Dipslag Order

! #$ a few months later ! #$%^

It had been a while since we had heard of the decepticons. Since Chris was still staying at the house, Optimus and the others didn't want me back at the house. But, since the autobots weren't people my mom trusted, we had formed a different idea. Jacob came to my house with me one day, in his nice f-250 (which was not a transformer, by the way) and told my mom that I would be staying with him at his house. She seemed content with that, and we just hung at the autobots' hangar all day. When Jacob went home to sleep, I stayed at the hangar in my room that was built for me.

I was still having nightmares, but they weren't as frequent or as bad. With Ratchet's help, I got really good at controlling them. When Megatron or anyone else intruded my dreams, I just thought of the autobots and they would fight it away. But, they still insisted on taking turns sleeping with me at night. However, in the past month, it had been an argument over who was going to sleep with me. An autobot, or, Jacob.

Jacob and I started dating in September. We tried, very hard, to keep it a secret. But that didn't work to well. Ratchet found out, and he quickly told everyone else. Luckily, only two of the bots spoke to Jacob. And honestly, it was nice knowing that I had these bots who cared for me.

Optimus Prime spoke to him, of course, as speaking for all of them. And Prime told Jacob, that I meant a lot to all of them, and if he hurt me there would be a lot of retaliation, and that he didn't know if he could stop them all (including himself) in time.

But then, Ironhide spoke to him. Which, afterwards, I found out that back on Cybertron, Ironhide was a protector. So it makes sense. But at the time, Iwas scared for Jacob.

"Listen, boy. If you as much as make her shed one tear that isn't of utmost joy, I will ignore Prime's dipslag order of 'never harming the humans' and will personally end your pathetic human life in the slowest, most painful way I know how. And I know a lot of ways to end a life."

I mean, derstood where he was coming from..But Jacob isn't going to hurt me. He cares for me.

We have picked up the occasional decepticon signal, but nothing to extraordinary. Whenever the bots arrived at the site, the cons had split. Everyone was relaxing, exceept for the big OP. But, he is a Prime.

Jacob and I were cuddling on the couch in my room, watching TV. It was the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel. It was pretty good, and Jacob kept making comments about the women and their boobs and stuff. It didn't really bother me, but it kind of did. I just let it slide. Until the end of the movie, when he asked me if I liked it.

"Of course I liked it," I said teasingly. "It had a hott guy in it,"

I quickly stood up to grab the next movie I had on the shelf. Captain America. When I turned to ask Jacob if he liked it, he was rightbehind me. I gasped in surprise and dropped the movie.

"Jacob," I laughed. "You scared me."

Jacob's expression didn't change. He just kept staring at me. He had a look on his face.. I couldn't explain what it looked like, but he was mad.

"Pick it up," he muttered.

"Excuse me?"

"Pick. It. Up," he growled back at me.

I slowly bent down and grabbed the movie. When i stood up, he grabbed my right arm, the one the movie was in. He squeezed, tighter and tighter.

"Jacob," I wined, chokking back a sob. "Baby, you're hurting me."

"I do not remember when it was okay for you to only watch a movie because of the 'hot' actors in it,"

"Yeah it was allowed the same time it was okay for you to sit and comment on girls' boobs the whole time."

Jacob grabbed my other wrist and slammed me into the wall, causing a loud noise that I was sure the autobot's had heard.

"I don't need that attitude, Annabelle." he spat, holding my arms at my side tightly, painfully.

I sobbed once, looking down and away from the man in front of me. I heard an autobot treading down the hallway in our direction.


"Do not speak of this. And neverlet me even catch you thinkingof another man. Is that understood?" I nodded. "I can't hear you."


"Yes what?"

I paused. The footsteps were getting closer. I had to get him off of me before whoever was coming saw us. It wouldn't end well. "Yes sir,"

And with that, Jacob let go, and trotted over to it back down on the couch, smiling as if nothing happened. "How about Burlesque?" he asked with a grin and a wink. Refusing to rub my aching wrists, I grabbed the movie and put it in. I sat beside Jacob, who immediatly threw his arm over me, hugging me close. I flinched, not knowing what he would do. I heard the door open, and in stepped Wheeljack's holoform.

"Everything okay in here?" he asked, looking at us on the couch.

"Peachy," Jacob smiled, looking around at Jackie.

"Bells?" he called, ignoring the boy.

I sighed, and turned my head slightly. "Everything's great Wheeljack!"

Seeming content with that answer, he walked back out.

"Optimus, we have something,"

Optimus Prime ran over to the monitors, looking at the screen. He hadn't rested since Bells had told them that she thought the man staying with her mom was Megatron's holoform. For some reason, they hadn't been able to get the vehicle so that they could scan it.

Until now.

"What do you have, Ratchet?"

"Affirmative. The vehicle is Megatron.

That's all Prime needed.

As the autobot's were gone to chase after Megatron, Ratchet called Jacob and I to the hangar. It didn't take long for Ratchet to notice the bruises on me arm. He called me over and looked at them.

"Where'dd these come from?"

I looked down and spoke quietly, allmost like a kid who stole from a candy story. "I fell down the steps the other day. It wasn't fun"

Ratchet narrowed his eyes, but seemed content with that answer. He offered his hand to Bells, who graciously climbed in. He lifted her up to the monitor, and explained their current dilemma.

Bells nodded. "Please," she said, anxiously watching the screen as the computer tracked the autobot's movements. "I know they aren't the best to me, but I love my family. Please save them."

"We can and we will," Ratchet assured, smiling down at the femme.

Megatron sat by Antonia's side, the fleshling deep into recharge. The sparkling was also in recharge in the other room. He couldn't believe that the insect had fallen for the tricks again. He was beginning to feel relaxed in this human home, and, if he was honest with himself, he was starting to like it here. The disgusting fleshling with the designation Antonia seemed to share his hatred towards Prime's (as she knows him, Orion's) kind spark and love towards those Megatron himself opposes.

It had been a couple months since the insect had left to stay with the autobots. And, as if right on que, as Megatron was thinking about her return, a series of very new vehicles pulled up to the house, a single human stepping out of each one. In the lead? A blue and red tractor trailer.

Megatron smiled, and he rang in his decepticon's for backup.

What a fight this will be.

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