I'm Back!

"Annabelle! Wake up!"

I grumbled to myself as I pushed myself off of the ground. I wa having a great dream, before I was interrupted by -

"Annabelle get up now!"

I hurried to the kitchen, where I saw a man that I had never seen before. He had a little grey in his hair, but he was in his late twenties, early thirties. The one big thing that stuck out to me was his eyes. They were a bright red. Like, decepticon red. If I didn't know any better I'd think that the decepticons had developed holoforms, but Ratchet had said that the technology was beyond them.

"Annabelle, this is Chris. Make us both some breakfast then go get your sister up. We're going out tonight," my mother ordered, as she stared dreamily into this Chris' eyes. I rolled my eyes and turned the coffee on.

I was thinking about Bumblebee and Sideswipe and how they were going to prank Ironhide this morning. My train of thought was interrupted by Chris throwing something at my shoulder.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked him, not looking down to see what he threw.

"How does that sound, human?" he snarled.

I froze. What human uses the word human when addressing someone? And that voice. ...It sounded so fimiliar.

"She probably wasn't listening dear. She was probable thinking about her new friends," my mother said in disgust, flipping through another magazine. "Chris wants to take you shopping and leave Angela and I here at home. That way you can do all the hard work and I can stay here."

"I really don't want to mother," I said, not looking away from the man's red eyes. "I don't think I trust Chris that much yet." Or ever.

"Well I do. Chris is a part of the family now. You better treat him with respect."

"Then it's settled," Chris smiled, standing up walking to the door. "Let's go human."

Optimus Prime drove through the hills of Ohio carefully, making each turn slowly, allowing the newly arrived autobot to learn behind him.

Female autobots. They hadn't have been heard from since they left Cybertron for earth. There were hundreds of them in the war effort, but now, standing before them, there were three. The pink corvette behind them is Arcee. She is the same age as Bumblebee, having gone through training with him. The purple bug was Chromia, the group's weapons specialist. She took lessons from Ironhide himself. Then, finally, the sky blue ford f-150 is Elita One, leader of the girls. She worked side by side Optimus Prime during the days of the wars on Cybertron. Rumors had it that the two became sort of an item. Even Optimus couldn't deny for himself that there wasn't some sort of connection.

Arcee and Chromia branched off to meet with the other autobots to catch up, but Elita followed Optimus. He didn't quite know where he was going, but when he ended up in the miles and miles of corn fields in Indiana, he stopped and transformed. He watched as Elita followed suit and walked up to him.

"Optimus," her voice rang, reaching a hand up to his face. "Oh, how we have missed you boys."

Optimus sighed and pulled away from her touch. "What happened?"

Elita dropped her hand and looked around at the Earth. "What a beautiful planet the humans have," she said, staring at the sunset before her. "It reminds me of Cybertron before the war consumed it's life,"

"That's what I thought when I first laid eyes on her beauty," Optimus agreed, letting the suggested topic drop. "But some of these humans are as bad as Megatron himself,"

"What do you mean?"

"In our time here, we have made one single human friend, An-"

"Annabelle," Elita interrupted. "The others told me a little about her,"

"Bumblebee found her on the brink of death. We had first thought that one of the humans had attacked her, and we were blind to see that it wasn't other humans, but herself."

"She had purposly almost offlined herself?" Elita asked in confusion.

"Yes," Optimus paused, looking away from the femme in front of him. He thought back to the day that the autobots had found out about self harm, and how their reactions had driven her out and into decepticon hands. "It was prolonged. Her caregiver isn't the nicest to her. She abuses her, neglects her, and makes her serve her and her younger siblings."

"But didn't the humans send her back to her caregiver?"

A low growl emitted from Prime's throat as he thought of Bells in that house with her caregiver. "Yes,"

Elita looked into the sunset, and thought of the young human. "Maybe I could talk to her," Elita suggested, catching Optimus' eye. "Maybe I could provide some support, from a femme point of view."

Optimus pondered over the idea, then nodded. "Thank you,"

"Lord Megatron to decepticon headquarters, come in."

"Soundwave here, how may I serve?"

"Ah, Soundwave. How has been the production of my new clone?"

"Slow, but steady, my lord."

"Good. Prepare the bed again. The human Antonia fell for the holoform, just as you suggested. I have the autobot pet and am making my way to the base. I want the scout,"


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