The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

Forgotten Priorities

This takes place after "The Lodger." When the Doctor's time is unraveling in "The Big Bang," we see him and Amy on their way to Space Florida with all its wonders- like automatic sand(: Here's what happened on that trip! Oh, and also, I've been reading other stories and their intros are like "I don't own Doctor Who" blah blah blah. So... If you were under the impression that I owned Doctor Who.. Then you are sadly mistaken. :P ENJOY!

"This place is amazing!" Amy squealed, running down the beach of automatic sand. She wore a white Hawaiian tourist shirt, unbuttoned with two tank tops beneath it, shorts that showed off her long legs, and her usual cowboy boots. She peeked over her thick sun glasses at the sunny beach. It looked exactly like Earth Florida, or at least what she had seen on postcards of Earth Florida. The sand was white, the water an actually clear, light blue, and palm trees sprinkled everywhere.

The Doctor peeked out of the TARDIS door, grinning at the impressed expression on Amy Pond's face. He loved introducing her to new worlds and watching that shocked look of sheer wonderment light up on her pale face. "Amy," he called, "I'll be just a moment. I have to find my old swimming trunks."

"Please don't say you think speedos are cool," Amy joked, one hand on her hip. The Doctor just rolled his eyes, poking his head back into his blue box. He went through trunk after trunk before he finally found his blue swim shorts that went down to his knees. They had a white drawstring on them that he tied neatly after sliding them on. After grabbing the towel, he walked back out of the TARDIS and onto the beach.

What he next saw stunned the Doctor. So beautiful his mind whispered. Her pale, smooth skin shone from the sunscreen, and the way that her red hair glimmered in the sun made him catch his breath. Amy had taken off all her clothes with just a lilac bikini on and those same thick frames. She was stretched out on the towel in the sand, sun-bathing, though from his point of view, she looked to be sleeping. "Damn my affinity for redheads," the Doctor muttered, before walking over.

"Took you awhile," Amy commented, hearing the Doctor approach.

"Really? Sorry about that," he apologized, squinting from the sunlight. "You going out to the water?"

"Do you see this color?" She stuck a long leg up in the air, and the Doctor couldn't help but stare, "I'm pale as a ghost!"

"You look fine," the Doctor sighed, a smirk playing at his lips. She was absolutely perfect.

"You're just saying that to be nice."

"I never lie just for the sake of being nice," he replied.

"You should put on some sunscreen. You'll burn."

"I'm the Oncoming Storm, Amy." The Doctor flashed a cocky grin, "I doubt that the sun will bother me too much."

Amy sighed, "Fine. Suit yourself."

He couldn't tell if she was looking at him through her sunglasses, so he went off into the water himself. For awhile, it was just him there. He tested to see if he was a good swimmer, and he was. The Doctor hadn't felt so relaxed in such a long time. Then he heard a loud splash Amy screaming the whole way. "Very graceful, Pond."

"Shut up, Stupid," Amy cried, "I'm surprised you don't have a matching bow-tie to swim with."

The Doctor sent a wave of water towards her, which turned into an all out water fight that lasted them a good half hour, leaving them laughing and soaking wet. Amy taught the Doctor how to do a hand-stand underwater and did a few little races, but the Doctor stopped them when he was losing 4-2.

"You would have made a perfect wife for one of those giant fish from space," he teased, tapping her nose. Amy loved it when he did that.

"Meh. 'Alien' isn't really my type," she shrugged.

"Excuse me?" the Doctor's mouth gaped open, offended, "Don't forget we're different species, Pond!"

"Oh, I didn't," she laughed. The Doctor started to pick Amy up, but she knew what he was trying to do, so she made a fight out of it, smacking his chest and kicking, preventing him throwing her.

"Ow! That hurts!" he cried, and they paused to look at the red handprints on his chest, all the same shape and size of Amy's hands, "Look what you did to me!"

"You're the 'Oncoming Storm,' I thought. Here you are being beaten by a girl."

