Attacking the Base

As soon as Optimus Prime got through the portal, he shoved his elbow into the side of the clone's face. As the clone went down, Optimus slammed his fists onto the nearest decepticon's head, breaking the cuffs in half. He lifted the nearest decepticon body and held it in front of him as he charged the remaining three decepticons. Just as he had killed the last one, Megatron calmly walked through the portal. He took one long look at the scene before him, until he rested his eyes on the enraged Prime.

"Where is she Megatron?"

Megatron only laughed. "You do not stand a chance, Prime. Those stasis cuffs will still keep you from your weapons. So now, you are rendered defenseless, and every decepticon is going to go after you." Optimus said nothing, staring into Megatron's spark. "But, I do love a good challenge. If you find her, and survive, you may have her,"

Optimus took off as soon as those words were said, ignoring the laughter that was following.

"Optimus Prime to base, do you read me?"

Ratchet smiled. The autobots had not yet returned from their mission, and Optimus was the first that he'd heard from them.

"Ratchet here. How's it going Optimus?"

"Lock on to my coordinates, and send everyone," the Prime ordered, much to Ratchet's surprise.

Ratchet searched for Optimus, and when he found him, his jaw dropped.

"Optimus, you're in the air,.."

Just then, the remaining autobots screeched into the hangar. Ironhide immediately transformed and started babbling on about how the decepticons had gotten Optimus.

"Ironhide, I need you to lead the team through the ground bridge. You will be met with heavy fire. I want all decepticons down, no excuses," their leader demanded.

Ironhide stared at the screen, then at Ratchet, then nodded.

"Ratchet, I need you to come here," Optimus informed the medic. "Bring both medical kits."


"Bring the human one as well. You will be needing it."

Ratchet nodded, running off to grab the things he needed. Ironhide called for the remaining autobots to meet him in the hangar. When Ratchet returned, they activated the ground bridge and charged through.

Optimus Prime wasn't lying when they said that they would be met with heavy fire. Almost every decepticon was waiting for their arrival. In the middle of the pile of decepticons, Prime's stiletto was just barely noticeable.

"Why do you think he isn't using his weapons?" Bumblebee called to whoever could hear him over the fighting they were roughly thrown into.

"Look at his wrists," Ironhide responded, more to Ratchet than Bee. "He has something on them,"

"They look like stasis cuffs," Ratchet answered, trying to get to Optimus while doing the least amount of harm possible. He hated fighting, but realized that it was absolutely necessary at times.

Optimus Prime realized that the others had arrived, due to the number of decepticon's attacking him decreasing. He didn't see any of them, however, until Ratchet made his way to his side.

"If you can pull yourself away from here for thirteen astro-seconds I can get those things off of you," Ratchet called.

At this, Optimus smiled and nodded. He fought his way through the mass of decepticons, admiring Ratchet's light attacks against the cons attacking him. Ratchet was a medic, his job was to save people, not be the reason of their destruction. As Ratchet worked on the cuffs, Optimus took a look at the battle for the first time. There were a lot of decepticons laying on the ground around them, but also there were two autobots. Wheeljack was sitting up against the wall in the corner, firing a single gun at any decepticon he could. Ironhide was covering as Sideswipe and Bumblebee carried a weak Bulkhead to the same corner. His friends were in danger, and there were still decepticons coming.

As soon as Ratchet gave the all clear about his stasis cuffs, Prime barked orders at him.

"Annabelle is here somewhere," he stated frantically. "She has glass with her, and Megatron hasn't made any attempt to keep it from her. She looked as if she had lost a lot of blood, and dehydrated,"

"Do you have any idea where she is?" Ratchet asked, standing, grabbing the supplies he had used to help Optimus.

Optimus pointed at a hallway behind them. "She's not in there. That's the only one that I have been through."

Ratchet nodded and took off down the nearest hallway. Optimus watched him go before turning around and dismantling the decepticons that were attacking his friends.

Ratchet looked up and down the hallways. He was surprised at how little decepticons there were. He hadn't seen a single one in the five earth minutes that he had been searching. It didn't make any sense.

The sound of footsteps approaching him caught his attention away from his search. He quickly ducked in the nearest doorway, using the darkness to shade his green color.

Megatron slowly paced his way down the hall. He had one goal in mind: reach the autobot human friend. If Megatron had the filthy thing in his hands, he would be able to use it to his advantage. It wouldn't be long after that when he could control every move every autobot made.

As he rounded the hall's curvature, he thought that he had heard some movement. He activated his scanners and scanned the area immediately around him. He didn't pick up anything but a small retrorat.

Stupid, inconsiderate things. He thought, continuing on.

Ratchet followed him as closely as he could without being detected by his scanners. He figured Megatron would be retrieving Bells, especially since he wasn't moving towards the battle. Hopefully, Megatron would lead him straight to the human.

Oh, geez that hurts.

I slowly reopened my eyes, looking up first. I dropped the shard of glass that was left in my cell, splattering the blood on it onto my leg. I look down at my arm, and softly drift my forefinger across the newly reopened scars. Residing in this Hell, I couldn't help but do a little. I didn't try to deepen the cuts anymore. I couldn't do anything about it, I was stuck here. I had told the autobots not to look for me. I pray to God they didn't listen. I looked at my arm again, watching the blood fall over my arm, dropping onto the floor.

At that moment, the door opened. Myself and the two guards that were stationed to guard me stood up at the newcomer's arrival. I sat down as I realized who it was: Megatron.

"Leave us," Megatron ordered saying nothing more as the cons left the room. I continued my attention to the cuts on my arm. As much as I loved the pain, I didn't want any infections. I took a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (it took a little convincing to get them to get me this stuff) and poured it over my arm. It fizzed and bubbled, but it also stung to no prevail. I winced as Megatron opened the door and leaned in. "You're coming with me," he almost laughed. I rolled my eyes and acknowledged him none.

The door opened.

"I told you to le-"

Megatron was thrown to the other side of the room where he hit his head. Stunned for only half a second gave his attacker all the time he needed to inject the con with a lethal dose of a sedative. Bells looked up at the sound of Megatron crashing into the wall, seeing a green robot looming over Megatron's still body.

"Ratchet?.." she asked hesitantly, wondering if it was the decepticons playing a trick on her again.

"Bells," he smiled, holding out his hand.

Bells got on, careful not to disturb any of her bruises, cuts, the whole lot. "Where are the others?"

"No time to explain now kid. We gotta get you out of here and back to the base as soon as possible."

Bells nodded and held on as the autobot plunged forward. She stole a glance back at the decepticon leader on the floor. His red eyes following her, but not entirely looking at her, not moving a single bit.

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