Not From Earth

"Annabelle Lynn Johnson, age sixteen, born on June 22nd, 1998." Ratchet stated.

By the time Ratchet had finished the scan word had gotten around about the young human's arrival. The other three Autobots had come to the hangar waiting for the news.

"Her father, Robert James Johnson, left when she was six years old, her sister, Angela Renee, just barely one. Her mother, Antonia Ann, was left with the two. Robert died six months ago. Antonia has had many abuse charges against her with regards to Annabelle." Ratchet paused at that. "Optimus, I don't want to send her back to that household."

"Agreed," Prime nodded. "But the final judgement will be up to her. We cannot force her to stay if she wishes to not to."

"The sedative will wear off in a few minutes," Ratchet said. "I shall talk to her, and see what the outcome is."

"I will accompany you," Optimus said firmly.

Ratchet nodded. He turned to walk down the hallway, expecting Optimus to follow behind him. Which he did, but as did everyone else. He rolled his eyes. Autobots are one of a kind.

When I woke up, all I could focus on was the bed I was lying on. It had been forever since I was granted to be able to lay on a bed. Mom must not be home, or else I wouldn't dare to sleep on one. I forced my eyes open, meeting a bright light. It took a while for me to adjust, and when I did...I realized I wasn't at home. The walls were big, the ceiling high, the room wide. The bed I was on was a king sized bed, something I only had in my dreams.

"Is this a dream?"

"No, young one," a voice said from my left. "This, is our home."

"Wha.. How'd I get here? What happened, who are you?" I asked, looking around but seeing no signs of life.

"My name is Ratchet. My team and I have been residing here for months, but the public isn't exactly aware of our presence."

I scrunched my face together, trying to think of what happened. I look down at my arms, and see bandages up to my elbows. The knife…

"What happened to me?" I asked hesitantly. Had they seen me do it? They would surely send me to a mental institution then...please, for everything that's holy, let them not see it.

"Someone did this to you." Ratchet said, a hint of anger in his voice. "They took their time on the left arm, but I think my companion made himself present and scared him off before he could do the same to the right." He paused. "My companion brought you unconscious to me and I'm doing everything I can."

"Ratchet," a lighter voice said softly. "When are you going to tell her?"

"Tell me what?" I said, trying to avoid the topic of how I got those cuts, thankful that they haven't seen what I'd done.

There was a sigh, and some loud banging noises. Almost like footsteps…

Two blue lights appeared in front of me. They were attached to a robot, who was at least twenty foot tall.

"We are not from Earth," the robot said, with the voice of Ratchet.

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