifetime, he knew that they were friends now. Or else Rory wouldn't have ever done such a thing.

"Not tonight," the Doctor cleared his throat, avoiding her gaze. He switched on the TARDIS' autopilot and headed straight down to his bedroom.

"A little eager to get to the bedroom, eh?" Amy called, playfully. I don't know. This is pretty funny. He looks cute when he's nervous. Maybe even more than when he looks confident. Hm. No. Equally adorable either way.

"Good night, Amy" the Doctor said in a stern tone, like she was a child who was about to break a rule.

"Good night, Doctor!" The last thing he heard when he shut the door was the delightful sound of Amy Pond's laugh. Two things ran through his head. First, that her laugh was cute. Secondly, that if she had remembered all that happened that day, she wouldn't be laughing. At all.

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