I was back on the ground. It wasn't the concrete ground the decepticons had me on, but the carpeted ground that my mother made me sleep on. My back and thighs were burning with pain. My wrist was on fire and throbbing. I was light headed, freezing, but sweating. My ribs were aching with every breath, undeniably hurt somehow.

My mother was furious when I got home. As soon as the authorities left, she turned cold.

Sadly, it was now time to get up. I went through my normal morning routines, just as if nothing had happened. But, the thing was, while I was doing them, I was praying to whoever would listen to send an autobot right at that point.

"Annabelle!" my mother called from the restroom. I walked in, only to find her filling a tub with water. "I saw this in a book. Come here. If you can go through with this without complaining, once, I will let you go see your 'friends' tonight." I eagerly nodded. "Climb in."

After about twenty minutes in the freezing water, my mom sent me out into the rising shade to sit for another twenty. The water on my body was freezing with the crisp 30 degree morning weather. At about the twenty-five minute mark, a familiar black topkick pulled into the driveway.

"ANNABELLE YOU BETTER LEAVE BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND" my mother called, sending me to run into Ironhide's cab, still soaked and freezing.

"Bells, what happ-"

"Can it, Ironhide," I ordered, shivering. "Let's go,"

"Luckily, none of your injuries are severe, but because of the cold you are on the verge of catching pneumonia," Ratchet explained to Bells, looking away from his many machines to look at her. She was asleep on the bed, breathing deeply, thrashing with the oncoming nightmare. "Optimus, should we do something?"

"We can't do anything," Prime murmured, laying next to her on the bed, trying to keep her hands from ripping her IV out.

Optimus was trying to keep it calm. Annabelle, his human friends, was trapped in the hands of someone who hurt her for fun. And the human associates wouldn't do anything about it. How furious he was didn't even register it on his scanners.

"There has to be something," Bumblebee said softly, looking at Bells with the same look as Optimus had.

"There isn't," Jazz chimed in from a corner of the med bay. "I have tried every angle I can think of. I overheated my processor trying to figure a way around it."

"The United States Government would rather have a teenage girl in the hands of her abusive mother than eight alien robots in the middle of a civil war," Ironhide muttered. "We have put her in more danger than her mother has, guys. Think about it. She was abducted. By the decepticons. There can't be any pain more than that,"

The autobots paused to think about that. In a way, they could see where the humans were coming from. But then again; "At least we can provide the utmost protection." Optimus growled from clenched teeth. "We will risk our lives before she is hurt by a decepticon hand. We have all proven that. Her mother…. she hurts her for fun,"

"Guys," Jazz called softly again, still leaning in his corner. "It's 8:30. We have to wake her up."

"I'll drive her home," Optimus stated, gently waking the poor, and injured girl.

"Where is my clone?" Megatron called, walking into the control bay of their decepticon warship.

"He was...badly injured by Optimus, lord Megatron," Starscream sneared. "We had to … offline him."

"YOU WHAT!?" Megatron backhanded the much smaller decepticon, watching as he sailed backwards, landing into the wall. "No one decides who is offlined and who isn't besides me. I thought I made that clear,"

"Lord Megatron," one of his pilot's called, waving him over to the direction of the scanner. "We have three cybertronian lifeforms entering Earth's atmosphere,"

"Of which decent?" Megatron asked, turning his attention to the scanners, leaving the tiny plane in much relief but despair.

"It is unclear, lord,"

"Send a party to investigate. Make sure we get there before the autobots."

"Optimus, do you see-"

"Yes. Autobots, transform, and roll out!"

As the autobots approached the crater that the ship caused when landing, they could very plainly see a decepticon symbol on it.

"It could be just an autobot escaping on the only thing he could," Sideswipe explained, looking around. "That's how I came here."

"Nonetheless, act with absolute caution," Optimus ordered, charging his guns.

The autobots searched the wreckage, looking for any sign of life, but finding none.

But then suddenly: "Optimus Prime?"

Optimus swerved around, and was met with the blue eyes of a sky blue transformer. A female transformer.

"Optimus, there's two more," Bulkhead called, aiming his guns at a purple and pink transformer, itching for a fight as he had just got off the medical bed.

"Optimus," the blue transformer in front of him said. "Do you not recognize us?"

"I have my suspicions," the grand transformer said calmly, not a hint of emotion in his voice.

"It's me," she smiled. "Elita One,"

Bells smiled slightly, taking a break from the cleaning the kitchen floor. She knew that what she had was bad, but she knew the autobots would help her. She trusted them completely.

"Annabelle keep working."

I just hope it's soon.

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