"Ratchet, what in the pit is happening out there!"


Ratchet's voice came thundering down the hallway as he ran back from the med bay. He was carrying all sorts of wires and containers and other things. Bells and Jacob were standing below the computer screen that held the energon signals of the autobots a few minutes ago. But now, it was blank.

"When can you get their signals back up?" Jacob asked the medic calmly, his face expressionless as I wrapped him in a hug.

"I am doing everything I can." he growled, going under the table for the umpteenth time.

As he fumbled with tools underneath us, I looked up at my boyfriend. He was looking away with a blank expression, hands in his pockets. I put my head back on his chest and squeezed him tighter, fighting back the tears that were swelling up in my eyes.

Suddenly, his hands were on my shoulders, and with a great push, I was sent flying onto the metal beneath me, it letting out an ear - splitting bang as my ass made contact with it. I looked up at Jacob who was walking away from me.

"What in the name of Primus is going on up there!?" Ratchet screeched from below. A few seconds later the bot was watching me as I slowly peeled myself off of the metal. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"I tripped running over here to see if I saw something. I thought I did," I said quietly.

Ratchet rolled his eyes. "Well, be more careful next time," he growled at me, retreating back under the desks. "I've got work to do,"

I sneaked a look at Jacob, who was sitting with his back to me, his head in his hands. I rubbed where I had landed on my forearm, a burn forming slowly from where I skidded across the ground. I stayed where I was, listening to the mech work beneath me.

"Primus help me, I have to get up,"

Optimus Prime laid on the earth grown, dirt and dust falling into the cracks between his metal armor. Energon seeped from his wounds and pooled on the ground. His body trembled and he shivered in the cold air. There was a loud ringing in his ear, and he couldn't really hear anything. All he knew was that he was in the middle of a battle and he was losing.

He opened his optics and saw multiple people standing around him. They seemed impatient, all shouting something but Optimus could only hear muffled sounds. He rolled over to sit on his aft, and looked up at the mech in front of him. The other mech was also on the ground, looking as beat up and out of shape as he was. Suddenly, he felt the ground shake, and looked over slowly to see what was causing it.

A yellow and black bot was fighting another green and black one. They were both the same size, and beat up like hell. Optimus couldn't remember which one he was hoping to win, but it seemed to switch who was on his way to victory and who wasn't. As soon as the green bot threw a good punch, the yellow one came back with an even stronger kick. Movement in front of him caught his eye. The mech in front of him was sitting up on his aft too, looking all as well confused and disoriented as Prime was feeling.

After a few minutes of just standing there, Prime began his slow attempt at getting up. He couldn't shrug a feeling that he had to fight this mech until there was nothing left there. Unsteadily getting settled onto his two feet, Prime began to stumble to the other mech, who had started getting up as soon as he saw his opponent get up. Optimus switched open his blade, which he saw had been broke in half. He switched it to his ax, and seeming content with it's condition charged the drowsy mech.

Bumblebee was so tired.

He couldn't remember the last time he was so tired. There must've been to much energon leaking from his systems. His vision was blurring, but therre was no mistaking the green menace attacking him.

It wasn't fair. Every move that Bumblebee made, Wasp came out with another one just a little bit better. It seemed like the fight was going on forever.

Every once in a while the scout looked over at his commander to see how he was holding up. The two Primes began to fight full force, head on, whereas Bumblebee hasn't even hit his breaking point yet. It wasn't long before the Primes were falling onto the ground, punches getting weaker. Metal and broken pieces of weapons galore littering the ground beneath them, making a not so comfortable landing.

Bumblebee just wanted this fighting to be over with. For all of the fighting to be over with. Was that too much to ask?


Megatron was dumbfounded.

He honestly hadn't thought that the autobots would last this long. Megatron had given his new cons extra energon, trying to boost their performance. And even still, it wasn't working. Prime and the scout were holding their own. Megatron had ordered Soundwave to knock out the autobot's energon detectors so that the medic back at their base (in which his team was searching for now) couldn't track them.

Megatron scowled as the two autobots sent their perspective con flying through the air and on the ground at the same time. The scout hurried at Wasp, but the little green bug was already whipping his legs out, ready to knock the bot down to the ground as soon as he got near. Optimus slowly made his way to Nemisis, who was still laying on the ground grabbing his head with both hands.

"I need a plan B."

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