"Ratchet, the signals are back up!"

A loud clang was heard as metal hit metal. Ratchet grumbled and cursed to himself as he rolled out from under the computer, rubbing his head. He stood and glanced at the energon signals on the screen.

"There's only nine," he mumbled, more to himself than to the two humans that had gathered looking at the monitor.

"Ratchet," Ironhide's voice came through the radio. "Ratchet, we need a groundbridge. Hurry."

Ratchet didn't even bother responding. He hurried to the controls, and locked onto the cordinates that were on the screen. It took a few minutes for the groundbridge to fire up and reach them, but when it did, no one was prepared for the scene that came through.

The first thing that came through was Ironhide, supporting a very weak Optimus Prime. Prime had energon pooling onto the ground with every step he took, and when he inhaled the whine of protest that could be heard made the humans cover their ears. Ratchet immediately rushed to Optimus' other side, wrapping a very, very damaged arm around his shoulders and assisted Ironhide in carrying the Prime to the med bay. Following them came Sideswipe and Wheeljack carrying a very worn out Bumblebee. Bee was dragging his feet, created an eerie screech forcing the humans to again cover their ears. Energon dripped from his chest plates, his optics squeezed shut in pain. After that came Bulkhead, Elita One, and Chromia. The two girls walked in hugging each other, and Bulkhead kept glancing behind him, as if searching for someone else. As he passed, he turned the groundbridge off.

"Wait," Jacob said, running to the edge of the computer, looking at Bulkhead. "Where's Arcee?"

"Jacob," Elita said, looking away from Chromia, voice soft as the two femmes slowly approached him. "Arcee,.. isn't coming back."

"What?" Jacob took a step back. Bells rushed to his side, but didn't touch him. "No, no she has to come back."

"Jacob," Chromia stated softly. "Bumblebee and Optimus were losing. We were going to have to leave. Before anyone could stop her she approached Megatron, and offered her life for the other two. Megatron beamed, and immediately stopped the fighting. Before anyone could do anything, decepticon's appeared everywhere, taking Wasp and Nemisis Prime into the groundbridge that appeared. Megatron latched a hold of Arcee's arm, and then,.."

"They werre gone," Elita finished for her sister, who had started sobbing uncontrolably.

"No,.." Jacob muttered.

Bells reached out for him, but immediately drew back when he cried out in rage. He started climbing down the monitor. Bells following him, he jumped the last few feet, rolled, and ran in the direction of Bells' room. When Bells reached the ground, she turned too look at the femmes, and smiled softly.

"I promise," she said sternly. "When I get back I will search everywhere for your sister. And I will not stop until I find her,"

And with that, the human darted after her boyfriend.

In the med bay, every hand was working on the two bots that had came in. Ratchet was working on Optimus Prime, running scans every three minutes. Ironhide was set to work repairing energon lines. He had to stop Prime's leaking if anything Ratchet was doing was going to help. On the other side of the room, Wheeljack and Sideswipe labored over the young scout's form. Wheejack was likewise running scans every so ofter, more than what was needed, but he was unsure of himself. He had been in the medical field for so long until he was convinced that his duties would be better served in inventing things. But he was the second best that they had at the time, so he worked to the best of his ability. Sideswipe had no idea what he was doing. He just did as Wheeljack ordered him too, which was for now the same as Ironhide. Fixing energon lines. He tried to do the main breaks first, the ones that were leaking the most, but found that his giant fingers didn't quite agree with the small lines covered in the blue, slippery substance. How was Ironhide so good at doing this!? He struggled, and it was messy, but one by one he got the energon to stop leaking. Wheeljack could go through later and re-repair. He just had to get the kid's energon to stay in him.

Bulkhead impatiently paced by the door. He had tried to help, but was just shooed away. He looked up every so often, but then looked back away. He couldn't stand seeing the bossbot and the kid this way.


I slowly crept into my room, listening for any sound of my boyfriend. Sure enough, I could hear just the slightest of sobs. I looked in further, too see him sitting on the edge of my bed, back to me, elbows on his knees, head in his hands. His shoulders shook with every inhale of oxygen he took. It wasn't long until he heard me there.

"Go away," he said flatly.

Me heart ached to see him like this. This man was always so strong, hiding his emotions, but now, he's here. I needed to help him.

"Jacob, honey,.." I moved to sit beside him. "It's oka-"

Suddenly his arms pushed out from under his head, grabbing my upper arms and slamming me backwards and onto the floor. Before I could push myself back up, he was grabbing my wrists and dragging me forward. He swung with all his might, flinging me into the wall full force, creating a crack in the drywall where i had hit. He let me fall to the ground. Blinking back tears, I pushed myself up to look at him.

He was right in my face, his blue eyes digging into my mine.

"Do not tell me it is okay." He growled.

By habit I looked down, trying to avoid his gaze. He laced his fingers under my chin, forcing me to look up at him.

"Do you understand me?"

I nodded. A part of me had wished that an autobot had heard the bang. That they would walk through the door and save me from this man that they trusted.

"I can't hear you," he growled, raising his hand and slapping me in the face.

"Yes sir," I gasped quickly. The pain in my cheek flowed through my face. A headache started to form, spreading quickly.

"Good," he said, standing.

I lay there on the ground and listened for the door to shut, signally that he had left. I quickly rushed to the bathroom to see a strikingly deep red handprint forming on my face, and multiple bruises on my upper arms. I quickly applied makeup, covering the red. I slipped on a jacket, zipping it as I ran out the door to the main hangar. Hopefully, I could get a hold of Arcee's energon signal before it got too far into decepticon hands. I just had to search. I knew I could find her.

"Lord Megatron," Starscream looked at his master questionally. "What is the purpose of trading the two mech's lives for this femme?"

Megatron only laughed as he gazed at the pink transformer on the screen.

"Oh, Starscream, you have much to learn," he said. "For with Arcee, we can learn of where our femmes are hiding, and maybe then, we can convince them to come out with us."

"You mean…"

"Yes, Starscream. I am going to start the search for Nightracer and her crew."

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