The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense

How Could I Resist?

Amy Pond swore she would never let the Doctor see her cry over him. Yet, still she found her eyes filling with tears, doing her best not to let them fall as she looked upon her first love, her best friend, her Raggedy Doctor sitting weakly in the Pandorica. He was going to sacrifice himself for the universe by driving the box into the exploding TARDIS, making the Big Bang 2.

"Hi," Amy said nervously.

"Amy Pond," the Doctor smiled a painful smile, one that showed just how tired he was from the upturning of his lips, "The girl who waited all night in your garden. Was it worth it?" His voice was raspy and there were several pauses due to his breathing. All I want is to know that I didn't screw you up. Tell me I was worth it, his mind begged.

"Shut up," she replied, instantly, "Of course it was."

"You asked me why I was taking you with me and I said 'No reason.' I was lying." He wasn't going to tell her how he felt. Not when he was about to die. She wouldn't remember it anyways, so what would be the point? No, but he had to tell her something else. Something that would change Amelia's life forever. She needed to know just how much that crack in the wall effected her.

"It's not important," Amy shook her head, expecting an apology or something of the sort. But the Doctor didn't need to apologize to her. He was the greatest man she had ever come to know. He had made her life so much more interesting and meaningful than it would have been if he'd never crashed into her aunt's garden.

"Yeah," the Doctor murmured, turning serious, "Its the most important thing left in the universe. It's why I'm doing this." Amy, you're different than the others. I can truly see that now. You are unlike any other girl that I have met, and though you will soon forget me, don't think for a second that I would ever forget you. Not my fiery, flirtatious, little ginger. Not my Amelia Pond. That was what the Doctor wanted to say, but instead said, "Amy, your house is too big. That big, empty house with just you."

"And Aunt Sharon," she added, not getting where he was going.

"Where were your mum and dad? Where was... Everybody who lived in that big house?"

"I lost my mum and dad." And now I'm losing you.

"How? What happened to them?" the Doctor pressed, then dropped his voice to a whisper, "Where did they go?"

"I-" Amy started to explain, but stopped when... She couldn't. She didn't know how to answer his questions. What did happen? Where had they gone? "I don't-"

"It's okay, it's okay," he shushed her, not wanting her to go into shock or anything, "It's not your fault."

"I don't even remember," Amy whispered, confused. How could she forget her own parents?

"There's a crack in time in the wall of your bedroom," the Doctor explained, "And it's been eating away at your life for a long time now. Amy Pond... All alone. The girl who didn't make sense... How could I resist?"


I should be in there. He's my husband for crying out loud! River thought, But I'm not the girl he trusts most. Not yet. She is... River remembered the dolls and cartoons that Amy had made when she was a kid. She knew that Amy was infatuated with the Doctor, something that would come to an end very soon. Still, there was a twinge of jealousy that River couldn't help but feel. She comforted herself with thoughts of the future, where Amy and Rory were living happily as a married couple, where the Doctor and Amy were just close friends and nothing more, where River was the only woman that mattered. She'll soon get over him. And he will be mine. I just have to endure this.

The earth shook, almost making the woman lose her footing. The universe was coming to an end. "Doctor!" she cried, "It's speeding up!"

What River Song had forgotten was that time could be re-written.


"How can I remember them if they never existed?" Amy asked, furiously. Maybe she didn't want to bring her parents back. Maybe she just wanted him to stay. Time with her and the Doctor was running out. As she slipped the sonic screwdriver into his front pocket, their faces so close, Amy tried to remember how his lips had felt on hers all that time ago. They were warm and soft and irresistible. The moment they had touched hers, Amy couldn't get enough. Not until he had to pull her off him.

"Because," the Doctor whispered, drawing her in closer, "You're special. All that time... The universe puring into your head. You brought Rory back, you can bring them back too." He kissed a soft tendril of red hair, inhaling its scent that he loved so much, "You just remember, and they'll be there."

"You won't." They were the words that both knew the other was thinking about, but didn't dare to say. And they were the most painful words Amy's mouth had ever uttered. She stepped out of the box, the prison she had been in for almost 2,000 years and into the orange light of the empty museum.

"You'll have your family back," the Doctor attempted a smile, but it faded quickly, twitching with sadness, "You won't need your imaginary friend anymore."

That's when she lost it. Amy felt hot tears roll down her cheeks, but she didn't dare wipe them away. The most amazing man in the universe was being sent to his death. He deserved someone to cry over his death, and after today... Nobody would, because he would never have existed.

He let out a breathy laugh. "Amy Pond. Crying over me, eh? Well, guess what?"

"What?" She tried to control her voice, but was failing epically.

"Gotcha," the Doctor smirked as the doors of the Pandorica began to enclose around him.

Amy's tears fell faster as she watched her best friend leave for the last time. She cried for every mean thing she had ever said,all the times she had made fun of his stupid bow ties, for the shared memories she would soon forget, for the things they were both too afraid to say. For the death of her Raggedy Doctor.

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