Run Away

The autobots were spread around the computer monitors. There were no orders that were ordered. After Prime left Bells' room, he went straight to the computer and ignored everyone who tried to talk to him. Eventually, the others followed suit, everyone on the computer. Though no one even bothered to look to see what the other was looking for, everyone was looking for the same thing.

Ironhide just didn't understand it. Why a human would hurt each other was beyond him. As much as he hated the decepticon's, he didn't want to hurt them. He didn't have a choice. But humans who hurt themselves? He couldn't fathom the reasoning behind that. He was looking it up, and he saw that some humans even killed themselves, and he couldn't understand why.

Bumblebee didn't understand why she didn't tell him. Didn't she trust him? There wasn't anything that she could say to him that would upset him. There wasn't anything she could do that would make him not want to help her any less. Although he didn't quite understand why human's did cause such harm to themselves, he did understand that the only way one is to heal from pain, it is to seek and receive help. So why didn't she come to him?

Ratchet and Jazz couldn't believe that they had missed it. They both suspected something else, but didn't push the topic to far. When Ratchet saw the cuts, he believed her story about the branches hitting her, then blindly assumed that someone had attacked her. Then Jazz knew it wasn't from the brush in the forest. When he questioned her, she didn't say anything. He assumed it was just a bad moment in her past she wasn't proud of. He had plenty of those, and bringing them up wasn't ever fun, no matter how long it'd been. He just let it go, didn't even bother pushing it any further. He should've. They both should've.

Optimus Prime was furious. She came under his protection, his guard. It was his job to protect her. But she hurt herself. She kept him from succeeding. It wasn't fair. Optimus knew he was over reacting, but he wasn't ready to calm down. Not just yet.

I knew where my dad was.

I never told my mom, I was afraid that she'd get mad at me and take that from me. I didn't want her to.

I never got to see him, but I sent him letters all the time. He never sent any back, he was afraid of my mom finding them. But, I knew where he was.

And I was going to go see him.

Ratchet hadn't told me anything about my medical condition. But I didn't care. I ripped out my wires, and climbed out of the bed, cradling my bandaged arm against my chest. I wrote a quick note on a piece of paper, and left.

Ratchet walked into the med bay to check on Bells. He was going to apologize, as well. Upon deeper investigation in what human teens call "cutting," he felt bad for the way they all reacted. Everyone did. Optimus Prime, especially, but he wasn't really expressing it. He walked into the bay, and looked straight into an empty bed.

"Annabelle?" he called, looking around. When he still hadn't found her, he looked closer on the bed. He transformed and activated his holoform, looking at a folded up piece of paper resting on her pillow. He read it, and his world dropped. He radioed for Optimus Prime, knowing that everyone that heard and was able to would be coming behind him.

"Ratchet?" Prime asked as he walked in.

Ratchet held up the note to Prime's face.

"We lost her,"


Hey guys. I know y'all are disappointed in me. I never know why I do it. I just have a feeling to, and I do. At school, when people asked, I said it was because it worked. In that little bit of time, pain is the only thing that matters. It's not that I don't want to be with you guys. Honestly, if Bumblebee wouldn't have saved me, I would be dead. I know that, and that was the plan then. But that wasn't the plan with this one. I swear upon everything holy, I didn't want to kill myself with this cut. That wasn't the goal, just an unhappy outcome, and I am forever grateful that you guys saved me. Both times.

Like Optimus said, there may not be a third time, and I am going to make sure you guys are never in that position again.

Sorry guys.

Don't look for me.


It had been two days until I had finally arrived at my father's house. I came to the door and knocked. I was expecting my dad to answer it, but I was met with a complete stranger.

"Can I help you?" he asked, looking at me like he'd never seen before.

"Yes, I am looking for my father?" I asked cautiously. I had no idea who this man was.

"You must have the wrong house. We don't have any kids. I'm sorry," he shut the door, and I walked away.

I walked next door to the park in the next town over, and sat on top of the slide. I had no where else to go. I didn't understand. Going back to my mom's house was out of the question. My dad wasn't there. The autobots wouldn't take me in anymore. I hugged my knees to my chest and sat in the dark. I glanced at my still bandaged arm, and debated on tearing the stitches out, but I was met with the sound of a transformer transforming.

"Go away," I said quietly, hiding my face in my knees.

"Nice to see you again, Annabelle."

I looked up, and saw two red eyes looking into my soul.

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