New Adventure

"Bells!" a deep, grumbling voice echoed throughout the hallways and into my room.

I groaned and rolled over to the side, stopping when my enlarged stomach protested. I grabbed my pillow and covered my head, hoping to drown out the sound of the mech attempting to wake me up.

"Annabelle!?" Ironhide yelled again. "Wake your aft up!"

"Don't you know not to wake me until 9, Ironhide!?" I yelled back, not at all happy with the obvious lack of sunlight in my room.

"Bells?" a much sweeter voice addressed me.

I opened my eyes to see the neon blue optics of Bumblebee. He was kneeling next to my bedroom door, peering in at me as far as his gaze could reach. I smiled as soon as I saw it was him.

"Just let me get dressed, sweetspark,"

Bee's eyes lightened at the nickname, and stood up and out of view. As I made my way to the bathroom, I could here Ironhide grumbling about me listening to Bee but not him.

I took a quick shower, shaving only what needed to be shaved and scrubbing my scalp. I flipped the water off, stepped out, and wrung my hair up in a towel. As I wrapped a towel around my body, I stopped to look at the mirror.

My stomach protruded out a little bit. It looked as if I just ate a little more than I should have at lunch. There were slight indications of stretch marks lining my waist as I have never had this much in me at once. And it was only three months!

But that's not what caught a majority of my attention.

Up and down my forearms, were thin, deep red They were almost black with their intensity. They went flat across, some went up and down, some zig zagged, some formed letters. I could just make out a J, and then an A, C O-

"Annabelle Lynn!"

I growled to myself and wrapped the rest of my body in the towel. I ran into my bedroom quickly dressing. I made sure to throw on my ever present sweatshirt before darting out the door. I had every intention on giving a certain black mech hell when -

"Don't move, insect."

I recognized the voice almost immediately. I don't know how a sentient being couldn't recognize it, after one encounter with it, it's stuck. I froze in my footsteps.

"Lord Megatron," a lighter voice said from behind me still. "Base has been secured."

"Perfect," I could hear the smile in his voice. "The autobots are in a deep recharge, dear," Megatron addressed this statement to me. "Too bad their human pet will be gone by the time they online."

I turned to look into the blood red optics that were staring at me. I stared at him as deeply as I could manage without showing him the power his glare had over me.

"Don't you remember what happened last time you took me, you weak fuck?" I asked the mech, trying my damndest not to stutter.

Megatron didn't say anything, but instead shifted his gaze above my head. I turned as my ears finally caught up to light pedsteps coming towards us.

"Lord Megatron," a femme voice said before she stepped into view. "I suggest we leave soon."

The only word I could think of to describe her was beautiful. She had dark purple armor. Not like Chromia. No, her armor was much, much deeper. She hints of light violet here and there, but her curves were absolutely elegant.

'Timeout, Bells.' I interrupted myself. 'Are you checking out a female alien!?' I shook my head and turned my attention back to Megatron.

"Nightracer," Megatron awknowledged before he turned his attention back down to me. "This insect has a point. Last time we took her off base, I was almost offlined,"

"By the autobot CMO, I heard." the femme smiled. I have him a little surprise for when he onlines, sir."

Megatron grinned evily. But his eyes didn't match his mouth.

"You're still worried, aren't you Megarat?" I sneered at him as viley as I could.

"You have some kind of courage in you for being a carrier, pet," Megatron snapped at me.

I instinctively threw my arms around my stomach. "You will not touch him." I snarled, angling my body away from the mech.

"No, I will not," Megatron said, looking at Nightracer. "Perform the procedure here, but only the second part. I will not have any autobot aboard my ship again until I have gained some of my armada back to fighting strength."

And with that, Megatron rose to his full height, turned, and started walking towards the end hall, where his groundbridge must be. I turned to meet the new threat, standing right above me. She smiled, and moved closer to me.

"Stay back!" I yelled again, more afraid than defensive.

"Come here, little femme," the sparkless creature said, backing me into the wall. "This will only hurt a little bit,"

I covered my stomach as much as I could. "Please, don't!" I cried again. She only laughed as she crept closer. "Please…"

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