Jacob Michael

"Who are you texting, youngling?"

I politely put my phone up, and looked at the man in the driver's seat. Chris had a silver lamborghini, with hints of purple here and there. It was easy to settle into the chair, but I was uneasy. "Just a couple friends," I answered, not wanting to tell him I was texting my secret friends who were giant robots from another planet.

"Your car- mother said something about you making some new friends," he stuttered, looking at me almost as if he was happy about something. "Tell me, what are their names?"

"The one I'm texting, his name is Bee," I smiled up at him. "He's the nicest."

"Oh is he now?" Chris almost smiled. "What does 'Bee' stand for?"


He seemed content with that answer. It was silent for a while until my phone beeped again. I looked at it.

Optimus doesn't want to take any risks. He is sending Ironhide and I to meet you at this mall. See you there. -B

I sighed and put my phone down next to me. I thought for a little, looking out the window. It's nice to have friends that care about me.

Arcee froze, mid step. She immediately started regretting her decision to transform.

She had been patrolling the area around her for some time now. She was getting aches in her joints so she wanted to stop and stretch a little. She had pulled into the woods, deep into them, and transformed. She cracked her back, and started to move around, but she heard a stick snap as soon as she lifted her foot.

She activated her infrared and saw a human crouching behind the bushes to her left. She sighed, put her foot down, and crouched towards the direction of the human.

"You can come out," she called, trying to make herself as small as possible. "I will not harm you,"

The bushes moved and shook with the movement of the human, and out stepped a youngling, a boy. He had blonde hair, and blue eyes. He stared at Arcee not with fear, but with utmost curiosity. She held still, not wanting to frighten him, as he circled her. Finally, he came to her front and just looked at her.

"My name is Arcee," she said, smiling. "What is yours?"

"My name is Jacob Michael," he said, looking up at the transformer. He paused, and looked down at his feet. "If you don't mind my asking...what are you?"

Arcee smiled and offered the boy her hand. He looked at it, shrugged his shoulders and climbed on. "I am an autobot, descended from the planet Cybertron."

"So you're an alien?"

She laughed. "Yes, I am in fact an alien. But I am not here to harm you, or any of the life here. I am here to protect it."

"From what?"

"From the decepticons," she said. She looked down at the boy, slowly making her way back to the base. "The decepticons started a war against the government, and we autobots formed to stop them. The decepticons brought us here, and here we are."

Optimus and Elita One were on separate monitors, looking for any decepticon activity. They were following Ironhide and Bumblebee as well, trying to lock on to Bells' signal. When they had got back, Bumblebee had informed them of her suspicions. When they heard footsteps coming from the entrance, they knew it was Arcee returning from her rounds. With Bumblebee gone, she had turned into the temporary scout. What they weren't expecting, was the human that she held in her hand talking to as she walked in.

Elita noticed it first, and knocked Prime on the shoulder with her fist. He turned to look, and took a quick intake of breath.

"Arcee?" he calmly called out.

Both the bot and the human looked up at him. Arcee's face froze, probably with fear of what the autobot commander was going to say. The human, however, looked up at the mech in awe. Optimus was much, much taller than Arcee, and much bigger.

"Wow," he said under his breath, barely audible.

"Optimus, sir," Arcee finally managed to get out. "Elita One, ma'am. This is, Jacob Michael. I.. he… he saw me transform.."

"It's alright," Elita One approached her, resting her hand on the bot's shoulder. "A clear explanation was all we were looking for and that's what we got. Isn't it, Prime?"

Optimus nodded, then turned back to his work.

Elita rolled her optics and offered her hand out to the human. "Don't mind him," she winked, as Jacob climbed into her hand. "Our other human friend thinks she is in danger, so he's monitoring two of our assets as they investigate.

"Other humans know too?" Jacob asked, taking in the giant hangar.

"Yes. Her name is Annabelle,"

"Annabelle Johnson?"


Elita stopped to look at the Prime, the only one who could give her orders. He approched them slowly, then bent down to be eye level with the human.

"How do you know her?"

"She went to my school," he answered, not even missing a beat. "I talked to her a few times."

Optimus stared at the boy. If he knew Bells, he would know about her arms. "Did you notice her arms?"

"Yes, of course I did. That's why I started talking to her. I've done it before, I know the kind of pain she was in. I wanted to help,"

Optimus narrowed his eyes, then stood to his full height. "Give him a tour," he ordered the two femmes.

"Can he stay?" Arcee asked softly, but hope seeping into her eyes.

"If he so chooses," Optimus said, just as quietly.

"Lord Megatron, we have scanned the scout's alt. form. We will be able to get a clone of him,"

"Very good. I will leave the human with the autobots then."

"Are those your friends?"

Ilooked up, and sure enough, there was a yellow camaro and a black topkick in front of them.

"Yes," Ismiled. But how did he know…

"I'll just drop you off here then. I will get what your mother wants. See you back at home,"

As soon as Bells was out of the car, Chris took off. Ironhide's holoform appeared but it was too late, he was gone.

I started walking towards the cars, Bumblebee's holoform now activated.

"Thanks for coming guys," she smiled. "I guess I'm with you now?"

Bumblebee smiled excitedly, but Ironhide still looked towards the direction that Chris came from.

"It did feel like Megatron," Ironhide said. "I want you to stay with us tonight," he said dryly.

I tried to hold back a smile as I moch saluted him. "Yes, sir!"

Ironhide smiled and scruffed my hair. "Who you riding with?"

When I stepped out of Bumblebee, I was met with Optimus Prime, two female looking transformers (I knew they had arrived, but I wasn't sure of their names) and in the hand of the pink one, stood a human.

Ironhide transformed, and scooped me into his giant hand. He turned it over and I sat with my legs crossed in his palm. He brought me to Optimus, who looked happy to see me.

"Prime?" Ironhide asked, looking at the taller mech. "I suggest that Bells stays with us tonight. I didn't get a good read on the vehicle that the human mech was driving, but I did detect some sort of energon coming off of it."

Optimus looked at me, then back at Ironhide. "I will notify Antonia that she will not be returning home tonight," I smiled moved my legs like wings, up and down. "Jazz will be accompanying you tonight, as he has a few things he'd like to talk to you about,"

I nodded, and started searching for the smaller silver mech I knew well, and missed. I fell short and gasped when my eyes fell on the human. "Oh no," I whispered.

Suddenly, all movement near me stopped to look at me. I was still staring at the boy in the pink bot's hand, and she noticed it. She smiled, and moved towards me.

"Annabelle, I am Arcee. And this is-"

"Jacob Michael," I whispered, staring at the boy. He smiled at me, but then looked at Arcee and the light blue bot and asked for a continuation of the tour. The two smiled at me, and then left.

"What is wrong, Bells?" Bumblebee asked, approaching Ironhide's hand.

"I know him," I said.

"Is that a bad thing?" Ironhide asked, and I could feel the energon building in his veins as he pumped his other hand into a fist and back out.

"No," I said, breathlessly, butterflies floating in my stomach. "I like him,"

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