"What do you mean I can't see her!?"

Ironhide jerked his head in the direction of the enraged voice.

"I am her brother, I can see her if I damn choose to!"

"Sir, please, you can't go in there-"

"Watch me!" the voice shouted again, this time closer. Ironhide smiled as the owner of the voice, a man with neon blue eyes, and a scar running down his right eye.

""Jack," he acknowledged him, going back to finish cleaning Bells' arm.

"How is she?" Wheeljack asked, walking to the other side of the bed. Doctors and nurses followed him in. 'Jack eyed them sternly, before turning his attention back to Ironhide. "Why are you cleaning the cuts?"

"Because he didn't trust my judgement," the doctor said as he pushed his way through the nurses. He nudged Wheeljack out of the way, earning a death glare, picking up Bells' arm. "See, just as I said," he smirked. "It is fine,"

"But now it won't hurt her as much," Ironhide growled at the doctor, glaring at him. Wheeljack bounced back and forth between the doctor and Ironhide.

The doctor laughed. "I think that won't matter to her."

The two holoforms in the room froze and looked at the doctor. He didn't even hesitate as he grabbed the peroxide.

"She cut herself." he half heartedly explained. "I don't care for those who don't care for themselves." he poured the peroxide onto her arm, completely covering it in the peroxide. It immediately started fizzing, and bubbling and mixing with the blood on her arm. Bells' eyes flew open, and looked at her arm. She started to pull it toward her, but the doctor grabbed a hold of her wrist in a death grip. He forced it back down again and watched her body react to the oxide.

Ironhide stood, reaching over Bells instantly. He pushed the doctor back, off of his chair and onto the floor. He made his way around the bed as the doctor attempted to stand up, but was stopped by Wheeljack. He went to yell at 'Jack, but stopped when Ironhide pounded to a halt in front of him. He grabbed his jacket, and yanked the frail man to his feet.

"You listen here, squishy," he stated in a cold, stern voice. "That there is my sister. I love her more than anything else in this existence. You have no idea what she is going through, or what she is doing. You do not get to judge her based off of one opinion, do you understand me?" Ironhide barely paused before he kept going. "If you so much as look at her with anything but wanting to help I swear to Primus I will rip your throat out with my hands."

The doctor, at this point, was frantically trying to escape the larger man's hands. Ironhide was scaring him, and he just wanted to feel the ground under his feet again. He kicked his legs at Ironhide, and wasn't surprised when he was met with solid muscle. However, he was surprised when the man didn't even show the slightest bit of any pain. He looked at Ironhide in horror, and he just simply laughed and dropped the man. He looked at Wheeljack for any sign of help.

"Don't look at me," Jackie said calmly. "He was a lot nicer than what I would've been."


Ratchet turned to the sound of the femme's voice almost as soon as he heard it.

"Nightracer," he acknowledged again, turning back to finalize one last main energon line on the femme laying on the berth.

"Do you,.." she hesitated, drawing Ratchet's attention back to her. "Would you… Do you need.." she sighed in frustration, shaking her head. "Energon?" she finally asked, holding up a cube.

He eyed the cube suspiciously. It wasn't like the decepticons to give energon. He's recovered bodies of decepticon prisoners that were completely drained of energon.

"It's okay," the femme assured him, seeing his doubt across his optics. "Here, look," she lifted the cube to her mouth, drank a small amount from it and handed it back to him.

He nodded his thanks, taking the cube and drinking a small bit of it. Ignoring the growing hunger for the simple liquid that was growing in him, he set the cube to the side and continued work. He expected Nightracer to leave, and was surprised when she appeared at his side.

"Is there something else I can do for you?" he asked in an aggravated tone.

"How are they?.." she trailed off, running her hand down the femme's face.

"They will survive." he said. "Their sparks are weak, but they are still active. There has been a lot of major damage to a lot of main energon lines. They weren't broke but they were smashed to the Pits. …" Ratchet rumbled off half-heartedly, paying more attention to the femme than to the words he was speaking. She was watching his hands as they replaced line after line, gently laying a hand on the femme's face, looking into the offlined optics. "What is her name?" he asked suddenly.

"This is Thunderblast," she said softly, looking at the metal softly. "Back on Cybertron she was jet black, almost as dark as Ironhide," she sighed, turning to the other femme. "That's Crasher. She was a red on Cybertron. It was all you saw of her, she was so fast…"

Ratchet watched as Nightracer ran her hand down Crashers arm, coming to a rest at the hand. She turned back to him, tears in her optics.

"Please, fix them…"

Ratchet looked at the femme's optics. Hidden in the harsh red, was fear. She was afraid for them. He sighed, reaching out and resting a hand on the girl's shoulder, reassuringly.

"I will," he said. "I promise."

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