"Well, you're not like most girls," the Doctor pointed out. Amy looked at him, smiling, because that was exactly what she wanted to hear. But the teasing all stopped, because they had started to realize just how close they were. There wasn't even distance between them. The Doctor had picked her up bridal-style trying to throw her, and she was still there in his arms, so light in the water. Amy still had her arms around his neck from when she tried to hold on for dear life.

They just stared at each other, watching for any movement from the other, lost in the moment and not wanting to look away. She's absolutely magnificient. Amy's scent of lavender and sweet pea was all around them, stronger, like all the water on her skin and in her hair had turned to perfume. Amy was distracted with the drops of water rolling down his face. And those eyes. She was getting lost in those eyes. They were more beautiful than that whole beach surrounding them.

"Doctor," she murmured, breaking the silence. She wanted to kiss him so badly, but there was something telling her not to. The ring.The ring she had found in his coat pocket. It was for River, no doubt, but Amy didn't care at the moment. She had waited for this moment her whole life. All her other kisses, whether they had been for business or pleasure all led up to this, and would soon be overshadowed by this. Amy leaned in, swearing for a second that he was leaning in too, that he wanted it this time, that he wasn't going to run off with some silly excuse.

"Amy," he whispered, trying to say that they couldn't. But he failed. Her scent was all around them, her body warm against his. How could he resist? The Doctor leaned in, despite the screaming in his brain. He could hear all of them: himself, Rory, River, Rose, Martha, Donna, Reinette, Sarah, Liz I... Screaming at the top of their lungs, yelling, reminding him how this wouldn't work, reminding him of all the others that he'd left broken, reminding him how he would leave Amy just the same. But he wanted it. He wanted Amy. The Doctor was tired of worrying about the future. He just wanted this moment, this kiss.

But as we all know, you don't always get what you want. The Doctor could feel the heat of her lips as they approached faster to crash with his. Amy closed her eyes, but the Doctor kept his open. He wanted to see every detail of it happening. Somehow, though, he had missed a boy running down the beach towards them.

"Are you the Doctor?" the boy asked, oblivious to scene in front of him, "I saw your box. Please, sir. We need your help."

The two didn't separate immediately, but Amy opened her eyes, seeing just how close she had been to getting what she had always dreamed of. It was her that broke the embrace, sliding her hands away from his neck. Not the Doctor, but she had hardly noticed that detail. There was an overwhelming sense of betrayal, of guilt and embarrassment, though she couldn't quite pin it on a certain thing. He's a married man, she suggested, He may not be now. But he knows he will be. And you've met the future Mrs. Doctor. It isn't you.

The Doctor stepped away. He, at least, knew why he felt so guilty. How did he let things get that far? He cleared his throat before addressing the boy, his voice sounding so loud after such a quiet, intense moment, "Yes, hello. I'm the Doctor."

"Oh, thank goodness!" the boy grinned, elated, "Sorry to ruin your good time, though from the looks of that sunburn, you must have been out here awhile!"

The Doctor looked where the boy had motioned to. His shoulders. They were very red and hot to the touch. Amy smirked, looking back at him with wicked eyes that said "I told you so. So much for 'Oncoming Storm,'eh?"

"Well," the Doctor sighed, trying to ignore her amused smile and his own feelings of humiliation, "Let's hope we make it to tomorrow. What do we have here?"

"There's a crack, sir. A crack in the ground of the city's centre. And it's been getting bigger."

"The crack from my bedroom wall?" Amy asked, eyes cautious, remembering her fear of that crack all throughout her childhood.

"Let's find out," the Doctor murmured, already heading towards the TARDIS. Amy and the Doctor realized that they didn't have time to discuss what had happened. As usual, the Doctor was needed to save humanity. "But first," he added, "I need my handy dandy bow tie."

PS: Soon, chapters may be coming at a slower rate. I just finished Series 6 (Yeah. Just got addicted to this show like... Earlier this month) so I have to brainstorm how to incorporate those episodes in... And then write my own story that extends past Series 6! So... Yeah(: Beware!

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