The Rush

"Autobots base to Optimus Prime. Optimus, please, please respond!"

Optimus narrowed his eyes. They were rapidly approaching the decepticon's base. Ratchet had stayed behind to try dig up the foundation to changing different species to Cybertronian. It was Bells on the comm, how did she get on there? Where was - ?

"Optimus Prime, please. It's about Ratchet."

"Optimus Prime, responding." He sent. "What is wrong, Annabelle?"

"The decpeticons… Starscream, Nightracer… They came to the base and - "

Optimus Prime slammed on his breaks. "What!?" he yelled both over the comm and out loud. The autobots, completely unaware of the conversation that was going on, slammed into their leader before they even had the chance to break.

"What the slag!?" Ironhide shouted as loud as he could, quickly transforming and attacking to red and blue semi. "You fragging glitch. You of all people know better than to slam on your breaks while we're in the middle of formation."


The older mech froze at the sound of the human's voice. It sounded broken...scared.


"Oh Ironhide!" every bot froze at the sound of the human breaking down. "Ironhide it was all my fault! If I wasn't so helpless I -"

"Bells," Optimus demanded. "What happened?"

"It's Ratchet."

Ratchet onlined to an annoyingly aching pain in his helm. He reached up to feel if there was any abrasions, which there weren't. He onlined his optics, conducting a self systems check.

Everything was alright.


"Ah, he's awake,"

Ratchet scowled in the direction of the voice. He knew who it belonged to before his optics focused in on the mech standing above him.

"What do you want with me, Megatron?"

"I only wish to recruit your medical services for a little while," Megatron sneered, grabbing onto the medic's shoulder plates and yanking him to his feet. "Knockout requires your assistance."

"Knowing that mech whoever is in trouble will need a lot more help after Knockout's been touching them."

Ratchet suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right cheek, with force behind it that knocked him off his feet. Grabbing the pained area, he looked up to see Megatron following through with a punch that he had just delievered.

"Do not say such things out loud." he almost silently told him. "I will not stand to have Nightracer learn of the condition of her sisters. Understand?"

Ratchet rolled his optics and pushed up off the ground. He looked at Megatron who was already walking his way to what he assumed would be the med bay. He followed the much larger mech through the halls of the warship. He watched in fasination as decepticons, no matter their rank, flinched off to the side to avoid Megatron's gaze. Once Megatron passed they seemed to sigh in relief and shoot a glare at the lone autobot.

Megatron stopped at a door and gestured in. "They're in here doctor," he said with a sarcastic tone.

Ratchet cautiously walked in, unaware of the scene he would see before him.

"By Primus…"


Ironhide transformed as soon as he entered the base. His acceleration never faltered, still moving forward, towards the hallway that lead to Bell's room.

"Bells!" he hollered again, and again being answered with silence. "Annabelle! Answer me!"

He reached her door and transformed again, activating his holoform inside the door.

"Iron..hide?" a weak voice came from inside the bathroom.


Ironhide ran to the bathroom door, jumping over sheets, pillows, cushions, pictures, clothes, torn up wallpaper, drywood, and, to his greatest fear, blood.


Ironhide paused at the scene before him. First thing he saw, blood. Blood was covering everything. There was a lot of blood, everywhere. Secondly, Bells was on the floor, slumped against the wall, her arms to her side. Her face was a pale white, her eyes slowly moving to meet his. Her arms were red. You couldn't see her skin, it was so red.

"Annabelle,..." he kneeled next to her, gently laying his hands on her arms. "What happened?"

She tried to answer, but she couldn't. She didn't need to, Ironhide saw the razor by her side.

"Ironhide to Optimus," he muttered quietly, carefully grabbing Annabelle off the ground.

"Ironhide, is she alright?"

"She cut again, Prime," Ironhide answered, carefully making his way over Bells' mess of a room. She didn't seem to notice any change in movement. She rested her head on his chest and snuggled closer. "Where should I take her? With Ratchet gone…"

"We're nearing the base now," Optimus answered with a weary tone. "Do you think she can hold out?"

The holoform climbed into the alt. form of himself. He settled into the seat and carefully cradled Bells in his arms as he started his engine and took off.


Optimus sighed. "Take her to a human hospital. Tell them to stop the bleeding and to stabilize her. Whatever you do, don't let them scan the baby." Ironhide nodded and took off towards the nearest hospital. "Jazz is calling out human allies," he almost laughed at the word ally. The humans wanted nothing with the autobots. "Have you ran a systems check on them?"

"Prime you know that won't work on humans-"

"Not on her. The baby. We need to keep the youngling alive at all costs. It's what she would want."

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