Two femmes lay on medical berths in front of Ratchet. He didn't even have to pull out a scanner to know that whatever Knockout had been doing to them was doing them more harm than good.

"Can you help them, Doctor?"

Ratchet turned around, noting the serious tone that the femme had used instead of the usual mockery that the decepticons gave the autobots. Ratchet's spark softened a little as he watched the femme's optics bounce between hope and fear as she looked at her sisters on the berths.

"I will do all that I can,"he answered in all honesty.

Seemingly satisfied with that answer, she turned and walked down the corridor, back straight, head high.

"I don't understand that one," Knockout said, emerging and watching the femme leave.

"It is not your job to understand her," Megatron snarled at the much smaller mech, giving Ratchet a slight shove into the medbay. "Your job is to fix the femmes,"

And with that, the door closed and Ratchet was left with the decepticon's medic who was more concerned with his paint than with the three other beings in the room.

Ratchet began his scans.

"I need you to help me,"

The lady at the desk looked up at the man in front of her. He had black hair that was cut short enough to be out of his neon blue eyes. He had a black tanktop on, revealing his very very muscular arms. And in those arms was -

"My sister," he said, surprisingly calm, but quick. "She's cut herself again. This time it was too deep. She's lost a lot of blood, my father said to bring her here. My other brother is a medic he'll be here as soon as he can. Can you get someone and stop the bleeding?"

"Of course sir," she said, finally focusing on the task at hand. "I will go in the back and get the doctor. If you could just have a seat, he'll be right out."

The man grumbled to himself, his face scrunching up in frustration, but he simply sat down readjusting his hold on his sister.

Ironhide couldn't believe it. Bells was still bleeding, and she had the aaudacity to tell him to take a seat!?

He didn't feel like fighting with the human so he complied, but watched the girl carefully as she seemed to admire him for a few more minutes before rushing off.


"I'm here, Bells," he whispered to her ear softly. "I've got you. We're going to get you help,"

"The…. baby,."

"Is fine, sweetspark," he smiled at her. "Your sparkling hasn't had any damage done to 'im. He's just worried about 'is carrier."

"How, do you.. she's a he?.." she asked, a slight smile touching her lips.

Ironhide smiled and looked up to see the girl returning with a man behind her. He let the question go unanswered as he stood to greet the man.

"Sir," he stated flatly. "Come with me,"

Ironhide payed no attention to the sudden harshness to the man's voice. All he was worried about was the girl in his arms.

"Ratchet to Optimus,"

Optimus yet again slammed on his brakes, causing the form behind him to crash into the mighty peterbilt. He grunted in pain upon the impact, transforming and rubbing his aching helm.


"Optimus, thank God." Ratchet's voice echoed through everyone's comm piece, giving relief to everyone instantly. "I don't have much time. The decepticon's want my help to repair the sister's of Nightracer-"

"You can't!" Elita immediately declared. "If they come back online they will give the decepticons more power than they deserve!"

"They changed, Elita," Ratchet responded, hurried but calming nonetheless. "Nightracer only wants her sisters back online. She won't cause anymore harm to us if I help them out. They're in really bad conditions, and I never will turn down a patient." Optimus shot Elita a look. Ratchet always helped out a being in pain. Friend, or foe. "Don't come after me just yet, Prime." he then sent. "I am safe here for the most part, and I want to be sure that this pathetic excuse of a medic Knockout is won't do anymore harm."

"Whereas I would never question your judgement, old friend," Optimus said sternly. "Are you sure it is wise to stay on the decepticon ship?"

"Nightracer guards the door like a hawk. No one enters without her allowing it, and everyone here has to listen to me or she gets mad, which is a sight no mech wants to see."

The mechs surrounding Optimus nodded in agreement, looking at the smiling femmes.

"If you deem it safe Ratchet, I will trust you," he said. "Now about Bells…"

"She cut again?"

Optimus thought it was a question, but he wasn't sure. "Yes. Ironhide has her at the human hospital."

"Good. They have better servos to fix her with. Take Wheeljack there to monitor the baby," Optimus nodded at Wheeljack who transformed and took off in the direction of the signal Ironhide's spark was giving out. "I'm sending all of you a link I uncovered in the poorly guarded decepticon database. It's the formula-"

"To turn Bells to one of us?" Bumblebee joined in, optics lit in excitement.

"Indeed," was all the gruff mech said before he cut out.

Optimus looked over the data, and smiled as he realized that yes, it could work.

"Autobots," he stated firmly. "Transform, and roll out!"

"You can lay her on the bed, there," the doctor pointed to a bed with thin sheets, a flimsy looking pillow, and only a curtain between it and the bed next to it holding a wheezing older human.

Ironhide gently set Bells down on top of the bed, slightly adjusting the pillow so it sat supporting her head. He turned to look at the doctor, who had pulled up a chair next to her on the other side of the bed. To Ironhide's amazement, the doctor grabbed Bells' arm to look at it with very little care of the harm that came with it. Bells took in a sharp intake of air with the doctors grip on her exposed cuts and crinkled her face in pain. Ironhide narrowed his eyes at the doctor who moved to grab a brown jug with the words "Hydrogen Peroxide" on it.

"Isn't that going to hurt her?" Ironhide asked as he popped the lid open.


"Shouldn't you wash the area first before you deem it safe to pour the 'oxide on it?"

The doctor paused and looked at Ironhide with annoyed eyes.

"Yes, it is procedure to wash the area first. But, it is not a necessary step in the process." he rolled his eyes and moved again with the peroxide.

"But what if the cut is deeper than what's safe to pour the 'oxide?" Ironhide stopped him again, getting very frustrated with the man.

"Sir," the doctor said angrily. "I am a doctor. I have my doctoral degree, and have spent eleven years studying the human body and how it reacts to what. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I am here to stop it from bleeding."

Ironhide clenched his fist, but nodded his understanding. "I understand that," he said, not trying at all to hide the anger in his voice. "My brother is a doctor and he taught all of us how to deal with certain situations. But my problem is, is that she cut pretty deep. If that peroxide gets into her bloodstream it will not end well."

The doctor gave Ironhide a very angry look. He dropped Bells' arm, reached behind his and grabbed a cup of water, and some dish soap. He sat it on the bed next to her and stood.

"You wash her arms," was all he said before he disappeared out the hallway and to the nurses station.

Ironhide grumbled, but moved to grab the water and soap. He gently poured of soap on his hands, added water and started rubbing her arms.

"'Hide,.." she whispered softly.

"It's okay Bells," he said again, using that water to wash away the soap. "We're at the hospital, we're taking care of you."


"Optimus Prime is going to get him,"


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