Going Back

When I woke again, Ironhide informed me that it was morning, and that if I wanted to get up now was the time to do it. He stayed in the room with me as I got ready for the morning, holding everything sharp in his hands as he turned his back as I showered and got dressed. I had woken up a couple more times throughout the night, unsure of the exact number.

"Hey 'HIde," I called as I threw the closest shirt I had over my head. "What happened to Jazz? I haven't seen him yet."

"Optimus sent him to commune with your human leaders," Ironhide responded, analyzing one of the books on my shelf. "He should be contacting base sometime soon."

"Is it anything important? What are they talking about?" I paused. "It's okay to turn around now."

"Well, it's all about weather or not we pose a threat to humanity by staying here," he turned around, still studying the book in his hands, my razors and scissors tucked under his arm. "After you're disappearance, Optimus didn't think he would be suitable to talk to your leaders. Sending Jazz was the most logical choice. He's been gone for about three weeks now," Ironhide looked up at me as I approached him, grabbing my things out from under his arms and placing them in their rightful place. "What is this?" he asked, holding the book up.

I looked at the cover, and didn't even have to think about the answer before I gave it. "Harry Potter. It's about witches and wizards."

Ironhide looked at me puzzled. I nodded, not sure what he was questioning. "May I read this?" I nodded just as we approached the hangar, Ironhide's truck following not to far behind.

"Ironhide!" Ratchet called. "Now that you're done playing superhero get your aft up here and help me out here!"

I laughed as Ironhide grumbled, the holoform disappearing and the truck transforming behind me. It didn't take long until the sounds of the two mechs arguing filled the bay. Bumblebee was staring at the autobot-sized tv in front of him as I pounded on my gaming chair.

"You up for a couple of rounds, sugar?" he glared down at me, holding up an autobot-sized remote.

"Oh, you're on!" I shouted, grabbing my own and flipping on Mario Kart.

Optimus glanced behind him at Annabelle and Bumblebee playing a human video game. It was one with the racing, where Bells always insisted on being the one that reminded her of him. He had been worried about her recently. She hadn't talked much about the things that she had witnessed, and didn't really say much about where she went after she left the base, or even how she got out without any of them noticing.

I can't be thinking about this too much. Jazz should be coming in with a report soon.

Like clockwork, Jazz's voice came on the radio, requesting Optimus' attention. Speak of the devil.

"Optimus Prime," he acknowledged.

"Prime, I have a slight situation," Jazz said calmly.

Optimus immediately thought Decepticons and tensed up. "Yes?" he asked as calmly as he could, not wanting to make any rash calls.

"The humans aren't entirely...pleased that we have Annabelle in our possession." Jazz explained. "They're sending a party with me to take her back home,"

At this, Ironhide and Ratchet stopped arguing to listen. Thankfully, Bumblebee had her so into that game that she wasn't paying attention, but Bee could hear and was leaning towards the computer's direction as if trying to hear more.

"I will not allow that to happen," Ironhide said gravely, charging his cannons and swinging them freely on his arms. "You don't know what happened when I took her home that one time,"

"I understand the difficulties behind this decision," Jazz said softly. "I'm not too happy about it either. But it's the only option here, Prime. I've argued them as much as I can. There's nothing we can do about it."

"Bullshit there's nothing," Ratchet spoke. "We're four times their size,"

"But they also have the power to kick us off this planet." Optimus growled. He paused, then sighed. "Are you sure there's nothing we can do, Jazz?"

"I'm sorry, Prime,"

Optimus sighed and looked over to where Bells was still playing with Bee. Bee had paused and was looking sadly at them all, Bells oblivious to it all.

"So," Wheeljack asked, stepping away from Bulkhead. "Who gets to tell her?"

I can't believe it.

I tried so hard to keep my face the same as I listened to their conversation. I wonder why they didn't use to comm link, it would've been easier to keep the info from me. Maybe they don't know I'm listening. I paused the game as the silence had gone on, and turned to look at the autobots looking at me.

"It's okay," I said, fighting tears away and trying to keep my smile painted on my face. "I understand. I will go,"

Optimus looked sadly down at me. "Thank you for understanding, little one," he nodded at me. "You will always have a home here."

"It's not that far away," I laughed lightly.

I walked to my room, and started packing some bags. I threw in a couple new shirts and jeans, shampoo and conditioner, and razors. I grabbed one of them, and held it up. If I could just break it…

"Bells," a deep baritone voice called. A hand grabbed mine, and tilted the razor out of my hand. I looked up to see Optimus standing there, his blue eyes showing concern, anger, fear.

Before another word could be spoken, I collapsed into his arms sobbing uncontrollably.

"I don't want to go back," I stuttered into his shoulder, his arms wrapping around me.

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