Ironhide stormed into town, going as fast as he could without actually drawing attention to himself. Which was kind of hard to do considering he was a giant truck that was very rarely seen on the roads. He had to find Jacob. When he asked Arcee about him, she said that he had left with his parents to go eat. So, that's where Ironhide went.

Ironhide pulled into the Texas Roadhouse parking lot and parked between two very small prius'. As he activated his holoform, he laughed at the irony in it all. As the holoform walked into the human restaurant, he was met with the stares of many young women. He rolled his eyes and continued to the front desk, where he was met with the large eye of yet another young human, who looked as impatient as he was. Ironhide growled to himself and approached her.

"How can I help you?" she asked, not really looking away from Ironhide.

"I'm looking for a teenager, about ye big," Ironhide said holding his hand up.

"I don't think anyone came here like that," the girl said again, still not really paying attention to his words.

Ironhide mumbled to himself. "What about any teenage boys? Have you gotten any teenage boys at all here?"

"Yes,"another girl said, stepping from behind the other girl. "We had one couple come in a few minutes ago."

Ironhide nodded and followed the girl through the restaurant. When he arrived at the table that the girl pointed at, he paused.

"Is this the man you are looking for?" the waitress asked, gesturing to the boy who was in deep conversation with his companion.

It was indeed Jacob. When the girl gestured to him, the boy looked up at who she was talking to. When he saw Ironhide his face dropped. Ironhide was furious. He was about to rip the human child a new one, right in front of his parents, when :

"Babe? What's wrong?"

"Ratchet, what am I doing?"

"Well," the holoform said, turning to the human sitting on the edge of the bed in the med bay. "Right now, you're going to eat something and get it in your system so that you can keep your baby healthy."

"No," I laughed, trying not to laugh too hard. "I meant with my life,"

"Well," Ratchet suddenly hesitated in his work. "I'm not really the person qualified to talk to about this. Maybe you should talk to Optimus."

"But you're my friend, aren't you?" I asked, suddenly scared that he would say no.

Sensing my fear, Ratchet turned to me and let s small smile fall onto his lips. "Of course I am, Bells." He said, walking over to me. "Of course I am."

I smiled up at the mech, but before anyone could do anything else, Ironhide burst into the doors.

"Ratchet, we have a problem,"

Jacob looked up at the towering mechs around him. All of the guys were there. Jacob kept looking at Ironhide, who was literally steaming he was so angry. He couldn't believe that these aliens cared for a pathetic human like Bells as much as they did. It amazed him, actually. But what he couldn't understand, was why they were here, and surrounding him like they were. So what, he cheated. Everyone does it, but no one has the balls to admit it. He looked at Optimus Prime, for any sign of guidance, but found none.

"Jacob Michael," was all the older and much, much taller mech. "I understand that you have been dating our dearest friend, Annabelle, for quite sometime now,"

"Yeah," Jacob replied. "A couple months."

Ironhide cursed something in Cybertronian and turned his back to the human. He couldn't believe this kid! He has done so much for this poor girl…. the amount of effort Ironhide had to put into not crushing the kid.

"I understand that you have laid hands on her in a physically abusive manner," Optimus continued, ignoring his weapon's specialist.

"Once or twice," Jacob responded with. Again, Ironhide laughed out loud and threw his head in his hands. "What's his problem?"

"What's my problem!?" Ironhide yelled, whipping around to face the human. Jacob took a step back in fear, making Ironhide laugh a little to himself. "My problem, you worthless little insect, is that you hit Annabelle, right in front of me and I know that that was far from the "first or second time" that you've done such things to her." Ironhide paused as Jacob looked scared.

"How does he know that?" Jacob whispered, more disappointed in himself for not hiding it better, then anger and rage in Annabelle's direction. She should've -

"Don't you dare blame this on her fleshling." Ironhide snarled.

Jacob looked up at the mech in pure fear.

"Ironhide was a protector back on Cybertron," Ratchet explained to the boy. "He knows what's wrong in every situation."

"Enough," came the demand from Optimus Prime. As much as he was enjoying the look of fear on the boy's face, he wanted to get to the point. "Jacob has to know,"

"Know what?" the boy finally asked.

"Know that," Wheeljack cut in. " While you're off playing with another girlfriend, Annabelle is sitting in the med bay carrying your child."

"Have we discovered the location of the autobot base yet?"

"No, my lord. We have not."

"Well then keep looking. It's not going to turn up in the middle of nowhere." Megatron turned to the woman standing in the hallway, right across from the med bay. "Nightracer," he called, his voice a lot more gentle and calm than it had been when he addressed his second in command.

"Lord Megatron," the femme acknowledged her commander, but still hadn't moved. Just as the decepticon leader was about to comment, she realized her mistake. "Forgive me, Megatron. I am just so worried…"

"Nightracer, young femme, do not worry about them," Megatron said, walking up to her and ushering her to follow him down the hallway. "You need to focus on your training."

"Forgive me, my lord, but it feels really strange to be working with Optimus-"

"You're not working with Optimus nor Bumblebee, my dear," Megatron interrupted her, speaking of Nemisis Prime and Wasp. "But only their clones. You must learn to work with them, for you will attack the autobots with them under your command."

"Yes, my lord."

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