Optimus Primes?

!@#$%A Few Months Later!@#$%^&

"Optimus, I'm detecting another decepticon signal,"

Optimus sighed. He took one last final look at his computer. Ever since Bells had left, he had spent every free minute to search for any signs of her. Any card, any video camera, any bus ticket, anything that would lead him in the direction of where she is to go. But he still hasn't come up with a single thing.

"Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ironhide, let's go," Optimus called out, already making his way to the bridge. The three he called for followed close behind.

On the other side, they were met with mass chaos.

It was in the middle of no where, thank the allspark, but there were plots of land and trees stacked on top of each other. Even though most of the attacks the decepticon's made were heavily guarded twenty four seven, there was only one guard on duty. He didn't stand a prayer against one of them, let alone all four.

"Something's fishy here, Optimus," Wheeljack commented, looking around at all of the damage. "They were looking for something,"

"And whatever it is, they have it," Prime confirmed. "There mustn't be time, search around for anything that may -"

"Optimus Prime,"

Optimus stopped and turned to see his sworn enemy. It hadn't been since the day that he escaped with Bells since he'd seen Megatron.

"And what do I owe this pleasure?" Megatron asked sarcastically.

"Your destruction," Optimus answered, facing him with his drawn drawn. "Prepare to meet the allspark," Prime growled as he began the charge of his gun.

"I may not want to do that just yet, Optimus," a voice that sounded strangely familiar. "I don't want to be the one who damages Megatron's few hard blows?"

Optimus looked past Megatron, and was staring at two golden eyes. Two golden eyes that met Optimus eye-to-eye. There wasn't a single cybertronian that could do that. Optimus stopped in his tracks. He took a look up and down the new decepticon, a familiar red and blue paint job eminent.

"Optimus?" Wheeljack asked hesitantly, looking between the two.

"You see, Optimus," Megatron laughed, looking between the two. "When I took you a few mega-cycles ago, I scanned your entire body, getting every corner, every shard of metal, every small detail. I then had Knock Out work closely with Shockwave to build this masterpiece before me, and thanks to your little human friend, we were able to create a new you. Meet, Nemesis Prime."

All of the autobots shot Megatron a look at the mention of their human friend. Annabelle had been gone, and they hadn't stopped looking for her. If Megatron and the decepticons had her, there was only one way to get to her.

Before Optimus had gotten close to Megatron, the new con attacked him. As the two fought, the other three went after Megatron.

Optimus fought hard, but his attacker seemed to know every move he was to make. He matched every blow, every charge, every swing. His attacker knew everything about the Prime. Optimus drew his gun and aimed, straight into the barrel of the other.

"Drop your weapon, soldier," Optimus demanded, looking at the con suspiciously.

"I was going to tell you to do the same," the same baritone voice commanded back.

The autobots and Megatron stopped fighting, looking at the standoff before them.

"Which one is our guy?" Bulkhead whispered to Ironhide.

"I'm not sure," the old mech replied, looking for any difference in the two Prime's before them. "In all of my years, I'd never seen another bot look exactly like our own,"

Megatron laughed, circling around the two, looking for his Optimus Prime. Wheeljack drew his guns, pointing them in the direction of the two Prime's. No one said a word for a few minutes.

"What are you going to do, Wheeljack?" Megatron asked, smiling. "You wouldn't want to shoot the wrong Optimus, now would you?" Wheeljack let his guns drop, much to Megatron's pleasure. "I have your precious human on my warship. Maybe if Prime were to surrender, I would release her,"

"How do we know you're not bluffing?" Ironhide stepped forward, aiming his cannon at the decepticon leader.

Megatron only smiled. He held up his hand, producing what seemed to be a live image of a girl. She had Annabelle's dirty blonde hair, and her green eyes. But there was something different. Her green eyes were sad, alone, depressed. Her frame was twenty times smaller than normal, and there blue and black bruises covering her body. But the worst part was her arms. Lined, up and down, with horizontal red lines. Some fading, some still dripping the red liquid. Laying off to her side was a small piece of glass, pointed at the end. The point was stained red.

One of the Optimus' looked away from the other. He looked at the image Megatron was portraying. He shifted his guns and aimed them at Megatron. The con Optimus started charging his guns, but Wheeljack and Ironhide beat him to it, raising both their weapons at the con's direction.

"Why didn't you take the glass away from her?" the good Optimus snarled, glaring at Megatron.

"I allowed her to keep in on one condition: she don't try to kill her self again," Megatron grinned.

Optimus glared, fighting a mental war in his mind. Eventually, he put his guns away, and put his arms above his head.

Megatron grinned bugger as the autobots dropped their weapons, staring open mouthed at their leader. The con autobot ran forward, placing stasis cuffs on the autobot's hands, and leading him forward.

"Remember your word, Megatron," Optimus said as he walked past, walking into the ground bridge that appeared before him.

Megatron glared at the autobots. "You were right to question my trust,"

Ironhide narrowed his eyes at the lying decepticon leader. He fires his cannons, and Megatron only smiles, backing into the portal. It closes just as Ironhide's blasts reaches it.

"Scrap," he cursed, looking at the other two autobots with him.

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