Final Battle

Optimus walked up to Bells' mother's door. He had his team behind them, as well as Elita One's team of two. He had left Ratchet behind at the base to look after Bells, because he needed someone to operate the ground bridge, and Bells needed someone to be there for her during this. He knew that she despised what her mother and sister does to her, but she loves them both.

With Bulkhead on his left, and Ironhide on his right, Optimus' holoform opened the front door, pistol raised and ready. Ironhide and Bulkhead rolled in first, bringing their weapons up immediately scanning the room for Megatron.

Standing right in front of the doorway was Megatron, arms at his sides, and a devilish grin on his lips. Optimus noted that even though his sworn enemy was in a human body, he saw all of the evil radiating off of this form than in his true form.

"Megatron," Prime muttered, acknowledging him, not moving his gun.

Megatron chuckled. "Prime," he smiled. "What an honor it is to have you here." An engine in the road started, and revved multiple times.

"Optimus!" Arcee called. "Megatron's bipedal mode just rolled up.

Prime narrowed his optics. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Megatron only smiled. "I knew that you autobots would catch on to me eventually," he said moving forward. Bulkhead and Ironhide charged their guns but Megatron ignored them. "And despite what you bots think, I actually kind of have feelings for this small fleshling family. So, I have found a nice, secluded place not too far from here that I will lead you too where we can figure this out.

Optimus' optics widened. Megatron, feeling! It waas impossible.

:: What should we do, Optimus?:: Ironhide asked through the comm link. :: Can we trust him?::

:: Not in the slightest bit.:: he confirmed. :: But he is right. We cannot endanger the humans, no matter how much some of us want to this particular family, there is still more around us. We must follow him.::

Ironhide, seemingly content with that answer, nodded at Bulkhead. The two holoforms disappeared with the starting of two engines. The rest of the autobots followed suit, and formed a wall behind the decepticon leader. Optimus, directly behind, Ironhide and Bulkhead on either side, and the rest of the autobots in line with Optimus.

"What are they doing?"

Ratchet glanced at me as I monitored the computer screen, watching as the autobots formed a line around the unknown life signal that we deemed Megatron.

"Are you usually able to detect decepticon energon signatures?" Jacob asked. He had join us a few minutes ago.

"No," Ratchet answered gravely, turning his attention back to a separate computer to the right. "That is what I am worried about,"

As Ratchet typed away, Bells and Jacob watched the group head in the direction of an abandoned mill. Bells prayed to Primus, to God, to anyone who would listen, for the safety of her friends.

Megatron rolled to a stop in front of an abandoned mill. He slowly transformed, rising to his full height just as the autobots began their transformations themselves.

Ironhide and Bulkhead immediately had their guns out and aimed at Megatron. Megatron only smiled and turned to face Optimus.

"Optimus Prime," he addressed the slightly shorter mech. "I see it is safe to assume that you intend to make this our final stand?"

"Indeed," the Prime answered, his battle mask clanging into place.

"Then it is also safe to assume, that you are a mech of Cybertronian law?"

"What are you getting at decpti-creep?" Ironhide asked, taking a step closer to Megatron and chargin his gun.

Ignoring the autobot, Megatron smiled at Prime. "You wouldn't face me with these odds, would you?"

All of the autobots except for Elita One and Optimus Prime laughed.

"You are correct, Megatron."

All of the llaughing stopped, and all autobot eyes looked at their leader in distraught.


"What are you doing!?"

"We've waited too long for this,"

"We're not on Cybertron anymore!"

"Enough." Optimus ceased to chatter with his loud, baritone voice. His eyes never leaving his foe's before him. "Megatron is right. Even though we no longer reside on our planet Cybertron, her rules still apply to us, and I as a Prime cannot break those rules." Optimus sighed. "I will give one half of an earth hour,"

Megatron nodded. "I will see you then."

And with that, Megatron transformed and drove off, leaving the autobots awestruck.

"What in the pits of Kaon is going on over there!?"

Bells and Jacob ducked as yet another wrench went sailing over their heads. Ratchet slammed his hands on the table before the computer, and stared at it as if he was trying to drill a hole into it.

"They're just sitting there," Bells stated, joining the medic as they watched the energon signatures on the screen. "Maybe we should contact them?"

"Not in the heat of a battle," Ratchet said softly. "Wouldn't want to distract them,"

Bells nodded her understanding, and sat down. Hugging her knees to her chest, she looked over at her boyfriend. She wanted to go hug the boy, who hasn't as much as breathed since he saw that the decepticon energon signature disappearedd. She knew he was upset, but didn't want to ask him. He didn't want him to have one of his moments again, especially not in front of Ratchet. That would be very, very bad.

Come on boys, she silently prayed. Do something and come home.

Two minutes before the half hour was up. The autobots had made a defensive stance in the direction in which Megatorn had left. Optimus in the front, Ironhide and Bulkhead on his left and right, the rest following behind them making a "V."

Another minute passed, and still no sign of the decepticon leader.

"That blasted Megatron isn't going to show," Wheejack growled.

"Wheeljack," Prime said calmly. "Megatron would not break on Cybertronian code. It is in our sparks, and since he used it he will not break it. Megatron is multiple things but a code breaker is not one of them,"

Right as he finished that statement, a small vehicle could be seen approaching them. The sounds of guns being produced filled the autobot lines. As the vehicle got closer, two more could be seen flanking them.

At the exact moment the half hour was up, the vehicles stopped before them. The one in front was Megatron's gray lamborghini. Behind him, was a semi they identified as Nemisis Prime, and a green camaro with a black stripe that looked just like Bumblebee. The three transformed, and stood before the autobots.

"Megatron," Optimus addressed him. "I thought you said that you were going to make this a fair fight,"

"Last time I checked ten to three is not fair," Ironhide stabbed at the con.

"I only want to fight two of you," Megatron said. "OPtimus and Nemisis, Bumblebee and my newest addition, wasp."

Optimus looked at his scout who was a ways down the line. He was glaring at the green con with such a rage in his eyes. There was no doubt that the bot wanted to fight.

"Very well, Megatron." Optimus said, stepping forward, motioning for Bee to do the same. "Under what terms?"

"If you and your bot win, myself and the decepticon forces will stand down,"

"And if they lose?" Ironhide hollered from the line.

Megatron smiled. "Optimus Prime and the autobots will leave this planet….forever."

The autobots broke into angered conversation. Megatron and Optimus Prime stared at each other, ignoring the chatter going on around them.

"Do we have a deal, Prime?" Megatron asked him, holding out his hand in a human gesture.

Optimus didn't miss a beat in shaking his hand.

Bumblebee and Optimus walked forward to their opponents, the chatter of the autobots behind them. The Prime called Ironhide forward to watch the battlles as Megatron was doing the same. Bumblebee stood in front of the decepticon called Wasp, bouncing from foot to foot preparing for battle. Optimus Prime stood before Nemisis Prime, meeting the con for the second time.

"And, did I forget to mention," Megatron beamed. "The fight will be to the death."

And with that, the decepticons charged.

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