"Why are you doinng this to me?"

Jacob sighed and turned over his shoulder to see Bells leaning against the door frame with a hand over her stomach. Her eyees were focused to a spot on the floor, his eyes swelling.

"Annabelle," he stood, making her way over to her. "I cannot be here. I do not want to be here. I cheated on you, and I want to go to her."

"To Ashley? Because she has a baby too?" her eyes met his, watering as tears fell from the corners. "Jacob, I am pregnant. With your baby. This is something that you helped put us into. This is our responsibility."

"What 'us'?" he asked, his voice hardening. "There is no 'us' anymore Bells. Do you understand that? I don't want anything to do with you anymore!"

"So you're just going to leave me here to deal with this by myself? You are the baby's father, for Primus' sake!"

"You're right," he said, grabbing his suitcase full of clothes off of the floor. "I am the baby's father. I will never be its dad. I am not leaving you alone; you have the autobots. I don't want to be apart of this anymore. I'm leaving. Now. And I'm not coming back."

And with that, he was walking out the door. He left her sobbing in the doorway, not moving.

As he walked into the main hangar, all of the autobot's turned to face him. The guys didn't seem to care that he was leaving. There was a mix of happiness and pure rage. Ironhide was the last one he saw, leaning up against the wall. There was a look of content on his face. Jacob turned to see Arcee, Elita One, and Chromia smiling at him.

"Be safe out there, kid."

"You know where we are if you need anything."

"Just a phone call away."

Jacob smiled at the girls, shot one last glare in Ironhide's direction, and walked out the door. The last thing he heard was Annabelle calling his name and Bumblebee trying to calm her down.

When Bumblebee couldn't calm Bells' hysterical sobs anymore, Ironhide activated his holoform and ran to her. He grabbed her waist, hoisted to sobbing girl onto his shoulder, and began carrying her to her room. He roughly threw her onto her bed, and stood with his arms crossed.

"Now you listen and you listen good," he said with such rage that Bells stopped her sobbing to look at the much bigger man in front of her. "Bells, you fucked up. You let that man in there fuck you, and get you fertilized, and then you just let him leave. Do you realize where you're at? Look around you. You're surrounded by twenty and more foot tall alien war machines that care about you with our whole sparks. You were too sorry to see that one word. Just one word, and all of us would have helped you. Quit wallowing in your self pity and get your shit together. Because all of us here love you, Annabelle. We want what's best for you. You're hurting a lot more people than you know."

By this point in time, a crowd had gathered around her door. Ironhide dismissed his holoform, and Bells' eyes landed on the mighty Optimus Prime. Rage built up inside her and tears started flowing down her face again. The autobots disbanded, one by one, Bumblebee being the last. Optimus reached his hand out to her, only to have it smacked away. He paused by her bedside, watching as she digested Ironhide's words. It was something that they all have been wanting to say for a long time. And he was right. The bots loved Annabelle, and seeing her in so much pain was torture to their sparks. Optimus watched as the young girl's hands balled into fists. She raised her red stained eyes to his, and held eye contact for a while. Neither of them broke it. The only sound in the room was oof Bells' staggered breathing and her beating heart. They held that gaze for what seemed like forever.

Suddenly, Bells broke free and ran off the bed. Optimus moved his optics to follow the girl, and they were still focused on what was the girl's gaze. When he heard loud noises coming from the bathroom, he hoped his refocusing would speed up. When he got the door, he saw shatted razor all over the floor. In a trail leading to the bathtub, he saw her in it, holding a blade against her skin, and quickly drawing blood from her arms.

"Ratchet!" he called, swooping down to Bells and grabbing her arms. He knocked to blade out of the girls arm, but immediately felt a force against his head. He looked down to see her reaching for the blade again. "Come on now Bells," he said softly, grabbing her wrists again. He picked up the writhing girl up and dragged her over to the corner. Bells managed to get her feet under her and latched out, connecting with Prime's hand and hers. They both cried out in pain, but Optimus' grip never faulted. When he got her away from the bathroom he got her to sit in front of him. He wrapped his legs around her torso, his arms around her chest, and pulled his head away from the swinging girl. "Ratchet!"

Sobbing hysterically, Bells looked for every possible action that could break her free. she fought she struggled, but he was too strong. She tired, but she kept fighting the comforting hands around her, the comforting words that came from the Prime.

Ratchet suddenly burst in, looking at the scene before him. When he noticed the blood coming from Bells' arm, he rushed to her side. "It's okay, Prime," he said once he had it wrapped. "You can let her go now."

Optimus released his grip on the human, immediately standing up and blocking her view of the bathroom. Bells sat where she lay breathing heavily, training a single eye onto the bots in front of her. She slowly stood up, and approached Optimus Prime. She rose her right fist, and slammed it into his gut. When he didn't flinch, she repeated it with her left hand. letting out a single sob, she picked up the speed. Punching his gut, she began to sob harder. Louder. Punching harder, faster. Ratchet stood to the side watching, horrified, but amused that Optimus hadn't tried to stop her yet. Punching. Sobbing. Yelling. Screaming.

Optimus Prime suddenly reached out and wrapped the girl into his arms. She grabbed at his shirt, sobbing, her tears soaking his shirt. He ran a hand up and down her back, trying to show some sort of comfort.

"W-why did h-he… why did h-h-he l-leave, Optimus..?" Bells forced out quietly.

"I don't know," the Prime answered. "But you have me. You have us here. We will take care of you and your unborn sparkling, okay? I swear upon Primus himself. We will never leave you."

Optimus held onto Bells as she emptied her sorrows onto his shoulder. He never stopped comforting her. Ratchet slowly backed out of the door, to give them some privacy. He rushed to find Ironhide to inform him what had happened.

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