I looked at Ratchet in complete shock.

"My baby," I whispered. "Is a Cybertronian?" It sounded even weirder out loud. "But … how?"

"We do not know," Ratchet admitted. "There's energon in your uterus, and that is about as much as I know. I don't know how we're going to continue on with this."

"My body, won't survive.." I murmured, thinking about the size difference between myself and the rest of the bots.

"We know," the mech beside her said, looking over to his datapad. "There was an art before, on turning a different species into one of us. I'm trying to see if I can figure out how to go about doing so,"

"I could be one of you?"

"It would be the only way to keep you alive," he admitted. "And frankly, I don't want to lose you, ever, Bells."

I smiled at the big softy. "Then let's figure out how to make me Cybertronian."

"Jazz to base, come in Optimus."

"Optimus Prime," Optimus answered Jazz's call in. "What is it Jazz?"

"I have located the decepticon base," the younger bot said. "It looks like two of the punks just left."

"Send me the coordinates,"

"Yes sir,"

"Autobots!" Optimus shouted around. "Prepare for battle!"

Nightracer crouched by the entrance door and watched as the autobots passed her. After confirming that all but one single bot had left, she advanced into the base.

The autobots had a nice set up. In the middle, a circular hangar with dozens of human computers, a space for a groundbridge (which she had no doubt the autobot's had) and an extra hallway leading outside, which she was walking up right now.

"C'mon Bells," she ducked to the side, concealing herself as much as she could in the limited amount of hiding space. "It can't be that hard,"

"Ratchet," a smaller, lighter voice that she immediately recognized said irritably. "You try doing it without a computer for a brain that can automatically calculate the amount of time the ball takes to reach to you, the amount of force you must push behind the swing, and a body that will react to said calculations." she laughed suddenly. "Softball is not an easy sport."

"I watch this thing humans call 'baseball' a little with Bumblebee. It can't be much different than-"

"Do not compare baseball to softball."

Even Nightracer herself made a mental note about not comparing the two at the sound of her command. She narrowed her eyes and silently commed Starscream to come in. They had perviously agreed on a count down, starting thirteen nonseconds after they comm was complete.


Starscream tunneled into the medbay, drawing the medic's attention as he immediately moved to block the femme. Starscream transformed, and stood looking smugly at the bot.

"So," he sneered, looking around. "This is where the magic happens,"

"Starscream," the medic addressed him. "What are you doing here?"

"The decepticon base…" the femme whispered almost silently. "It was a trap…"

Nightracer chose this moment to make my entrance.

"For a human," she said, smiling at the small femme. "You're pretty smart."

The mech turned to face her, then looked back at Starscream. "What do you wish to accomplish?" he asked.

"Not much," she sneered at him.

"We just need some medical help. Who better to help than the autobot's Cheif Medical Officer?"

Ratchet narrowed his eyes. He seemed to ponder his options for a moment, then slouched his shoulders. He moved and gathered the femme in his hands, and moved towards one of the hallways. Starscream and Nightracer watched him closely.

"Ratchet? No…" the femme whispered quietly.

"You'll be safe," the medic said. "There's no point in having them destroy the base and possibly harming you in the process. I can't stop the inevitable, but I can keep you from being harmed."

Nightracer smiled.

"There's a radio in your room," Ratchet whispered to me. "Go warn the others. I'll be fine until Optimus Prime can track my signal."

I nodded and turned to run to my room. I waited until I was out of sight and turned back around to watch.

"She is gone," Ratchet said, turning back around to face the two decepticons in the base. "Let us go without too much of a-"

He was cut off with a fist in his face. As the older mech fell, I could see the smiling optics of the femme as she drew her fist back to her side. He crashed into the wall, hands immediately went to his face. Starscream appeared behind Nightracer gleaming like he just witnessed Megatron bow before him.

"Leave in peace we will," the flier snarled, grabbing hold of Ratchet's right arm, hauling him to his feet. Nightracer grabbed the left, and they took off.


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